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    I asked for the End Zero but got 2 dancing Ponies?
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    me after working so hard to defeat a difficult boss only for the game to crash afterwards
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    did I just get Rick Rolled by Derpy? that's new
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    I login every day, and yet…
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    next time on Les Contes D'X the Barney the Dinosaur is currently going on a mass murdering spree with a sand castle shovel I had a shovel once *notices Judgment Joker Missing* WHAT THE F***** *EXPLOSION* X: "oh no this is horrible!" Zero: "what that Judgment Joker is missing?" X: "no the most annoying creature has escaped the rapping Pizza" Tobikato: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anything but that accursed Pizza" can our heroes stop the Rapping Pizza before he makes us cringe with his awful rapping? find out next time on Les Contes D'X
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    I asked for Magic World Support but got a Spooky Rarity?
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    I broke the dergun town server. :)
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    I hope everybody here and your friends and families are alright and safe from the coronavirus.
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    here's the list for my Magic World Deck Flag Magic World Buddy 1 Let's Play! Asmodai Monsters 4 Champion Wrestler Asmodai 4 Dance! Asmodai 4 Fallen Angel of Rage Beleth 4 Let's Play! Asmodai 4 Fallen Angel Paimon 4 Demon Realm Warrior Zepar 2 Event Producer Aym Spells 4 Oops! 4 Speed Summon 4 Key of Solomon First Volume 4 Nice One! 4 Chillax! 1 I'm Wicked Items 4 Gunrod Bechstein
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    Hey! Aren’t you on mlp forums?
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    I’m proud of my profile. I hope it causes lots of confusion.
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    I've been on a real Yatterman binge
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    *practices Buddyfight* *wins game against opponent* that was mighty dull I wasn't trying then alright next round i'm using Dungeon World *wins again* that yet again was dull
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    hmm I really think that if Sly Cooper 5 needs to happen there's a bit of pressure since Sly Cooper 4 was the Weakest link in the franchise but Sly Cooper 4 wasn't a bad game on it's own as a part of the Sly Cooper franchise weakest link
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    Hello, @GPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL! First off, welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy yourself here and meet new friends! To answer your question on where to post things that are PMVs and animations, I suggest in the Rocket Tier's Theater sub-forum. Posting status updates are perfectly fine as well! I'm looking forward to see what you create! Have a great time!
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    Hello CoCoa! I'm new to ED too, though I've been part of the fandom for a while. Big fan of the OCs Dr. Wolf and Scribbler (she has such a lovely voice).
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    am I the only one who thinks that a Jrpg or a Hack and Slash with this guy as the protagonist would be cool?
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    All things considered, Fluttershy was more concerned for her friend's strabismus than Pinkie was.
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    Oh no, she missed. D: xD
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