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    Sure! There are some perfectly fine episodes in those seasons even if you consider them weaker as a whole.
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    Even Seasons 6 and 7? Because I felt like the toxicity towards the writers and between the fandom was at its peak. I'm still welcome to watch those 2 seasons and the later ones like 8 and 9?
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    I saw the trailer and it looks funny and fun. I'm willing to give it a try
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    Got Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the other day. Just gave Blathers his 15 Donations, and got Expansion #2 (198,000 Bells).
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of people agree with you, it would have been really awesome!
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    Oh, boy... I hate this synopsis. Sounds like what Disney did with Star Wars: grabbing a closed and done with story and ruining the legacy of previous characters for the sake of milking it some more because they're too scared of making something new. I hope that I'm wrong and this is something entirely new, but doesn't look like it. EDIT: "Somehow, Sombra has returned..."
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    Welcome to the Sunny Starscout Fanclub. Here you can post pictures of and talk about Sunny Starscout. No NSFW. No non Sunny Starscout related content.
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    Octavia's Bikini from Equestria Girls! ^_^
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    The trailer has definitely piqued my interest; it was more interesting than I though it would be (my interest in G4 ended up fading to an extent). I never got around to finishing seasons 8 and 9 of G4, so perhaps I can try to get to that in the meantime.
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    *Throws a suit of Medieval French armor.*
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    *Throws a copy of Super Mario Maker 2*
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    *Throws an angry birds pig plushie*
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    (What StarGlim haters look like while trying to explain that the above image isn't cute) -->
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    There is another piece of news floating around that says that this is after the ending of G4. Some unspecified long time. I'll try to track it down to shwo you. I would preffer tenfold if this was another continuity, but the milking of the cow must go on.
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