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    From what I understand, Season 10 was supposed to be essentially two years of comics, which got cut back drastically while they were being made because of the pandemic and likely because Hasbro wanted to have G5 related comics as soon as possible. But you know what, I still liked it regardless of its flaws. What I liked: more backstory for Zecora, the Pinkie Cheese ship, Capper's arc from the movie prequel comic getting a conclusion, I prefer the designs used for the Diamond Dogs in season 10 (wasn't a fan of the diamond dog design used in the show) and the diamond dog royal sisters are adorable and must be protected and Captain Celaeno's arc. What I didn't care for: not enough Student Six (that forgotten pony tribe arc from their mini-series went nowhere), Shining Armor being jobbed again and more Trees of Harmony coming out of nowhere and how rushed it felt (though that last part is mostly due to the plan two year run being cut short). And the Knights of Harmony feels pretty hit and miss but again, that could be because of the original plan being cut short. Overall, I still liked most of Season 10 and really glad I've read the IDW run as a whole even with its flaws. But we still have one final comic before we move on to G5, the Generations mini-series, which might end up a proper finale to the entire G4 comic line and G4 as a whole.
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    If there was one comment every day since this topic started, there would of been 1797 total comments. Also, Rarity is the best secret agent! ^_^
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    Busty Demon Lord time? Oh my! Let's add more Demon time! [It is Halloween month after all!]
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    These 2 showed us how not to summon a demon lord: But we're not complaining, nor is the demon lord.
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    Rarity truly is the Captain of this topic! <3
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    Just a simple Rainbow Power Rarity!