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    She's cute! How about "Cora Spondence".
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    The Equestria Daily Forum Rules as they stand... Friendship is Magic. Regardless of how close to your heart and soul you hold the lessons of friendship taught by our favorite show, we can all agree that being friendly towards your fellow forum goers is best for everyone. This place is for you and everyone so have a good time and make some friends! Use your words for wisdom on the forum and save your weapons for war in one of our game servers. Be respectful of other forum users. Personal attacks on other members are most certainly not allowed. Do not provide porn to masses. We have legally underage users here and it is your responsibility to not make it easy for them to get the good stuff. This includes links, signatures, chat, voice and avatar pictures. Please post topics in their relevant categories and sections. It keeps things clean and cleanliness is next to Princessliness. Feel free to message a mod if you dun goofed and need your post moved. No reposting of EQD posts. Instead of doubling down on a conversation, please visit Equestria Daily's main site blog posts to talk on Disqus about the main site blog posts! Please wait 48 hours before posting about an identical topic on a blog post. This obviously doesn't include talk about upcoming episodes or movies. No leeching off the user base. We ask that you respect our hard work building our community by not posting links just to lead people to your own website. That's not very friendly! Role Play in the Hive. Unleashing your inner pony on an unsuspecting populace is practically an act of war. Please RP in designated containment areas only! Additionally please keep the language PG-13 as foals are out and about in full force. Threats of suicide are not allowed. This is not an appropriate venue to post your outcries for help if only for the sole reason that forums are a slow moving medium of discussion. Please find yourself a hotline if you need help. Rules are subject to change to close loopholes!
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    Do you ever stop? No, seriously. This is ridiculous. 5 topics on the same damn subject. It's time to STOP. You aren't special, and just because everyone else doesn't share the same hiveminded opinions as you, it doesn't make them "oh god evil bronies who hate the show"! Time to face reality. GROW. UP.
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    Hello I would like to offer a suggestion to help better advertise the forum by adding a tab on EQD's main site a forum link tab or so. That way folks can have a quick access to EQD forums from the main site itself and it would invoke curiosity for folks to try the tab and link out.
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    @Shimmer Sparkle @Duo Maxwell @ChB @Sparklefan1234 @Winter Shimmer @Captain Clark @The Illustrious Q Merry Christmas and Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony!
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    My reaction to Daring Done for 90% of the episode: The guy in the hood is Dr. Caballeron! The guy in the hood is Dr. Caballeron! The guy in the hood is Dr. Caballeron! *episode reveals that it's Dr. Caballeron* Oh, hey! It's Dr. Caballeron!
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    What I do a week before finals: What I do a day before finals:
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    @ChB @Shimmer Sparkle @Light Blade @Celli @LittleLooney @Nuke87654 @Metemponychosis @RK_Striker_JK_5 @Havocbyte Happy Winter Wrap Up, Everypony!
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    Poniverse, ignoring the problem WON'T make it go away. Acknowledging the problem exists, doing something about it, and showing it thoroughly will make it go away. Ignoring it will make people want nothing to do with you. Ignoring the problem WORSENS it.
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    You got me. But I'm on contract for another 20 years, so you are stuck with me. Trixie is best. Bat ponies should replace the mane cast. Glim Glam is the ultimate addition to pony. Embrace these thoughts, for they are your reality.
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    Everypony, Welcome to the Fan Club of Sunset Shimmer! Once being a student of Princess Celestia, this flame-maned unicorn had a lot of great potential. However, her ambition, impatience and desire of becoming an eqestrian princess led her off her way. As a result she was forced to flee through the magic mirror to another world, away from her teacher. However, everything has changed for Sunset when Princess Twilight Sparkle arrived to Canterlot High in order to foil her plans after she stole her Element of Harmony. Feeling very remorseful, she decided to turn herself around for better and learn about friendship herself. She made some new friends, including princess Twilight, and works hard to make up for all mistakes she has done in her past. Sunset has earned her forgiveness from both students of Canterlot High and us as well. She has proved that her past does not define her today, and we all love her for that! We love you, Sunny, and we are here to talk about you. Rules: ☆ Please, keep in mind what Fan Club is this. So please, don't make a Filthy Rich post, for instance, unless it has Sunset too; ☆ Bear in mind that there is a younger ones out there! With that said, no NSFW content is allowed. The SUGGESTIVE content is allowed to a certain limit. Please choose the pictures and words carefully; ☆ This is a Fan Club, not Hate Order. If there is something not-exactly-nice you have to say about this place, Sunset, or virtually anypony or anything, then please keep that at bay; ☆ Ships are allowed as long as they don't contradict any of the rules above; ☆ Whatever them good old EQD Forum rules have to say!
