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    todays my birthday everybody
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    HAPPY PONY ANNIVERSARY, EVERYPONY! If you got 1 or more favoritest ponies then go and hug them tight. If you are a pony yourself...still go hug another pony
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    The goal is likely not to get you to care, but to discuss with those who do. No one is forcing you to participate in a conversation you'd rather not be in.
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    You don't have to discuss those topics but you should be aware that they do affect many people. Some people like to talk about those struggles because it helps them cope and push for change. Problems won't go away without alot of effort to try and make the world a less prejudiced place.
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    Uh, I don't want to hurt you. If you know people whom are physically threatening you for your opinions, perhaps you should report them to someone. And being stabbed seems like a pretty extreme, unusual circumstance which you should seriously get some help about. Just don't put that on me. I don't want to hurt you, I just want you to stop being so bitter and aggressive towards people for having different opinions. Apparently, you have somehow run into some very violent people as a result of this. There are better ways to deal with that than posting bitter screeds on an online forum.
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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was decent, though not particularly great. Only watch if you have Jurassic Park nostalgia like I do.
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    When you're faced with a pile of Easter candy:
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    It's the small-time villains with mundane motives that really hit home. Chrysalis? Tirek? Sure, they were big threats, but whatever, you know they're going to lose in the end. But a racist bureaucrat who gets to be the gatekeeper for something the heroes really want to make a reality? Shoot, actual people have had their dreams destroyed by assholes like that. What a fantastic jerk. But the episode really speaks to how you can go into an endeavor with idealism and passion and then be forced to keep making concessions in order to keep it afloat, until it no longer holds a spark of the original vision. And then it turns out that you can just ignore all the worldly realities and do things exactly the way you want, and it works out fine! Aaaaaand that's why it's escapist entertainment. Hooray!
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    Happy March 8 to every single mare and filly!
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    As much as it pains me being my team is the patriots, congrats Philadelphia Eagles on being the best team this year and earning your first super bowl trophy
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    Today, I shall review Friendship is Magic’s one hundred and sixty third episode and its seventh season’s twentieth episode, A Health of Information. The episode’s story is written by Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta. The storyboard artists for A Health of Information are Thalia Tomlinson and Cory Toomey. A Health of Information is listed as the seventh season’s eighteenth episode in its production order. Fluttershy frantically tries to save Zecora from a terminal illness called Swamp Fever by getting Twilight to tag along with her to go on an adventure to find a legendary if not mythical healer of folk tale named the Mystical Mask. Positives: 1. The Swamp Fever is represented well here as a terrifying disease to be fearful of in the episode and I love how it sets the tone for it. Remember from Season 2’s episode The Cutie Pox and how it made the cutie pox disease rather scary with its implications it showed? In season seven’s A Health of Information, it brings back that grim dark tone and turns it up even higher in the show with the nasty Swamp Fever disease. This disease infects ponies with pox spots on them, coughing bubbles out of their mouths, sneezing lightning bolts out of themselves, sprouting branches out of their skin until they eventually become the very tree where the creator of the Swamp Fever disease in its lilypad flower. Here’s the terrifying flower and cause of the Swamp Fever. On a personal analysis, upon hearing how this disease turns ponies into the same tree that sprouts more of these lily pad flowers, this leaves a rather very terrifying implication about it as not only does it seem the disease is terminal considering how grave the doctor’s tone was when he diagnosed it as Swamp Fever, there’s no known cure for the Swamp Fever disease. See this fungus growing out of the insect? Yea this is what Swamp Fever does to ponies at the final stage. Crap. A Health of Information’s narration successfully spins one of the most somber tones in the whole series by using the deadly terminal disease in the Swamp Fever to motivate and Drive Fluttershy to great lengths and levels to save Zecora who herself got infected from the flower that carried it. Be prepared to see absolutely determined Flutershy here. 2. Fluttershy is fantastic in a Health of Information and one could argue this is her best characterization in the whole show. As for our primary