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    Alright. I've finally watched it. Me after watching the Avengers Endgame trailer.
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    Holy shit! All those amazing trailers i've missed over the last weeks! AVENGERS 4 TOO!!!!! (Note: Don't spoil anything before i've watched the trailer!) AHHHHHHHHH!!! So much to do!
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    Wouldn't it be funny when, at the end of S9, Celestia would be the final villain? That she had evil intentions all this time, and some super convoluted plan that makes no sense to get something that makes no sense. Would be pretty weird but funny.
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    My parents and their nazi asshole friends are drunk again. Ahhh i'm sick of that shit!!!!!
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    hey guys i'm sooo sorry for disappearing like that internet connection died again along with the tv and phone as well so thats why I disappeared i'm hoping it doesn't happen again
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    http://cardfight.wikia.com/wiki/Enma_Stealth_Rogue,_Mujinlord this card is overpowered
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    ATTENTION! You are about to be attacked by cuteness overload. The result will be GREAT mood and warm feelings deep in your heart! <3
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    This is not a Moondancer! THIS is a Moondancer!
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