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    I'm back. Sorry. Been busy
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    Rainbow Dash is awesome. Do you want to know what else is awesome? Seeing someone IRL who has his/her “mane” dyed in a rainbow pattern.
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    Added a new subforum for the new movie.
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    Happy 1st of June aka the beginning of pride month!
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    It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since I initially got into this fandom. Oddly enough, I discovered it under fortuitous circumstances (I stumbled across Derpy Hooves while surfing the web out of boredom). I am not into it as much as I was then, but my interest hasn’t completely dissipated.
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    I wonder if should start doing movie recommendations. I have a few hidden gems in mind that not everyone might know.
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    A very-important message, about being careful while driving:
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    I finally got myself a "pork beef MC" T-shirt after years of waiting. I'm so happy. I'll share a photo of it with y'all when I get home.
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    Oh yeah, it's Alcorn tiiime
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    Ya know when you log on to a site and the first topic you see is something about crystal meth it kinda makes you wanna leave the site. just sayin.
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    Howdy partner, *watches as the tumble weeds blow past*
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    Hello, you know who I am.
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    Jebin! My summer holidays just started! It's going to be an awesome midsummer this year. I heard the weather is going to be so warm that we might even break the national record for drowned people this year. For your disappointment I won't be one of those unlucky ones. I will be fixing my Chevy as usual. She needs some welding (again), new rear shock absorbers and new valve guide seals.
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    Since the G5 TV show is gonna be in CG too, it looks like this 2D art is only gonna get used for merchandise then. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/05/new-2d-vectors-of-generation-5-my.html?m=1
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    Roblox coding Update: finished what I was hoping for - I coded hostile zombies - I coded an automatic gun - I coded a kill count - I created a map - I coded "waves" that the zombies spawned in going to upload it to public ASAP thinking of calling it: "aZstro Battles: Cosmic Zombies" initially coded more, but there were too many errors and scripts to keep track of. here's my Roblox if Anypony want's to check out the game: https://www.roblox.com/users/2497019523/profile#!/creations
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    recently got back into coding via Roblox Studio, and I'm happy to announce progress. so far, I've achieved the making of a successful kill brick. next, I hope to manifest some form of hostile NPC or a sword of some sort. the journey continues! : )
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    To whoever's reading this: Thank you for viewing my profile!
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    I finally got my computer fixed (again)!! Now let's hope it stays that way.
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    I am watching YouTube videos and browsing this site while waiting for my nails to fully dry (I am waiting for the second color coat to dry. Afterward, I just need a clear topcoat.).
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    go heck yourself Getty Images
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    hi bronies ! how are u ?
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    I also did send you a DM on discord. Disclaimer: I did not make this artbar. @RaraLover