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    The Ending of the End The villainous trio is carrying out their evil plan from the ending of “The Summer Sun Setback”. Chrysalis is even remarking about the ease in which she’s building distrust between the unicorn ponies and earth ponies. I can imagine at least a few of the unicorn ponies being paranoid or suspicious enough to immediately buy Chrysalis’s lie, but I’m surprised that there weren’t a few other ponies who heard of these rumors and tried to look into them, or at least ask about them because I don’t know why they would immediately accept whatever some random pony says without question. The trio decided on this plan to eliminate friendship from Equestria as they don’t want to be stopped by the magic of friendship yet again, and it’s too bad they don’t even know the reason behind the Mane 6’s victories. The actual concept of friendship has hardly ever been the reason for the Mane 6’s victories, and even if that wasn’t an issue, “The Cutie Re-Mark” flat-out states that only their friendship is essential to Equestria and no one else’s. And this isn’t taking into account the issues of weaponizing friendship. I also don’t know how they think the “love of Equestria” would help as they have never been helpful in prior episodes. It’s just another case of the show being inconsistent with itself yet again. Grogar’s Bell can absorb magic, and some of Grogar’s own magic is still trapped within the bell as stated in “Frenemies”, which I forgot about until I reread the transcript for that episode. Tirek uses a spell to transfer the magic from the bell to the trio, and Cozy Glow and Chrysalis even become alicorns during this process. They’ll no doubt make better use of its power than Celestia, Luna, or Cadance. Grogar returns with a plan to crash Twilight’s coronation, but the villainous trio ambushes him and steals his magic, turning Grogar into Discord. It turns out that Discord was Grogar all along, so I wonder what the fate of the original Grogar was. Discord immediately flees after losing his magic, and the trio decide that he isn’t worth chasing down since he’s no longer a threat to them. I have some comments about this twist, but I’ll save them for later. I’ll say for now that the twist ultimately doesn’t matter to me because the show screwed itself over beyond repair. Twilight is feeling ready and not panicky for her coronation, so good on her. She even created a royal advisor position for Spike because she still wants him at her side. They check on the setup for the ceremony with some of the Mane 6, and the streets are looking empty while the other ponies are acting paranoid and hostile. They chalk this strange attitude up to the possible nervousness of the alicorn sisters getting replaced, and this kind of nervousness would never make sense because Equestria’s new ruler has time and again already proven herself to be a superior replacement. Even if the pony citizens were ignorant about Twilight’s deeds and accomplishment, it wouldn’t take long before they realize that they’re better off with Twilight than Celestia and Luna. And those who say otherwise would be delusional. The ponies and Spike eventually catch up with Applejack and Pinkie Pie and learn that the two earth ponies are also witnessing hostility from and between other ponies. However, this investigation will get interrupted because Discord suddenly shows up and admits his actions as Grogar and recent loss of power. This gets reported to Celestia and Luna, and I’m surprised the Mane 6 would do this because they didn’t bother reporting Starlight from 4 seasons ago when there was every reason to do so. Discord tries to justify his actions and decisions by saying that Sombra’s defeat made Twilight more confident for her new role of ruler, but the other ponies unsurprisingly chew him out for doing something so dangerous. Twilight even thinks that her success against Sombra wasn’t authentic. The writers really fucked themselves over with this discussion over the authenticity of Twilight and friends’ successes. Sure, Discord planned to use himself to take care of the villains if things were to go awry, but the Mane 6 still blasted Sombra into oblivion without any direct input from Discord. Of course, since they now know that Discord was always going to be available as a failsafe, they couldn’t be sure if he just happened to weaken Sombra behind their backs, or knowing about Discord’s intervention could mean that they might have to rely on him to take care of threats. Nevermind the fact that Discord’s intervention has never been necessary anyways. However, like I said earlier, the writers ultimately fucked themselves over when discussing the authenticity of Twilight’s victories because they have never been authentic maybe outside of the series premiere with Nightmare Moon. In these kinds of 2-part episodes, the alicorn sisters would always get sidelined just so the Mane 6, especially Twilight, could look useful and/or competent. This problem became most prominent in “Twilight’s Kingdom” where Celestia had to screw everyone else over so Twilight would eventually be left on her own to prove her worth as an alicorn princess (i.e. better than the others). And the season 5 finale somehow made that problem even worse by saying that only the Mane 6’s friendship could help Equestria survive, which means no other pony could ever be as essential to Equestria as the Mane 6. Not helping is that the concept of friendship has almost never been essential to their victories even during episodes in which they tried to show that friendship is magic. In short, Twilight’s prowess has never been authentic. Celestia goes to Luna and Twilight so they could formulate a plan to deal with the villainous trio. Why the hell has Celestia