protagonist in the episode, Fluttershy, she is utterly fantastic in A Health of Information. Motivated by her guilt for causing her friend Zecora to be stricken with Swamp Fever, upon hearing from Zecora about a legendary healer known as the Mystical Mask, Fluttershy would pull all stops to research on this myth by getting her research and book worm friend Twilight Sparkle to help her out. Due to her frenzy to finding the cure for Zecora, Fluttershy would spend all night to finding the mystical mask or any sort of cure to the Swamp Fever despite Twilight’s insistence they rest for the night. When Twilight herself is suggesting taking a rest for the evening from reading books, you know Fluttershy is going utterly nuts. After spending the whole night researching, Fluttershy would find that the folk tale of the Mystical Mask, is based on a real person named Mage Meadowbrook. I will get to later the issue that Mage Meadowbrook later, but for now, prepare for an incoming Equestrian legend story to be told here. Finding out the place where Mage Meadowbrook originally lived before disappearing, they would find an abandoned ghost town where no one lives there. When they would enter inside Mage Meadowbrook’s tree home that she no longer lives there, Fluttershy would start showing signs of how she’s pushing herself so hard that her lack of sleep is affecting her judgement. As I said, Fluttershy is so determined to save Zecora that she’s even willing to do it at the cost of her own health. Perhaps Twilight has a point here considering how clumsy and confused Fluttershy is becoming. Once inside, they find it is occupied by one of her descendants named Cat Tail. I’m going to explain later why I like Cat Tail. With Cat Tail’s help, Fluttershy and Twilight would find out that Mage Meadowbrook had not only indeed encountered the Swamp Fever disease before but after much trial and error and racing against the clock as there was an especially virulent outbreak of it in her home town, infecting even her teacher and mother. There, Mage Meadowbrook would find an indigenous species in her area, the Flash Bees are not only immune to the deadly vapor clouds of the lilypad flower but they can collect the pollen from it and churn it for their honey inside their hive to which she would find is the cure. Now if only Fluttershy hadn’t been so tired she would remember that one important detail Meadowbrook did. After Fluttershy would get infected with the Swamp Fever, however, while Fluttershy pushes herself harder and was willing to collect the honey from the hive itself as she felt confident that her experience with animals would, in part due to how tired she was, she would be quickly overwhelmed by how aggressive the bees are at defending their home from intruders, knocking her unconscious from the fall. Also, due to lacking sleep, she would not wake up for several days, which would waste precious time and energy that Fluttershy could’ve used to getting the honey quickly as Zecora’s disease becomes even worse. Meanwhile, Twilight and Cat Tail would try everything to get the honey but fail, seems the bees are highly resistant against magic as well. However, now rested and with energy this time and seeing a flash bee lovingly caressing Meadowbrook’s old healer’s mask, Fluttershy would quickly surmise that the mask was the thing that allowed Meadowbrook to get close to the hive. Here’s a bee lovingly showing affection for a mask. Thanks to the color patterns on Meadowbrook’s healer mask, Fluttershy would successfully collect the honey to cure herself and bring it to cure Zecora, saving the day. And just in time too. While Fluttershy does learn a lesson to not over exert yourself too hard to where you’re sleep depriving yourself as the eventual hard sleep you’ll get from pushing your body to such effort will cause you to waste more time and with how you’ll not be as focused if you had rested, I should commend her however. Her need to save Zecora from the Swamp Fever was fantastic as not only was she determined to ensure she gets the cure as quickly as she can, but she was willing to do it at her own expense as she wanted to ensure her friend’s safety. This determination would allow her to output even Twilight Sparkle in book researching and would be pretty much the one spearheading their efforts to finding the cure for Zecora as Twilight herself was relegated to support. While I could see some folks be a bit annoyed by seeing this role reversal, I feel this was sort of a makeup call for how Fluttershy was relegated to the supporting role till the last minute in their last episode together in S5’s Hoof Fields and McColts. Either way, seeing how far Fluttershy was willing to push herself to get the honey, even quickly overcoming her fear of the bees to get the honey despite her deteriorating condition from the disease and her sleep deprivation, this was easily the bravest I’ve ever seen Fluttershy in the show. At the same time, the episode does balance her out by planting the lesson on her to not push herself so hard by correctly showing how not getting sleep to rest has caused her to fall into unconscious for three days, wasting time she could’ve used to save Zecora. Overall, there’s very few things in the show that has a comparable Fluttershy performance as the one showed in A Health of Information. She was so great in fact that you can even view it as her best characterization in the show, yes even