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    Everypony, Welcome to the Fan Club of Pinkie Pie! She is positive, and she loves fun and sweets. She has her limits too, but always gets up with happy grin on her face. Sometimes she says silly things, and sometimes she has strokes of genius. She is a pink cotton-candy-maned sugar rush that is at constant war with logic and 4th wall and nopony is able to stop her!!! But most importantly, Pinkie is always out there for those who need somepony to cheer them up. She makes anypony smile even in the most grief hour. One is never able to leave her parties without happiness on his/her face. If you ever feel blue , just let Pinkie give you a hug. But make sure you always laugh and smile for her. It might be not much, but it is something that makes her happy beyond anything. Thank you for being yourself and with us, Pinkie! Let the fun begin Rules: ☆ Please, keep in mind what Fan Club is this. So please, don't make a Cheese post, for instance, unless it has Pinkie too; ☆ Bear in mind that there is a younger ones out there! With that said, no NSFW content is allowed. The SUGGESTIVE content is allowed to a certain limit. Please choose the pictures and words carefully; ☆ This is a Fan Club, not Hate Order. If there is something not-exactly-nice you have to say about this place, Pinkie, or virtually anypony or anything, then please keep that at bay; ☆ Ships are allowed as long as they don't contradict any of the rules above; ☆ Whatever them good old EQD Forum rules have to say!
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    Happy Birthday, Weird Al Yankovic!
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    Happy Friday the 13th, everypony! Brace yourself, for Nightmare Night is coming!
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    So, I ended up watching the leaked S7 finale (Shadow Play) and...wow. Just...wow. For all of you who are waiting patiently for the official release, I assure you that you're in for a major treat! Possibly one of the ten best episodes of the whole series.
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    My opinion of A Health of Information has actually risen after watching the English version. My initial problem after watching it in Russian was that the moral wasn't built up very well. I have really changed my mind. The English version made it much clearer just how much FS's lack of sleep was making her goal far harder than it needed to be due to frailty. On top of that, I like the parallel between FS and Meadowbrook. While Meadow cared for others, she also never forgot to care for herself as well by getting some sleep. That was something that FS was missing and curing Zecora took far longer than necessary as a result. She got so wrapped up in this (and justifiably so) that she forgot to care about herself as well.
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    okay here are my thoughts for today Kingdom Hearts 3 better be worth the hype Sonic forces better not end up like sonic 06 and boom I might go see the mlp movie just depends on what I have going on in October
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    The human rainbow dash gave some of her clothes to this awesome pony ! Isn't that cute ? (By BeamSaber)
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    Today, I'm going to review Friendship is Magic's ninety seventh episode and it's fifth season's sixth episode in Appleoosa's Most Wanted. It is written by Dave Polsky and the storyboard artists are Christine Cunningham and Dave Wiebe. One of the Appleoosan ponies, Yuma Spars and Troubleshoe's Cabin were part of the animation images featured at the 2015 NYC Ponycon. Also this episode was part of the IMDb error spree between March 3-5 with this one being named 'Brother can you spare a duck.' Like the others before, Jim Miller discredited this one. A vandal is on the loose in Appleoosa for which the CMCs wish to find him in order to stop him from wrecking another rodeo. Positivies: 1. Braeburn returns here in this episode. One of the show's most popular background ponies, Braeburn returns here with a speaking role after having a non speaking cameo in S3's Apple Family Reunion. Here, he would largely play as the worst foalsitter in Equestria as he tries to nurse his one of his broken forelegs back to health. Still seeing the Appleoosan cowboy is a good sight for those in the audience like him to see. Sleeping on the job. 2. Troubleshoe's problem with his cutie mark creates an interesting conundrum in the series where having a cutie mark gives a pony their purpose in life. A rather unique idea popped into the show itself is that in a world where having a cutie mark determines one's fate, we see a dour pony in Troubleshoes who has a cutie mark that he considers cursed for how trouble and terrible luck seems to follow him wherever he goes. Now I will explain more details into this concept and how they executed it later, but here I will give credit to the episode for being the first in the series to introduce the idea that 'not everyone is happy to have their cutie marks and it can cause suffering to them.' 3. This can also be the first episode in the series where the CMCs go out to help solve a cutiemark problem too. When you consider that the CMCs went out to help Troubleshoes to help resolve his problem with his cutie mark and of how later in the series they would make a career out of that, you could consider this episode to be the first one in the series or even a prototype episode for how the CMCs stories would be like centered on them resolving cutie mark problems. Again, I do like this other concept they have for this episode so I will give another credit to them for it in the episode. 