never tried to come up with a plan in previous episodes before unloading her shit to Twilight? The answer doesn’t matter because Celestia ends up unloading her shit to Twilight again anyways as Twilight is the only one coming up with some kind of plan. Spike sends a letter to the pillars, Starlight and Trixie, and Cadance and Shining Armor to warn them about the villains. Twilight even ends this voiceover by calling this the “ultimate battle for the fate of Equestria”, which should sound intense and huge in scope, but it will never have that desired impact because the 2-part episodes of the show have never been good, and this one is no different. Meanwhile with the villain trio, the three are deciding whether to absorb or leave Discord’s magic in the bell. Cozy Glow volunteers to test the magic, but she doesn’t know how to use Discord’s power and finds herself unable to control it. The power gets absorbed by the bell again, and the three decide to simply jump straight to conquering Equestria. Tirek previously absorbed Discord’s power and didn’t suffer any ill effects, but he didn’t use the chaos magic. I’m surprised he didn’t decide to absorb the power for himself since he’s all about absorbing magic. We cut to Twilight giving out a motivational speech to her peers, saying that they have been able to beat whatever villains showed up. By “they”, she really just means herself and her friends for the most part. Why the hell is she also addressing this to the alicorn sisters and royal guards if they, especially the former, have never helped? Suddenly, Cozy Glow appears and zaps Twilight. The Pillars try to take on Tirek, but they inevitably lose while he also drains their magic. Those old ponies aren’t the main characters, and it’s pretty early into the episode, so why the fuck would they ever prevail against a major villain especially without the Mane 6? I’d bitch about them getting wasted, but this wastefulness and outcome were always inevitable. At the School of Friendship, Trixie evacuates herself and the students while Starlight confronts Chrysalis. Starlight teleports the two to a frozen wasteland, and she puts up a pretty decent resistance. Too bad the alicorn sisters never were never even given that kind of opportunity as a booby prize. Unsurprisingly, Chrysalis wins and wraps up Starlight in a chrysalis. Also unsurprisingly, the villains would be victorious because what would be the point of bringing them back only for them to immediately get tossed aside when they confront the good guys? Actually, this wouldn’t be different from the treatment that Celestia and Luna get. Back at Canterlot Castle, the unicorn guards try to retaliate to no success. Celestia and Luna also try to retaliate, but Cozy Glow just absorbs their magic with Grogar’s bell. I don’t know what would be worse between launching an attack only for it to immediately fail while losing their magic during the process or Cozy Glow simply deflecting their attacks and then zapping the sisters into submission. It turns out that Twilight planned a pretty good surprise attack with her friends because they keep surprising Cozy Glow at every turn and eventually knock her into the ground before Tirek and Chrysalis barge into the castle. Why the fuck did this plan not incorporate Princess Celestia and Luna? And why the fuck are Celestia and Luna never allowed to be this competent? Tirek and Chrysalis explain that they’ve been causing discord between the other ponies, and now that the Mane 6 have been pushed into a corner, there won’t be any friendship left in Equestria to fight back against the villains. The three villains try to attack Twilight, but Rarity levitates and tosses a boulder them as a desperate bit of resistance. See? Even Rarity, a generally noncombative pony, gets to do be helpful. Why weren’t the alicorn sisters given this opportunity, especially in previous episodes? The villains then launch a big blast at the group only for Twilight to block their attack with a bigger boulder. The other ponies, Spike, and Discord order her to ditch them so she could create a new plan to deal with the villains. Could Twilight simultaneously teleport herself and her friends away, or would that have been too much for one teleportation spell? Actually, Twilight is one of the most powerful spellcasting ponies, so she should always have been able to teleport herself and her friends away. Part 2. Twilight’s friends, the pillars, and the alicorn sisters are imprisoned. The pillars have lost their magic as Tirek absorbed it, and the alicorn sisters’ magic was absorbed by Grogar’s bell. Starlight is also there, and there’s nothing to suggest that her magic is also gone, so why wasn’t it absorbed by Tirek or the bell? I’m also surprised Cadance and Shining Armor aren’t already. Sure, they haven’t received much screentime so far, but they aren’t exactly major characters in the episode, so it would make sense to lump them up with the rest of the prisoners. Cozy Glow wants the alicorn magic that was recently absorbed into the bell. Another bit of confirmation that Celestia and Luna are supposed to be powerful but always get swept to the side because the writers are idiots. Anyways, since Cozy Glow was interested in gaining more raw power, she quickly gets into conflict with Tirek and Chrysalis as they would also want more power to conquer Equestria. Meanwhile with the Mane 6, Discord apologizes for letting his plan go sideways and instead accidentally helping the villains, and he wants to atone for his mistake. He attempts this by offering the villain trio to learn how to use his chaotic power if the Mane 6 are spared. However, Tirek isn’t so trusting about this offer, and neither is Discord after recalling “Twilight’s Kingdom”. Discord eventually taunts Tirek into launching a magical