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    There has been a HUGE wave of ads from what probably is bots and it's pushing things back along with getting super annoying I've reported a couple ads, but at this point I think I wanna bring this into the light so that mods can do a mass cleanup or something
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    In the Friendship is Magic forum we need a sub-forum for the 2021 G5 Movie.
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    It's been a few years! Good to see bronies are still alive and well. I've been keeping up a little with ponies for the past few years, but I fell back down the rabbit hole when I made an OC based on my usual handle, and here I am! Can't wait to talk and draw more. Looking forward to G5, too.
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    Hey! Just made an account on the forums as I wanted to be more involved within the community. I've been a fan of FiM for about 7-8 years now, and yet somehow I still haven't finished the bloody show. Rewatching it at the moment and currently still on season one as of writing. That's where forgetting 60% of the lore gets me, but oh well. My Carrd is linked on my profile if that's something you're interested in. I'll be around here sometimes.
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    Hello everypony, I'm new here and I hope to make some friends.
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    Welcome aboard, Ameebee.
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