4. I liked Applejack's side story to entering the competition for the hay tossing competition. Out of all the stories in this episode, I preferred this one the most out of them all as , this one was the least flawed and held the most effective narrative as we see that it was through Applejack that brought the CMCs and herself to Appleoosa, had conflict and issues such as how AJ only came to Appleoosa due to the rodeos in Ponyville being closed for some reason, a practice run nearly ends in disaster for the CMCs when a tower of hay nearly fell on them till AJ saved them. This would be part of the episode's problem that I'll explain later. And of how we see that AJ nearly quits out of fear for the CMCs till Braeburn and themselves convince her otherwise, and it would eventually lead to AJ's team winning gold at the rodeo contest. I would not mind seeing this team returning. This short but effective side story in this episode would end up being my favorite one of the bunch shown here. Negatives: 1. I really didn't like how the Cutie Mark Crusaders were characterized in this episode. This was a major problem for me in the episode as I really didn't like at how idiotic and selfish the CMCs behaved in the episode. The first of these offenses is when they chose to run away from Braeburn to go out and hunt a criminal that is feared by the Appleoosans so much that they nearly cancelled the rodeo just cause of his presence just so they can capture him and earn the spot to compete in the rodeo. Didn't they learned not to do this crap from S1's Staremaster? Then after hearing Troubleshoes plight, despite being given no evidence whatsover it wasn't anything but misery for him and that the judges laughed at him other than how funny Applebloom thought he crashed into stuff at his home despite his depressed attitude towards it. She believes that Troubleshoe's problem isn't that he has a cursed cutie mark but that he misinterpreted it as his destiny was in fact being a rodeo clown. Course her belief convinced the others and would win the day as the narrative demands it not without caveats to it, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders committed a couple of other problems in the episode. The first is that they failed to tell the adults that they ran away and had them thinking that Troubleshoes filly napped them out of fear of getting into trouble until they had no choice but to. Note, even the Sheriff thought that wasn't normal of Troubleshoes to filly nap folks. This was a problem as they allowed Troubleshoes to be thrown into jail for the crime of filly napping and other charges despite knowing it's not true. Ya see, we were going to tell you sooner, but we got scared of getting into trouble ourselves. The other offense they committed was that they got away with causing a jailbreak to get Troubleshoes out that is certainly a jailable offense on their part. Seems they forgot to add that to the CMCs list of crimes they committed here too. Put together, this is easily one of the worst CMC characterizations in the series and they deserve to be blasted for it. 2. Appleoosa's Most Wanted suffered bad tone problems. Tone is another problem that causes the narrative in this episode to look worse as at the first half of the episode, we're told to treat the vandal Troubleshoes seriously as we see how he has shut down major Rodeo competitions, has the whole town in an uproar and nearly had Sheriff Silver Star to cancel the event out of fear he would cause more mayhem, but remember how AJ saved the CMCs from that falling tower of hay and how it was treated like something that could seriously injure them. Thus the tone clearly shows we're supposed to fear Trouble Shoes and his antic and it implies he's some dangerous vandal looking to shut down rodeos for whatever reason, and makes the CMCs actions to go find him look all the stupider for it. To further add to it, this tone would carry over to Troubleshoe's reveal and it would affect the mood for his plight where one would feel that Troubleshoes is suffering a legitimately bad curse that's been making his life a living hell for it. Notice the look of fear in their eyes. Then in the 2nd half of the episode, the episode's tone shifts inexplicably to a much brighter and humorous one where all of a sudden Troubleshoe's miserable plight is just him misinterpreting what his cutie mark actually was, one of a rodeo clown, and that he simply needs to put his talents properly to it. This is the place Troubleshoes lived in, out in the dark woods, alone. Yea I consider that funny for no reason at all. This shift in tone badly messes up the episode's narrative as it fails to take into account of how the audience was told and fed that we're supposed to view this as a rather serious episode and Troubleshoes as a dangerous criminal only to turn out he's not a bad person but a miserable person who has suffered from his cursed cutie mark and how the town views it badly enough that they view him as a dangerous vandal that is wrecking rodeo competitions. This would be fine if not for the tone shifting in the 2nd half to one of humor that all of a sudden tries to make a lighthearted spin on Troubleshoe's plight despite how legitimately miserable he looks from it. Yea, this is funny too/s Really the tone shift insults how miserable Troubleshoes was and how damaging that cutie mark has been to him all these years. 