blast which gets reflected off a rock that Discord was holding. The rock is supposed to be the same one from Chrysalis’s old lair that absorbs and nullifies magic, and these rocks were also transported to Canterlot Castle in “Sparkle’s Seven” for warding off magical intruders. I don’t know how the rock could deflect magic instead of absorbing it. Making this scene even weirder is that the reflected magic was able to somehow destroy the magic-nullifying rock on Starlight’s cage. Starlight breaks herself out, and then she launches a magical wave to free the other prisoners. So, let’s recap this scene. The special rock from Chrysalis’s old lair is supposed to dampen any magical abilities so the prisoners could remain imprisoned, but Discord was able to grab a piece of that rock to deflect a magical attack from Tirek, and that deflected attack eventually destroyed another piece of the nullifying rock comprising Starlight’s cage. Starlight’s magical wave somehow broke out the other prisoners even though that special rock should have prevented her attack from even reaching the other prisoners. The writers somehow lost me again. Starlight gets zapped, and the alicorn sisters jump to her defense. Celestia even offers to help stall the villains in spite of not having any magic. Why the fuck did she never offer to help during other crises when she did have her powers? Fuck you, writers. Fuck you all for never being able to determine the alicorn sisters’ abilities, especially in the case of Princess Celestia. The depowered Discord and Pillars also offer their help to stall the villains while the remaining Mane 6 find Twilight. Being the last 2-part episode of the series would mean that the writers want to end everything on a grander scale such as having side characters getting involved in the action, but this just means that there was never a reason to exclude them previously when they were so easily available. If it were ponies like Mr. and Mrs. Cake (and Rarity earlier in the episode) putting up resistance instead, then that could be truly noteworthy as even the noncombative ponies are taking action to defend themselves and their homes. But the episode can’t even pull that off in a genuine manner because it still has that nagging problem of the alicorn sisters’ uselessness and helplessness in this episode and prior ones. The remaining Mane 6 escape from Canterlot Castle, and they finally see that the pony citizens have been split into helping ponies of the same races. They eventually figure out that Twilight is at the Crystal Empire because Cadance and Shining Armor are supposed to be the last line of defense according to Twilight’s plan. So, the villains haven’t considered going to the Crystal Empire beforehand even though there are some important ponies in that area. Whatever. I’m not in the mood to quibble over this detail. Anyways, Twilight is feeling discouraged about trying to find a solution to this problem because she doesn’t think that anything she tries will work in the long term as some of the major villains they have dealt with eventually came back to cause worse problems including Sombra destroying the Tree of Harmony back at the beginning of the season. Not helping is that the ponies of Equestria are divided, so she doesn’t think that her School of Friendship accomplished much, either. I would comment on Twilight’s plight, but it will get answered a little later, and I will comment on it then. Then the Mane 6 suddenly find Windigos appearing as a result of this division. Twilight initially refuses to take action as she her confidence is still at an all-time low, but AJ deflects Twilight’s plight by saying life will always be full of problems, and approaching those problems is the only way to fix them. Twilight still doesn’t think she’s up to the task because she never even noticed that the pony citizens were being divided, and she should be able to notice such obvious problems as a ruler. Is this yet another attempt at trying to make Twilight measure up to her predecessors? Celestia and Luna never noticed this either, and they’ve never noticed any other kinds of trouble in Equestria during previous seasons until the Mane 6 discover them. And this isn’t considering that the sisters never did anything about the troubles that have occurred since the beginning of the show. This scene is supposed to be about Twilight trying to pick herself back up after falling so low, but that was always going to ring hollow since the show has always gone out of its way to portray her as better than her competitors even when she was at her lowest. And even though she has stumbled into a very steep obstacle, at least she’s given the chance to deal with it unlike the other princesses who never get such a chance to solve their own problems. Oh, and there’s small discussion about the power and magic of friendship, but I don’t want to repeat my thoughts from “The Cutie Re-Mark” yet again. In short, the show undermined whatever meaning it wanted to draw from this scene long before the scene itself was ever conceived. Cadance and Shining Armor even appear for a short moment to offer their help, but Twilight rejects their help because they need to protect Flurry Heart as she is Equestria’s truly final line of defense. Somehow, Twilight wasn’t counting Cadance and Shining Armor with Flurry Heart as that final line of defense even though the married couple aren’t being incorporated into Twilight’s new plan. Or has Twilight also realized how useless those two are? She’s actually better off accepting their help since protecting Flurry Heart and protecting Equestria aren’t mutually exclusive, but this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a show in which the side characters who should be helpful aren’t because the writers suck at making