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    Title: Frenemies Synopsis: Grogar sends his legion of doom on a mission to become allies. Unfortunately, his plan works too well and they almost become friends. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
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    Episode 8. A kind of episode i've been craving for since S1 and think should have happened a long time ago. An episode which focuses on the villains outside of their usual season premiere and season finale time and gives them more screentime, dialogue and (hopefully) some nice character developement. Let's go. "Are you planning on attacking anypony any time soon? If not then i don't know why am i wasting my time here"? That's literally me everytime i see Grogar on screen. xD Soo Grogar has the power to put mouthgags on them? Neat. Wait. Where did Cozy get those pencils to make the banner with? Does Grogar draw in his sparetime? xD And apparently he also works out because he has weights in his lair. But how? How do you lift weights with hooves? Or does lifting heavy objects with your magic makes you mentally or your magic stronger? () Wtf, did Chrysalis actually get convinced by the cupcakes? How did she even make them? Does Grogar also have the things to make cupcakes in his lair? Well, i guess when you're alone for thousands of years you need to have some hobbies. xD Funny how Chrysalis doesn't seem to get weaker or take any damage from Tirek trying to absorb her. How strong is she? YEEEEEEEES a song from the villains! Just like many great Disney villains. Love it. Pushing old beeings down the stairs? That's not the nice way to do things, Chrysalis. xD Finally some showoff of your powers and exposition. Thank you, Grogar. Mount Everhoof? Yeah, of course, more ponified stuff. Chrysalis scaring those "monsters away is just YEEEP! Chrysalis, I love you! And oh my god, if Chrysalis and other changelings can just transform into whatever they want so they can do whatever they want, they are soo OP. Gram grammy? What? xD Chrysalis! YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING! "Discord was really something until friendship ruined him" Chrysalis, you take the words right out of my mouth. Can that vine really carry Tireks weight? Aaaaand Chrysalis was the one suggesting to play along and stab Grogar in the back, great. Aaaaand more setup for more interesting things to happen. Whoaa. This episode was amazing. I absolutly loved every second of it. It also didn't do any of the things i was a bit nervous about, like butcher some of my favorite main villains by making them do or say any things out of character. Everyone in this episode was dope. The song was dope. Solid 9/10.
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    I think that synopsis kind of spells out the whole episode too well right there. Not that it matters; I think this is the best episode of the season so far.
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