above Hurricane Fluttershy as she was that good. Seeing a heroic Fluttershy delights me. 3. Twilight Sparkle was an effective support in a Health of Information. Now taking a largely supporting role here in A Health of Information, outside of a good joke of ‘NON STICK PANS’, Here’s my derp face! Twilight Sparkle’s role wasn’t all that memorable as it was clear that she’s taking a backseat to Fluttershy here, but this isn’t bad as she was effective in what she did, and was especially on point when she would point out to Fluttershy that she needs. Also, when Fluttershy was knocked out of action, we would find that Twilight would not only go back to Zecora to take care of her, with the help of Cat Tail, she would also try to get the honey from the Zap Bees themselves only to fail in that regard. So while Twilight didn’t saved the day, she did tried. On a separate note, I'm seriously digging those healers masks as they're practically Cajun bayou versions of the famed Plague Doctor's mask. Not so different. This in my opinion was a good choice as if Twilight had done so, we wouldn’t have such a moment of awesome for Fluttershy here when she does succeed getting the honey. And Twilight’s lesson to Fluttershy to not over exert herself would prove on point considering the many errors in judgement the yellow Pegasus pony would make in A Health of Information. Overall, not a stellar secondary role, but an effective one for Twilight here. 4. Cat Tail is another effective support, but his character carries some surprising depth in him. Now the new character that gets introduced into this episode, Cat Tail, is the sole occupant of Meadowbrook’s abandoned home town. He lives in his ancestor, Mage Meadowbrook’s, home in the Hayseed Swamp Bayou. Now outside of being a good help to Twilight and Fluttershy in their quest to finding the cure for the Swamp Fever, there’s a surprising amount of depth to his character I find. Now look at the town he lives at, it’s a ghost town as there’s no one living there but him. When the girls ask why he’s living in Meadowbrook’s home, he simply says that he wishes to protect and preserve his ancestor’s work or something along the lines of that. Now there’s something meaningful to what he’s doing here. Remember, he has no obligations to stay at Meadowbrook’s home in Hayseed Swamp and in fact it’s actually to his benefit that he leaves the place as no other pony but he remains in this forsaken ghost town so he’s living entirely by himself. His sole motivation is only to preserve his great ancestor’s work and legacy in her home, meaning that Cat Tail is willing to sacrifice his own happiness that he could’ve achieved elsewhere to ensure his ancestor’s work is preserved. Understanding this, I have a great amount of respect for this clever writing to Cat Tail’s character as it makes him a much more interesting character than what’s shown on the surface. Appreciate what this pony is willing to do girls as without this guy willing to sacrifice his personal wants to protect his ancestor’s work for folks like you to find, Zecora and Fluttershy are probably dead from the Swamp Fever. 5. I do enjoy the abandon swamp ghost town setting here in Hayseed Swamp as well. In another expansion of Equestria, we get a nice locale in the Abandoned swamp town of Meadowbrook’s home in Hayseed Swamp. Considering in Meadowbrook’s story of how the place was infected with a bad Swamp Fever outbreak that was likely only saved by Meadowbrook’s intervention and how prevalent the place seems to be with it, I can only imagine the many horror stories that folks can use to describe of how this town went to hell with the diseases running rampant without Meadowbrooks and the lost knowledge she had to cure the Swamp Fever. And that’s just the swamp fever itself as the Hayseed Swamp is ominous enough to have many scary stories in it such as ghost sightings, monstrous creatures, and the like. I probably made this town scarier than it is. 6. We get a good background story on Mage Meadowbrook here. Now while I have a bit of an issue with their design and choice of Meadowbrook here, I will say this, with what they presented I was impressed. We see that the earth pony was not only a famed sorceress who is also revealed to have been the folk tale hero Mystical Mask in this story, but thanks to her descendant keeping her journals preserved, we see the struggles that Meadowbrook had to face from learning to cure an animal of an illness to earn her first healer’s mask from her mother, to the swamp fever outbreak and how it affected meadowbrook on a personal level, to discovery, and eventually to her successfully getting the Flash Bee’s honey to cure the disease. A rather impressive story of trial and error and triumphing to become a great heroine. The other interesting thing about her is that out of all the folk tale heroes spoken in Season 7, she is the only one to have been mentioned that she had disappeared, suggesting that Meadowbrook was perhaps the one most connected to the common folk of Equestria due to her works in healing and fame for it. Mage Meadowbrook here. Thus, this episode deserves credit for helping us to set up meadowbrook’s own role in her appearance in the season seven finale. Negatives: 1. To get us the backstory, A health of information had to do a deliberate retcon of Meadowbrooks original backstory. The only issue that can prevent the episode from achieving perfection