use of them while also sucking at trying to make genuine points with its main characters. I mean, Twilight even pointed out the Mane 6’s list of huge jobs to take care of, and somehow it’s up to only them specifically to take care of those jobs because who else should, could, or would it be up to? What a paradox of problems. Next scene, the Mane 6 approach Canterlot Castle to confront the villains who were already done with the ponies (and Discord) that put up some resistance. Cozy Glow attempts to zap the Mane 6, but Twilight teleports herself and her friends away. So, Twilight could have escaped with her friends at the end of Part 1. Whatever, I’m also not in the mood to nitpick this detail. Anyways, Twilight, RD, and Pinkie attempt to distract the villains so the AJ, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike could take Grogar’s bell. The villain trio didn’t need to bring along the bell as they don’t need it nearby to use their own powers, but whatever again. Too bad the villains eventually notice this plan and attempt to attack the others. Chrysalis even attempts to blast Spike, but Rarity blocks the attack with a barrier. The scene even shows Rarity struggling and sweating to stop Chrysalis, which is admittedly not a bad bit of detail to show that Rarity doesn’t usually engage in magical combat. See? It is possible to give other ponies some action like the episode has done twice with Rarity. I know I’m just repeating myself ad nauseum, but it was definitely possible to do something like this with the alicorn sisters if the writers could so easily do this with Rarity. And I’ll be honest. I genuinely did like the bits with Rarity by themselves. It’s just too bad I couldn’t like them more because the show is so problematic that even the stuff that I should like ultimately don’t work for me because of the show’s inherent flaws. The Mane 6 put up some decent resistance, but they ultimately weren’t strong or fast enough to overcome the villains. The villain trio start charging up their attacks to blast the Mane 6 into oblivion, and the Mane 6 probably could have run or teleported away in the amount of time it took for the villains to start attacking, but this kind of long buildup is too common in fiction to create some tension, so whatever. At least the Mane 6 were willing to huddle together and face their deaths without complaining. Overall, it’s not a bad scene. I just wished I could have cared more. However, the Mane 6 is being protected by a magical barrier not conjured up by Twilight. Suddenly, an army of ponies and other creatures (even including Tempest Shadow) emerge to back up the Mane 6, and the barrier was conjured up by the other unicorns and other magical creatures. The Mane 6 converse with their allies (and I’m also sure the other princesses don’t have any), and we get an exposition of background events. The pony citizens have also noticed the Windigos stirring up storms, but they were initially only interested in protecting other ponies of the same race and not others. However, there were at least a few ponies in each race that are still determined to help other kinds of ponies, and the non-ponies were also willing to help out Equestria as the ponies are their allies. Skystar and Novo also made cameos during Silverstream’s scene with the seaponies. Essentially, the other characters were inspired by the power of friendship from the Mane 6 and their school. This should have been a good scene with the idea of friendship, teamwork, trust, respect, and unity all synergizing together to overcome problems and obstacles that multiple groups might face even simultaneously. Then I recall “The Cutie Re-Mark”, and I continue to wonder if the writers ever knew what the hell they were talking about. The villain trio blast aside their immediate opposition, and then they face Twilight. She makes a speech about the power of friendship while teleporting the pillars, Starlight, Discord, and the alicorn sisters to her location. The pillars, Student Six, and the Mane 6 all rise to the sky (with Twilight above all of them figuratively and literally) and gather their inner magic of friendship and blast the Windigos away while also blasting the villains away of the power. It’s another unimpressive. Although the visual effect can look good, it still ends up being dull since there’s no final showdown. All that happens is one side shoots a big magical blast at the other, and the other side simply goes down. Discord takes the Bewitching Bell and restores his own and the alicorn sisters’ magic, and this trio then turns the villain trio into stone. Celestia congratulates Twilight of this victory and her upcoming role as new ruler of Equestria. And by the latter, she really means that Equestria will be better under Twilight than it could ever have been under anyone else. Twilight’s coronation won’t happen just yet as there isn’t much time left in the episode, and there’s one more episode left after this one. Also, the villains made a mess in Equestria, and that’s no way to host an important event. So, the Mane 6 and Spike hang at that donut shot in Canterlot as a way to relax after this ordeal. This episode was just another big and generic 2-part episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Well, it’s bigger, but it’s still another one and thus suffers from the same problems while hardly supporting whatever claims it wants to make. The alicorn sisters being sidelined yet again while Twilight’s “less powerful” friends are more competent was eye-rolling as always. Making this problem even stupider is that the alicorn sisters were able to provide minor help at some points in the episode, so why were they not allowed to do more in this episode or previous ones? Too bad Cadance and Shining Armor weren’t around during the