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    My reaction to Daring Done for 90% of the episode: The guy in the hood is Dr. Caballeron! The guy in the hood is Dr. Caballeron! The guy in the hood is Dr. Caballeron! *episode reveals that it's Dr. Caballeron* Oh, hey! It's Dr. Caballeron!
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    Poniverse, ignoring the problem WON'T make it go away. Acknowledging the problem exists, doing something about it, and showing it thoroughly will make it go away. Ignoring it will make people want nothing to do with you. Ignoring the problem WORSENS it.
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    well I'm happy today OH YES!!!! because I have such amazing friends thank you all
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    Hope you all have a great Hearts and Hooves day!
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    Darn. Cannot follow myself. But I'm so interesting and unique! I guess this is the price I must pay for those things...
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    *hugs fabulous pony on her happy day*
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    The "it's for kids" and "they are allowed to be flawed" arguments are both pretty bad, but the winner in terms of horrible has to go to the "if you can't do better, you can't criticize" argument. Man does it suck! So just because I'm not a professional or don't have a lot of experience, that means I'm not capable of coming up with legitimate arguments or complaints? Ya, ok buddy.
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    *looks at new rank* I...have ascended!!
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    The Perfect Pear is an amazing episode. It is the best love story that we have ever gotten out of this series. The great chemistry between Pear Butter and Bright Mac was undeniable and it is a story that pretty much prides itself on not only getting the big details so right, but the smaller ones as well. Would this episode be as good if we didn't see stuff like Big Mac coming back to ask Burnt Oak if he could hear some stories about his parents or seeing that the tree at the end had grown to form a heart shape? Definitely not. It would still be a very very great episode, but those little important details help to make this one truly incredible.
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    Emotions are like skrscrapers. Even the smallest cracks in a foundation can cause the building to come crumbling down.
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    Stereotypical Unicorn: Stay away from me! MLP Unicorn: I can has love pwease?
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    *wipes tear away* I'm proud to be a healer I have helped so many people through prayer, meditation, drumming and chanting and spell work its a good feeling to know that I'm somebody's hero *tears of joy start coming up* i'm sorry for tearing up its just that I'm really happy to be the healer that I am today
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    do you like my real form do you envy what you see?
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    In light of the upcoming episode, I change to this old avatar.
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    If we have courage, we shall be healers; like the sun we shall rise
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    I'm getting pretty tired. A great movie and beautyful friends are the greatest way to end my day. Good nigh everypony.
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    I'd liked to present every pony with a special friend, my OC.
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    Ahhh that was a GREAT day
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    EQD Forums have become my new forum home in bronydom.
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