in my honest opinion is that for us to get Meadowbrook’s backstory here, they had to break her original background info of being a powerful unicorn mage instead of an earth pony healer A health of information has chosen for her instead. While not a big issue considering it was a mere mention in the Season 5 cutie map episode, it’s still a break in the continuity that one can’t easily ignore. Not a bad move but still a flaw. Conclusion: A health of Information is not only at least one of the strongest Fluttershy episodes in the show, housing one of her best characterizations in the series, but it also held some many good stuffs in it such as Twilight and Cat Tail’s helpful secondary roles here to help balance out Fluttershy, including a good lesson for her to learn and how it costed her for not heeding it. Despite the minor flaw that it had to break the original story on Meadowbrook, the one A health of Information gave to her is more than satisfactory and entertaining enough for folks to be impressed by what they did and gave for her. Cat Tail’s character carries some surprising depth for folks to appreciate from him. And I really loved how well they wove the terrifying Swamp Fever into the story where it carries tons of dark implications about it and how it may have impacted the abandonment of the swamp town in Hayseed Swamp that Meadowbrook once lived with whom only her descendant does now, giving us one of the show’s grimmer dark tales. This is easily one of season seven’s best episodes yet. Score: 9.5/10 Grade: A
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    So...nothing special...but today is my 16th birthday! xD This is my first (official) birthday with ponies and my lovely boyfriend ^w^ (also not to forget all my new friends ^w^)
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    New profile pic ^w^ (birthday present from @FizzyGreen) Made by Cutiepatootiee
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    Well this is sad. Not because we lost a valued member but because we lost a forum joke. A man who never made a point remotely close to good even once. He always went on and on about people not respecting his opinions yet he couldn’t respect anyone else’s to save his life. Every time someone debunked one of his “opinions” with sound logic, he would just throw a tantrum and storm off. Clearly not the behaviour of someone who claims to “respect others opinions”. To make matters worse, he would also go on tangents about the show staff being hypocrites for “shoving Starlight down our throats”. Pretty ironic considering that he had a habit of literally repeating the same two “arguments” over and over again. In short, he complains about stuff being shoved down his throat when he did the exact same thing with his own opinions. The show staff weren’t the hypocrites here. It was him. Good riddance!!!
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    Today, I shall review Friendship is Magic's one hundred and fifty seventh episode and its seventh season's fourteenth episode, Fame and Misfortune. The story was written by MA Larson. The storyboard artists are Corey Toomey and Thalia Tomlinson. When asked on when the characters Toola Roola and Starsong were going to make their appearances on Twitter, Jim Miller replied, ‘When it’s time.’ In response to the fan backlash the episode received, MA Larson would reveal at the 2017 BronyCAN that he wasn’t enthused about the premise. Upon seeing the Friendship Journal that she and her friends had written, Twilight Sparkle would decide to release copies of it for the rest of Equestria to see and learn from their own experiences in becoming better friends only to have tons of issues arise from it. Positives: 1. I enjoyed Starlight Glimmer in Fame and Misfortune. In this highly controversial episode, I will give a shoutout to the one that I felt was the most enjoyable out of the characters in this episode in Starlight Glimmer. Not only was she providing great help and support to Twilight and helped with her friends as much as she could, including admonishing a couple that was insulting Rarity. Starlight going to beat somebody up with her manifesto book. Starlight is confirmed marxist in this episode She would also be the one that would find the two fillies that Twilight had spoken to earlier and coached on the value of friendship to cheer the girls up after all the events that had happened in the day. Here's Starlight coming to the rescue. 2. I enjoyed much of the meta humor expressed in Fame and Misfortune and other jokes too. Yes, I can enjoy some fan ribbing here as I do like a lot of the roasts the show expressed such as on whether Pinkie Pie and Applejack are related, the twilicorn joke, Fluttershy not being assertive despite repeating lessons of it and being meaner because of her assertiveness (I’m guilty in that one), and Applejack gaining tons of popularity and she hates it. She loves her background pony status apparently. I particularly enjoyed Rarity being stressed out too for the dark humor of seeing Rarity in a poor miserable state of losing her orders, her being reviled for it, and her usual over the top behavior and lines. Here's Rarity going insane. Time to die folks! It’s not to say that I don’t have issues with this as I’ll show below, but I’ll admit what I enjoyed and liked in this episode and it’s not very much. Negatives: 1. Leaving Spike out of this episode despite his apparent