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    We have a town app for G4 and that one is a lot of fun. (i hope it stays for a very long time) Do you think there could be an app like that for G5?
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    Made a post that reminded me of a service call I had years ago as an HVAC service technician: I was working farther away from where my employer (mechanical contractor) was located during the winter. A technician working in the local area was troubleshooting a packaged rooftop unit, and he said the culprit was a defective ignition module. The shop didn’t have the part in stock, but the parts department found one in stock at a wholesaler not too far from where I was working. The service manager called me, saying that I should use the company account and drive a couple of hours to go the site and replace the module. I got in my service van, bought the part, and drove to the location. I had to get the extension ladder off of the roof of my van, and I properly “tied off” the ladder to the edge of the roof with three feet (91 cm) of the ladder extended past the top of the roof per code. I then went back down, parked the van by the ladder to make sure it couldn’t move, and got my backpack of tools and the replacement module. This guy was more experienced, so I took his word for it: I simply replaced the ignition module. Afterward, I started the rooftop unit, observed the sequence, and saw that the unit failed to ignite. This guy misdiagnosed the unit, and after troubleshooting myself, I found there wasn’t any gas being supplied to the gas valve. It turned out that the diaphragm inside of the gas pressure regulator had frozen up (the gas pressure regulator wasn’t properly protected with a vent limiter or “Maxicap” cover). Carefully pressing on the diaphragm with a narrow hex key got the gas going again, and the unit properly ignited. The client’s business was closed when I got done, so I simply let the service manager know; the office staff could be the ones dealing with the service ticket, billing the customer, and the mistake made by the the other guy. As for the other technician’s mistake, I primarily blame that on that cheap, non-union shop’s utter lack of training, decent wages, and support. Ika Musume may be wondering who the client was that called with a “no heat” call. It was a dental office.
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    Totally random for the win!
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    Could help you with any furnace problems you could possibly face (unless for somehow your furnace has some crazy magical issue (like it starts talking), in which case they still may even be able to help
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    @Animekitty47 Yep. You too.
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    I see we agree. Have a great day tomorrow!
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