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    Nothing annoys me more than people who make genuinely interesting comments, weather its YT, Reddit, or anything. It totally kills the vibe when they edit, and thank everyone for the likes, responses and rewards. I believe that if you sincerely enjoy the reputation your content gets, you should just make more content, as a subtle way to tell your audience that you know that they, and yourself, enjoy it. Edit: OMG!! wow! thank you everyone who agrees, and has never done this!
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    Sawtooth Waves is posting a new video today. I can't wait.
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    I love this so much, it makes me want to play this game.
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    We did it boys! We finally have a Pony Life section! https://forums.equestriadaily.com/index.php?/forum/49-brony-life/ Big thanks to @AI-senpai for creating that section.
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    I've been catching up on the few movies 2020 had over the last couple days. And if i can watch a few more this weekend i may start catching up on and reviewing the rest of Pony Life next month. I'm really looking forward to that.
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    TLDR (long story short) : I just began trying to speed run Minecraft again. I picked up tricks from pros, mastered them, created my own strats, and now I just wait for the perfect seed to beat the game for the 2nd time ever. (Short Story Long): Been restarting my interests in Minecraft, and I've got to say I have noticed many improvements (with help [indirect] from all sorts of youtubers dedicated to this game. In terms of speed run progress, I've mastered the famous portal technique use by Dream, his mlg boat strat, mlg water jumps, and time saving tricks (mostly just memorizing location strategies, exact material numbers, and required end battle materials). Along with this, today during my ( at least 19) speed run attempts, after many deaths, I was excited to see, that at the second pillager outpost that I found within the hour (3rd speed run trial), I was able to run in, block the doors at base level, grab the good stuff, and boat jump to the ground and escape. But all success has a balance of failure, and my 8th attempt involved me trying to boat jump onto a lake. I survived, but I was left on 2 hearts. Currently my final attempt resulted in a near perfect (80% - the desert temples and easy access to flint) spawn, and I await tomorrow to check out the nether. I'll be honest, as far as "speed runs" go, I am definitely nowhere near "fast". The majority of my 45 minute trial block was spent finding iron and a lava pool. In any case, I have definitely memorized the ins and outs of gameplay, and I will eventually beat Minecraft for the 2nd time ever.
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    So many movies next year. And now THIS? Looks like in 2021 hope may actually return.
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    This looks so rough, i'm gonna have a field day watching this movie.
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    Happy 10th Anniversary MLP FiM. I'm sorry for beeing 3 days too late. I had a terrible weekend and i couldn't be here.
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    @Skylight Point Thanks for the follow.
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    It's Eda. How's everypony doing? It's been a hot minute.
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