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    hello hello hello hello...
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    I have around 400-500 spent 9X19mm brass cases. It's just going to take awhile to process and reload them (I am still using my single stage press, as some of the progressive presses I have been researching are out of stock).
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    On my way to Everfree Northwest! I'm just glad I get to miss a day of school for it XD
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    Is anyone else getting internal server errors every once in a great while when trying to post?
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    Good morning
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    A very-important message, about being careful while driving:
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    Rainbow Dash is awesome. Do you want to know what else is awesome? Seeing someone IRL who has his/her “mane” dyed in a rainbow pattern.
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    Oh yeah, it's Alcorn tiiime
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    Happy 1st of July
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    Ya know when you log on to a site and the first topic you see is something about crystal meth it kinda makes you wanna leave the site. just sayin.
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    Howdy partner, *watches as the tumble weeds blow past*
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    I'm back. Sorry. Been busy
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    Added a new subforum for the new movie.
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    Woah, I'm a Royal Pony now! Does this mean I get to talk to Luna
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    Happy 1st of June aka the beginning of pride month!
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    It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since I initially got into this fandom. Oddly enough, I discovered it under fortuitous circumstances (I stumbled across Derpy Hooves while surfing the web out of boredom). I am not into it as much as I was then, but my interest hasn’t completely dissipated.
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    My head's really falling off, fuck.
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    I've been beheaded.
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    I just got hit in the neck with something sharp, I think it sliced straight through..... My neck hurts now.
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    One of my great-uncles died.
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