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    and yet they thought weathjer moving on it's one in G4 was scary like in the everfree forest. but that might be right
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    Some kid was being a little twerp on Roblox so I destroyed them in three moves (here's how): 1. The first punch: them: "You don't matter and your a waste of my time" me: "that's what your mother tells you every day" 2. Going for the kill: "Why don't you go climb from your ego, and jump to your IQ level?" 3. The final blow: "If I had to describe your face in one sentence, it would be, "omg, what the frick?! so nasty!!!" if you have any better insults, please let me know xD
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    I'm always here if you need someone to talk to.
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    Thank you all for being such great people. I love it here, i love the great time here and I love you all.
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    I was hoping that i would have finished my review by the end of October. However, at my current pace, i'm not so sure if can do that. It might get stretched out until November if i'm unlucky.
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    The app i use to write my review is a tiny bit bothersome so i might try out something different with my review.
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    I'm pretty damn excited for A New Generation and it's apparently getting a lot of praise left and right. I just hope my excitement doesn't fuck with my critical thinking when i review the movie. Stop swaying my fucking opinion like this! xD
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    Who the fuck thought that Chris Pratt voicing Mario was a good idea? Don't get me wrong, i like Chris Pratt and there could have been much worse choices. But since the upcoming Super Mario movie is gonna be an animated movie you only have to record voicelines and not be on camera. So why not get the guy who voices Mario in the games to play him? That would have been a no brainer imo.
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    Coloratura sure is a lovely pony/human!
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    To everyone who's gonna watch the new movie this weekend. I hope you have a good time.
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    I wish my life wasn't such a fucked up piece of shit and that i could be more often here with all of you great people.