final showdown. They initially dealt with Chrysalis at the end of season 2, and while the scene wasn’t done well, at least they were given something to do. Then they just became rather generic characters who were allegedly powerful but never saw much action because the writers also didn’t know what to do with them. It doesn’t help that they would also have a bone to pick with Chrysalis as she crashed their wedding, but it seems that the writers would much rather have her hold a grudge against Starlight even though the later was introduced much later into the show. See? The writers can also give new characters something to do as shown with Starlight. So, why were Cadance and Shining Armor neglected like the alicorn sisters? Twilight’s friends have their moments in this episode, and since this was about Twilight growing into her new role as ruler of Equestria, she would have a character arc in this episode. Too bad it wasn’t done well. I’ve explained myself earlier in this ramble, so I won’t repeat too much of it. Fundamentally, Twilight never had much to prove in this episode because she was always better than the other princesses throughout the entire show. As a result, her low point and then regaining confidence felt artificial and just something that exists in the episode to give a sense of a character arc. Of course, being a better protector and more competent mage than her fellow alicorns doesn’t mean she would be a good ruler, but we don’t even know what the job is like for Celestia (and maybe Luna if she ever did part of the ruling job) and how the job and Celestia affected each other. As such, with nothing else to go off of, Twilight is straight-up superior to Princess Celestia. And since Twilight is such a competent pony who is able to overcome her problems while Celestia is an idiot who tells others to solve her problems, Twilight would thus be a straight-up superior ruler of Equestria despite whatever nervousness and insecurities she might have. The writers attempted to incorporate the magic of friendship saving Equestria in this episode, but it was too little too late as “The Cutie Re-Mark” shoots down whatever this episode wanted to say. If it weren’t for this episode, then I’ll admit that this was not a bad display of friendship (and other virtues) overcoming problems, defeating the villains, and saving the day. At the very least, the scene was good in concept as showing characters helping each other out of genuine interest would be better at showing friendship. How would simply using magical items allegedly powered by friendship and other virtues to blast the villain without the characters making use of those virtues be a good display of the virtues’ effectiveness? However, since this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, even a scene that was supposed to be meaningful still stumbled in terms of execution. Ultimately, weaponizing friendship is still a bad idea for the same reasons I stated when talking about “The Beginning of the End”, so I won’t repeat much of that here. Funnily enough, this episode even carries some of the same problems from “The Cutie Re-Mark”. We have these huge cast of characters selflessly helping each other, but only a specific group of friends could deliver the final blow to the enemies as only their magic of friendship was good enough. That still puts specific kinds of friendship over others and thus wouldn’t truly convey the power of friendship. Now, I’ll talk about that Discord-being-Grogar twist. On paper, I’m not actually against it especially when considering Discord’s intentions. Having Twilight and friends deal with some dangerous villains is not a bad way to prove to themselves that they are perfectly capable. Of course, that stuff about capability is worthless because not taking into account that Twilight would always emerge victorious anyways, I have also repeatedly stated that the show has practically proven that Twilight is better than her alleged superiors. So, even if Twilight complained about her victory against Sombra not feeling authentic because Discord had to provide some help, it’s not like her competence is authentic. When considering what happens in-universe, Discord should have planned this out better because he completely let his guard down against the villains, and he unsurprisingly fell to them. Too bad he didn’t notice that the villains weren’t exactly interested in working with anyone else, so he should have expected a betrayal, especially if he kept mistreating them as Grogar. Maybe he could also have given them a fake bell instead of the real deal. On the other hand, if he did have a safety net against this trio, the episode and other events caused by Discord might not be able to happen as they did. So, maybe this twist wasn’t such a good idea as this would create a number of annoying problems in and out-of-universe. There might have been a better way to handle it, but I wouldn’t know what that might be. But as I said earlier, I’m ultimately apathetic to this twist because I was never going to be satisfied with whatever the show did. I suppose that’s how I ultimately feel about this episode: apathetic. I don’t know how I would rank this compared to other 2-parters, but I still wouldn’t even call this good. Such a shame, too. The writers went all out with the stakes and confrontations, but there was no way in hell they could ever have been successful as large-stake episodes have never been their strength. I still have one more episode after this, and I wonder how they’ll handle a single-episode grand finale. I’m sure that previous season finales were produced in a way to also work as something of a series finale in case the show didn’t get another season, so I was honestly surprised when I first saw that the season 9 final didn’t follow suit.
