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    Nothing annoys me more than people who make genuinely interesting comments, weather its YT, Reddit, or anything. It totally kills the vibe when they edit, and thank everyone for the likes, responses and rewards. I believe that if you sincerely enjoy the reputation your content gets, you should just make more content, as a subtle way to tell your audience that you know that they, and yourself, enjoy it. Edit: OMG!! wow! thank you everyone who agrees, and has never done this!
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    Anyone else excited for the Gen 5 movie in september? I'm definitely going to watch it ^^
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    Big plans.... Stay tuned! Possible Tik tok uploads, and the best part is my first Tik Tok videos will be about ALL the people I follow, not my followers. I appreciate the support, but my goal is to support as many people as humanly possible. these are all sneak peeks as what's coming this year!
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    Hey everypony. Who missed me?? I'm kinda tired and I'l keeping awake by drinking NOS!!!
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    Hey, everypony. It's your girl , Eda. How was your Halloween yesterday???
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    Happy Nightmare Night everyone.
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    Sawtooth Waves is posting a new video today. I can't wait.
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    I am so so so excited for the Hasbro Investor Event! Maybe we'll finally get some news on Gen 5!!!! February 25th is going to be a great day ^^
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    This community is great, thank you all so much for the warm welcomes you've given me!
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    Thanks for the follow!
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    Tfw I've been working on the same *practice* scene in my fic for a week
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    Thanks for the follow, my friend!
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    I may be gone for the rest of the year. Got some real life stuff to take care off.
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    I love this unseasonably warm weather. It isn’t often that I can comfortably wear sandals in November in Minnesota.
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    Why did the apples get their kids taken away from them? Because they were unfit PEAR-ents.
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    I'm currently trying to watch and review Pony Life Episode 4 because right now it's night and my neighboors are finally quiet, but i'm not feeling so well. I don't know. Maybe i save it and continiue with it when i feel better. But if my review for episode 4 is a bit underwhelming compared to the first three, i apologize. The premise also sounds a bit weird and i don't really know how i feel about it.
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    To all my American friends here. I hope you're staying safe and alright with all the election and rioting shit going on.
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    I just finished the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (2020) and WOW. I haven't had so much fun with a movie in a very long time. Jim Carrey is an absolute god in this movie. He was so cartoonish yet brilliant, it was unbelievable. There were so many times when i was in tears laughing. No one gives a fuck that the story is generic because everything else is just so good and seemless. A sequel seems to be in the works already and i couldn't be more deserved. https://cosmicbook.news/sonic-2-release-date Absolutly loved it. I want more of this.
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    I love this so much, it makes me want to play this game.
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    We did it boys! We finally have a Pony Life section! https://forums.equestriadaily.com/index.php?/forum/49-brony-life/ Big thanks to @AI-senpai for creating that section.
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