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    I hate people who try to put themselves on a pedestal by spouting philosophical nonsense and use the word "hypocrisy" all the time.
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    Celestia after she retired at the end of S9.
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    Happy Memorial day, everypony.
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    I kinda wonder what happens when you get your magic absorbed by Tirek and then you get your love absorbed by Chrysalis. Do you just turn into fucking dust or something? What does that "love" she absorbs represent anyway? Is it like magic or lifeforce or power or something? Can't you just recharge love or something?
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    Alright, two things. Was Celestia with a pink mane something the fans came up with? I keep seeing a younger version of Celestia with a pink mane which seems to get the multicolored mane later in her life. But it the show she always seemed to have her usual multicolored mane (But we also never got flashbacks to her childhood anyway). And second, how tf do you spell it? Cadance or Cadence?
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    I just finished watching Avengers Endgame. The sheer unpredictabillity of this movie alone makes it a phenomenal. It had a few headscratchers here and there but it paid off the unbeareble wait and put a big smile on my face. 9,5/10.
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    okay i'm turning in for tonight goodnight and Gaia bless
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    I can't say this enough. S9 episode 8 was absolutly amazing.
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    Alriiight. Another few days of beeing sick are over.
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    hey guys here's the updated list for my Dark Pulse Deck for Buddyfight Flag 1 Darkness Dragon World Buddy Monster 1 Death Ruler Abriel Monsters 4 Purgatory Knights Malice Force Dragon 4 Death Ruler Abriel 4 There is only death Dalleon 2 Black Assailant Gothgorobi 2 Black Companion Bephegol 4 Black Dragon Tarandus 2 Black Shock Nogudeth 2 Black Gloom Bal-Zam 3 Black Dragon Decipiens 3 Black Cradle Crablus Spells 4 Death Damage 4 Midnight Shadow 4 Vampire Fang 2 Black Revenger items 2 Sickle of Revenge Avenger 4 Blade of Lament Sadgrieve impacts 2 Demonic Strike Arts Death Requiem that's all I run in this updated build for Dark Pulse
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    hey guys I have a busy day tomorrow so i'm going to go get some sleep
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    I'm taking on the crimson fist challenge it's where I take 2 of the crimson fist trial deck and some support cards for the crimson battler archetype and try to make a decent deck out of it. Let me tell you that trail deck really needs some work here's the reason why. This deck has no synergy to search for cards and is difficult to get out your big boss monster which is honestly not a very good card on its own. so it'll need a way to search out the "fist" items and a better boss monster
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    Today I learned that I have more ancestors than any of my ancestors. Fintale 1 - ancestors 0. In your face ancestors! I wish you could be as superior as I am but let's be realistic here, shall we.
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    Imagine Celestia, Luna and Cadence fighting Tirek and Chrysalis while this plays. Absolute dope.
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    Hey, Spider! How's it going?
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    I feel like it really should be said right now. Thank you all for beeing such great and kind people. Thank you all for giving me such a great time here. You all are GREAT.
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    Hey. :) I haven't seen you for a while. You alright?
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