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    I don't really have any desire to see a third season of Pony Life, but is there any reason to think that one is being considered? Someone who has been posting regularly recently on the official My Little Pony Facebook page has been spreading "news" that suggests that a third season is already in the works, but I suspect that she is simply spreading unconfirmed rumors. Does anypony else have a handle on this?
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    We did it!! Battle Gem Ponies reached its funding goal with a week to spare! It's still up 'til Sept 3rd 6pm EST if you wanna hop onboard: on Kickstarter
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Greetings BunnieSys and welcome here.
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    Hopefully anyone who's been keeping an eye on BGP's development will at least give it a look. We're offering all kinds of rewards like getting your own pony drawn, creating a canon character, and all kinds of other stuff only the earliest Patrons ever got! And this crowdfunding campaign comes with a New Free Demo too, so pretty sweet deal all around. Check Us Out on Kickstarter or Download the Newest Demo Thanks for following the development of Battle Gem Ponies, btw. One of the best parts of making this game is knowing we won't be the only ones who get to play it.
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    Don't want to be more frustrated with a cartoon I like so much more than I already am.
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    Ok, here are my 2 theories : She was originally a princess (AKA an Alicorn), whose parents wanted her to learn to use magic, but she didn’t want to be a princess, so she ran away. Eventually, a kind potion maker found her and taught her Potion Making, and she fell in love with it. She also drank a potion to turn herself into a Unicorn, so that no pony would know that she was a princess. Young Potion Nova loved to create potions. Everyday, she would spend hours in her room making potions, or go outside to find special ingredients to make potions with. Eventually, she became so good, that every pony saw her as an Alicorn.
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    Youtube is full of sh*t. Thanks to COPPA are not only comments deactivated on videos Youtube categorizes as "for kids" now, but if you don't correctly categorize your videos or even your whole channel as either for kids or not, your videos will get taken down and your channel will get struck down. I just found out that Duo Cartoonist, the channel behind such masterpieces lile Children of the Night and The Moon Rises is gone now. And with it, all of their videos. LUCKILY, some of their videos have been reuploaded. HOWEVER, with Youtube beeing Youtube, and them happily categorizing many videos wrong themselves and falsly striking down videos on way too many ocassions because they themselves are incompetent and corrupt as fuck, i wanna post this topic because i want to ensure the survival of what our wonderful fandom has created. Those GODLY fan animations. They might be safe for now. But who knows when Youtube might strike those videos down again, or even the channel that reuploaded them because they have no idea what they are doing most of the time. From the bottom of my heart, i ask for those pieces of art to be preserved, no matter what. Watch them. Download and save those videos. Reupload them if they are gone again. It would be a fucking shame if one day those videos would be gone for good. Or don't do any of the things above. The choice is yours after all. And if you haven't seen them yet, i HIGHLY recommend you to watch them. (Amd if you think this has nothing to do with the show and should belong in a different section, feel free to report it) Also, i'm sorry if this comes off as a bit cringy. I just don't want those videos to be gone. Comment your opinions on it down below if you want to. And remember. TRUE ART MUST BE PRESERVED!
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    These really are amazing and I will always remember them!
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