3. The episode fails to take into account of how Troubleshoe's cutie mark causes him to destroy stuff so how long do you think he'll last as a rodeo clown? This is big thing the episode missed out on as considering how Trouble Shoe's clumsiness was considered bad enough to warrant being labeled a criminal for causing rodeos to close and how he still has no means to control how he destroys props and other items the rodeo clowns themselves use, how long do you think he'll actually last at that job? Cause I know his rodeo clown troupe is not going to be happy to see him destroying props that will cost them money and if he's too much of a money sink to be worth it, they'll boot him out and what then for Troubleshoes? I want him to be happy, but honestly that's what I feel is going to happen to him considering his cutie mark and it's damage. 4. The episode never resolves Troubleshoe's problem with his cutie mark. Considering what we have seen of how much misery that cutie mark has caused on Troubleshoes in his life, having him being a rodeo clown is very insulting as his actions aren't caused by his own but rather by his cutie mark. His clumsiness isn't by his own will to where I could see he's a comedian but rather he has a bad cutie mark that is causing him to go and unintentionally cause accidents, which you remember was bad enough to be branded an outlaw for it. Being a rodeo clown won't solve his problem with his badluck cutie mark, it will only provide another vehicle for it till they get worn out of his welcome. This episode really screwed up with handling Troubleshoe's plight. 5. Thanks to how poorly implemented the shifting narrative mood in the episode is, the slapstick comedy fails miserably. As @King Clark had said in the comments below, thanks to the after mentioned tone problems in the episode, the slapstick comedy falls flat here. Due to how we were conditioned to feel the episode to be serious from the start, when the 2nd half switched over to a more humor based mood, it would fail to resonate with me and others. The following for that is because jokes like the falling haystack tower from the first half was treated as a serious thing that could seriously harm and injure ponies, but the same thing in the 2nd half was treated as something to laugh at which causes confusion in the audience for it. And of course, when one considers how miserable Troubleshoes has been with his cutie mark, the humor based on his slapstick comedy, which note he himself is not doing by his own will but whatever the cutie mark has him do, fails as the the folks laughing at him (especially at the judges table in his youth) again feels very mean spirited rather than funny. Conclusion: Appleoosa's Most Wanted is easily this season's worst episode thus far. Despite the interesting concepts of a pony having a cutie mark that is plaguing them and causing them problems, a good AJ side story, and this can be called the first episode where the CMCs go to help others out with their cutie marks, this episode was marred by poor executions. Poor executions in how poorly characterized the CMCs were in their idiotic and selfish behavior, the bad tone shift to a humorous choice despite how the first half's seriousness would ruin that tone, the slapstick comedy, and of how it concluded for Troubleshoe's career as a rodeo clown despite how his problem with his cutie mark was never resolved and that it won't take long till he destroys too many stuff for the rodeo clown troupe to accept it. This is one of the worst CMC episodes in the series. Score: 4.5/10 Grade: F
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    Oh, boy would you look at that! Nobody cares. This is a discussion thread for Season 7, not a rant thread. And no, whether you're watching it or not is not relevant to the discussion. So please stay on topic or don't post in here at all. In other news, Titles and Synopsis for Episodes 3 and 4 have been revealed
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    @Sparklefan1234 I've always seen it that way. Awww. Sister love.
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    This is one of my favorite songs. Because it has a very powerful message.
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    Howdy. I frequent MLP Forums, and am a mod there (and Poniverse board member), but I love silly cartoon horses so much, I decided to check this place out if that's welcomed. I'm Rob, in NY, husband and parent who got roped into watching the show and has been hooked on it for about a year and a half, plus. I may or may not think Rarity is Best Pony.
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    Hello there fillies and gentlecolts!! I actually made this account and while ago but never really did much with it. Anyway that's all about to change now that I am migrating here. Allow me to introduce myself! I am The Spectacular The Ultimate The Amazing Coffee Pony!! And I hope to get to know you all and make good friends with ya! I see a few familiar faces already! A little about what I like,. My favorite ponies are Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer, favorite seasons are 4 and 5 and outside of Pony I am a big fan of Spider-Man, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who (particularly Classic Who) and Transformers! Favorite consoles are the NES & SNES, and my primary current platform is PC!
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