role in the Friendship Journal feels like a poor choice. A minor issue I had with Fame and Misfortune is the complete absence of Spike from Fame and Misfortune. This is an issue I have because when you consider how Spike himself has a role in the Friendship Journal and especially with mentions of some S2 episodes suggests that it included all the past friendship episodes they have done, it feels like a pretty bad choice to not involve him at all in the episode. To make matters franker, even Starlight Glimmer had a problem here with it as a lot of her dialogue and mannerisms were similar to Spike here in Fame and Misfortune, suggesting that not only she replaced Spike in the episode but support theories that Fame and Misfortune was originally a season 5 episode as Starlight Glimmer at that point in time was a villain and was the last season that had any real involvement with Larson. Looks like Glimmer is the new Spike in Season 7. 2. A lot of the meta jokes were not only outdated but a few were even showed misunderstanding in the fandom or so. Now while I liked many of the jokes and humor in it, I will say that there was plenty of issues in them. The first is how outdated some of them were. While it was true that say Rarity was once upon a time hated in the fandom and how loved Rainbow Dash is for example, but that has changed today. Today I’ve seen not only how beloved Rarity is to where I see that anyone attacks her usually gets an angry response of Rarity fans and others for insulting her and telling how misunderstood she is. With Rainbow Dash, it’s pretty much considered cool to mock and insult her now. If this episode was with more updated meta jokes, the fans will be going nuts at Rarity while this would be an angry mob yelling at RD and getting points with each for yelling at her. Another issue I had with the meta is how the dialogue seems to suggest they misunderstood the complaints the fandom had. This would be shown in when they critique at how fans seem to think Pinkie Pie is just a gag character that only makes folks laugh when fans are criticizing the opposite as fans hated her being a gag character, and the song Flawless, which itself is crap missed entirely why fans had issues with characters (being out of character for the sake of plot) where it state ‘that they’re flawed characters’ to essentially handwave their arguments. All of this just only shows the problems with their meta jokes in general, their use of it is a whole another can of worms I’ll open. 3. It’s strange that suddenly the mane 6 are able to receive popularity through their journals despite how they’re the saviors of Equestria. Another issue with how the plot was set up was how the mane 6 are saviors of Equestria yet throughout the show we never really get them their praise save for Twilight being a princess catching attention in Season 4. Yet it would take them to publish a friendship journal for all the folks in Equestria to suddenly be enthralled by them and wanting to be friends with them. I do not like this as it highlights how artificial this plot is as it’s doing something out of the ordinary and breaking the show’s rule on the mane 6 being popular with the Equestria land for the sake of this plot. Let's enjoy this popularity wave we should've had for a long time now that we're getting all of a sudden! 4. The execution and use of the meta jokes in this episode impact the world of Equestria so negatively that it will ruin your image of Equestria for it. Now let’s be clear here, I do not have any issues with meta jokes that ribs the fandom and in fact I enjoyed many of them. As for their execution, I have immense amount of issues with. This would start in how abusive and terrible the ponies in Ponyville and folks that travelled there as they would not only be rude assholes to the mane 6 or be turned into idiots that annoy the mane 6 for it that it would make you hate them for it in their attempt to use them as expies for the fandom’s complaints and issues with the show. I have such a huge problem with this portrayal of Ponies and Ponyville especially as while it’s not to say every pony is friendly, but they were never to such a degree of pettiness and abuse towards anyone save for Putting your Hoof Down and Bridle Gossip, two episodes hated for such reasons. Ponyville especially suffers badly in this regard as a lot of the mob are folks in ponyville who are treating their own neighbors and friends in the mane 6 like shit because a book revealed stuff they suddenly care about. To make matters worse, the tone of the episode will cause you to not even enjoy the meta humor and feel worse for them as we see not only how utterly miserable the mane 6 are about it, but it also negatively impacts the jokes themselves as they come across as meanspirited because of the tone. Is anyone going to say this episode is lighthearted with stuff like this and what I showed above? What’s worse about all of this and its implementation of the meta jokes to make fun of the fandom in the episode is that it ends up rendering all the accomplishments the mane 6 had done in the series feel not worth it when you consider how unappreciative the folks seem to be and how abusive they were towards them. Essentially, do you want to save these assholes again after how they’ve behaved? After how the ponies in Ponyville behaved, I’d be wanting to relocate from there. All this highlights of how utterly in misery the episode is and how unpleasant it was tone wise. More evidence they're miserable. 