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    Okay, the spam is still the point where I find it taking way too much effort to use the forums since everything is jammed (at least on mobile). Please please please, staff; start having some kind of mass purging for the spam. Also, maybe a new recaptcha? That would be awesome sauce
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    Dislike (I stopped drinking soda years ago, and my body is no longer accustomed to it). Spammer.
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    See what's up with the numbers behind our Combat System in our new Breakdown series video! ⭐
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    The spam is everywhere!
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    Yeah, there's really no stopping that snowball (she gains +3 power every round with 3 players) unless you specifically have a 'turn over this troublemaker' or 'remove this troublemaker card', which I sadly didn't get during the draft
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    So me and two friends got down to play some MLP CCG, drafting for the Absolute Discord in a 1v1v1 free for all game. We had 15 boosters of the Absolute Discord series and passed them around draft style until we each had a deck (mane characters were chosen as needed, as none of us actually got any Mane character cards). So we started and this happened... That's a 55 Power troublemaker (Each dice number represents a Power counter). I wasn't able to deal with it when it got uncovered and things very quickly got out of hand...
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    damn thata gonna take a lot of effort to take that sucker out
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    Hi, I'm always down for rping a pony game, I wanna try my hand at GMing as well, though I'm already committed to a group and we're mid campaign right now ( we're the Equestria chronicles thread we have two artists in our group) but I'll keep it mind. I've also order Tails of Equestria (still waiting on it), though we're currently playing using the old Roleplaying is Magic system. But hit me up if you still need players or looking for a group we have a pretty lively bunch going.
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    I recently got tails of Equestria and i am looking to run the premade adventure. looking for 2-4 players. owning the book or dice isn't necessary but can be useful. I will be using a voice chat program (skype or discord). video chat isn't needed but welcome. i may run in roll20.net. I am in the west coast US Feel free to ask any questions.
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