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    I think Twilight's had too much Cider again
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    it's going to be storming later on tonight so I might not be on here for too long
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    starting KH1 for the first time in a long while
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    Derpy is Best Pirate
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    okay so I got Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean (12 of it)
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    Last time on Dragon Ball Z Barney was Murdered with a Sandcastle Shovel the Culprit has been found it was Mr Krabs getting revenge on Barney for playing the accordion wile singing in German bout Skeletons while SpongeBob was Joining in on this Polka Insanity and Squidward downing his Regrets with endless amount of Beefaroni it was Absolute chaos I used to have an Accordion till a Purple Dinosaur stole it and why is Patrick Star Chasing some Goblins around with a Gatling Gun? find out next time on Totally Not Fake news with Dr Ned
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    okay so I was thinking bout Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory am I the only one who wants the Creepy Glitched Sora to be a secret boss?
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    Breaking News Sora has become Nightmare Fuel here with me is Young Xehanort who Witnessed this event we'll share his Story after the Commercial Break but first here's a Video explain the source of this Lunacy
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    so I think Dragon Ball Fighterz is a decent Fighting Game
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    so I was thinking who win Sora or Noctis
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    just got all 3 Lord of the Rings Movies for $5 each
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    Zinnia Dawn entered Canterlot High. There was a girl with red and yellow hair waiting for her. “Hi! I’m Sunset Shimmer!” She said. “You must be the new girl! What’s your name?” “Zinnia Dawn” grumbled Zinnia. “That’s a pretty name!” Replied Sunset Shimmer “I guess…” Zinnia mumbled “BUT NOW IT’S TIME TO DESTROY YOU!!!” She cackled. A flash of red, and Sunset Shimmer was gone. To be continued…
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    Of course, the only true way to solve this is to force both sides to become friends, by pointing out how much they have in common. Namely, that ponied-up EqG girls are basically a kind of catgirl:
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    so I did finish my Main deck for Chaos but I had to use Chaos Valkyria until I get BLS Envoy of the Beginning
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    "Fear my wrath!"
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