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    Regardless if it is the fandom doesn't need to go with it. There will be a G5 and new friendships and memories to make.
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    its sad that G4 is ending but we should look forward to what g5 has to offer with new friendships to make and new adventures to be had
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    When i was twelve i started witching. My first ep was A Canterlot Wedding. After that i want back and watched some S1 eps. got hooked. Had to get used to the long hiatuses (wish we still had those). I remember going to the theater for the first Equestria Girls and then again for Rainbow Rocks and then the 2017 movie (which Indianapolis got a day early) i have alot of good memories from all the cons i've been to like Bronycon, Trotcon, Whinny City, Ciderfest, and Nightmare nights. The end of g4 will hit me hard and i prob won't be online much anywhere for awhile afterwards but i'll eventually move on and wait for the 2021 movie and for G5. let this be a season we will never forget
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    I am saddened that G4 will be coming to an end...but I also look forward to what G5 will have to offer. And new friends to make and adventures to have.
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    This is why I defend primary and secondary canons. This time the writers are making a point of referencing the movie. Likely because their overlords wanted to make sure kiddies knew the movie was a thing, but whatever. The EEA... It was likely one of the most asinine things out of this cartoon. I understand the need for it to exist, and to be able to do things no non-government institution should be able to do, but with the anemic payoff for all the shenanigans around the school and students... It's a shame all around. I'm not even going to comment on Celestia... It's beating a dead horse by now. No. It wasn't. The problem with it, as in with most things MLP tried to do that had a inch of depth, it went nowhere, became a mess and the producers pretended they told a story.
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    What's so funny, Sunny?
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