5. I hated the song we’re not Flawless. As mentioned before, the song flawless while it may be pleasing to hear is one of the show’s worst songs as not only are its lyrics poor but it’s intent was to essentially handwave the criticism the characters received via ‘they’re flawed characters that are a work in progress’. This completely misses the point with why folks had such issues with their poor behavior before. Let's wipe away all of our problems through song! 6. Fame and Misfortune had many poor lines of dialogue in it. I’ve had plenty of issues in Fame and Misfortune for the dialogue too. Not only did plenty of them were poorly used that made no sense context wise for the sake of meta humor but it was so damned awkward too with how they speak to the mane 6 as they treat them less like real life ponies as it should be expected in such a show but rather as fantasy beings that don’t exist in real life in there. The most stunning example would be this line and journalist who would declare ‘I feel your character would be better if you stayed in Canterlot.’ Who speaks like to a person they’re talking to!? I'm speaking to a fantasy creature at this very moment. Twilight Sparkle does not exist but in fiction only! 7. The ending was not an ending and its dialogue shows a poor implication too. So, after all the crap the mane 6 received in this episode and how they had to retreat inside the Castle of Friendship, when Starlight Glimmer brings the two mentioned fillies Twilight had coached earlier to have them say they enjoyed what they read from the journal, it is what they would say next that would pose tons of issues and terrible implications from it. The line ‘Fans come and go, but Friendship lasts forever’ or along those lines screams to me this implication ‘Fuck the fans, so long as we’re making our target audience happy, it’s all worth it!’ Not only does paint a really really terrible picture on the folks who work on the show with how they view the fandom to the point of bitter vindictiveness, but it to me serves a counterpoint for those who claim the jokes aren’t meant to be mean. What can they mean with such a dialogue and how it’s said. Let's shit on our periphery fans and rely on children to carry us forward! Finally, we don’t even have a proper ending for all this episode. Instead the story ends on a note where the angry fans and ponies are still outside and they still haven’t fixed or resolved anything. We’re still getting folks hating on Rarity and ruining her business, we’re still getting folks harassing and not giving RD privacy that she wants, we still are getting folks laughing at anything Pinkie Pie says to where she declares she won’t try to be funny again as I paraphrase, we still AJ and her family desperately trying to fill all the needs of their free loading fans are sitting at their farm as her ‘family, we still have critics attacking Fluttershy’s slow assertiveness progression and how mean she is with it (thanks to yours truly), and we still have a huge mob outside still arguing like idiots over their ideas that are making the mane 6 miserable. It just gets left there with Twilight essentially saying, ‘we’ll fix that later’, and ends right there. So, yea, the episode doesn’t even finish, it just ends. Let's not fix this mess of an episode. Let's banish it to realm of retcononia! This to me is the worst ending in the whole show as we don’t even get the graciousness of a finish but a ‘we’re out of time here, so let’s end this shit episode now!’ This ending left a very very bitter taste for Fame and Misfortune for me. Conclusion: Fame and Misfortune is the worst episode of Season 7, but it’s even one of the biggest mistakes the show has created. Poorly implemented meta joke humor that craps on the mane 6’s accomplishments so they can use the out of character ponies in ponyville and more for the sake of attacking the fandom with these jokes. This episode was so mean spirited in its tone that you will feel utterly saddened by it and especially how poorly treated the heroines of Equestria are treated like shit or harassed throughout the whole episode. To add final insult, the ending at the end just seems to me to be one big middle finger towards the fandom and it something that will probably hurt tons of folks opinions on the show staff for showing such a juvenile and spiteful response to the fandom’s complaints. Score: 2.0/10 Grade: F-
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    The episode was pretty good. The focus on Pinkie Pie herself was well done. The reactions of her sister having a boyfriend and trying to make the best of it while planning for her birthday, it looked like Pinkie's biggest challenge to date and yet she succeeded in solving that matter. Maud's boyfriend looks like a pretty cool pony. He was always saying "technically" about certain things and objects, and he has a good knowledge of them too. Also found it cool that we saw Pinkie's other sisters that are like Maud, but a bit different in attitude.
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    @Shimmer Sparkle @Pain @Havocbyte @ChB @Sparklefan1234 @leonbrony17 HAPPY RAINBOW DASH DAY, EVERYPONY!!!
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    One hater is more noisy than the entire army of her fans. Just as for Twilight.
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