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    Currently Considering getting into digital art. If anypony has any suggestions, recommendations, comments or concerns, I would be happy to reply to everyone's thoughts.
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    I missed you all. I hope you're all happy and safe.
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    Hello, everypony. I'm alive. Don't worry.
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    Important news has come, for everypony. for those of us in the U.S, specifically AZ, an honorable group active since the dawn of g4 pony, has gone silent on 1 of their 3 active platforms. As of my discovering this on 2/7/21, I estimate that it was one of the final days, of a brony group, on Meetup.com. if you're in AZ now, I'm here to say that Bronies Of Phoenix, in the Phoenix and surrounding area, has discontinued their meetup group. although their meetup group is gone, they're still available for communications on FB and Twitter https://twitter.com/broniesofphx?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/groups/140518712715618/ Since I am surprisingly close to one spot where they would meetup, I now make it my journey to find this group, and hopefully find out what's next. I make this my goal, since I haven't attended any of the meetings since I joined. I do this to ensure that I'm able to connect with groups like these, before any other of their socials are shutdown, and possibly forgotten. here is where you can find one of their former group hangout locations. https://www.google.com/maps/dir//33.4151784,-111.8332407/@33.4142264,-111.8494658,4173m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e2
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    I have returned n I gots news, I has a boyfriend now! His name is Brex n we've been together a month now.
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    Anyone else excited for the Gen 5 movie in september? I'm definitely going to watch it ^^
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    Big plans.... Stay tuned! Possible Tik tok uploads, and the best part is my first Tik Tok videos will be about ALL the people I follow, not my followers. I appreciate the support, but my goal is to support as many people as humanly possible. these are all sneak peeks as what's coming this year!
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    Hey everypony. Who missed me?? I'm kinda tired and I'l keeping awake by drinking NOS!!!
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    I know i said i wanted to explain why i was gone for so long but i decided not to do that. It's better for my brain to just forget that the last couple days and furthermore the last 3 months ever happened.
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    I have gotten my first COVID-19 vaccine dose. Now I just have to wait awhile for the second dose. I am not dealing with any side effects at the moment (I actually feel quite well).
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    Can Indiana please be the next state to lift these stupid covid restrictions and mask mandates?
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    My Birthday is tomorrow
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    appy Valentine's Day!
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    I hate to be political, but for those of us in the United States, I , and I hope the rest of us feel this way, enjoy the U.S existing. I had to mention this, because I ran into a Trump supporter on YT. There's nothing wrong with the supporters, but it's what they support, and how they're mislead on what's being promoted. to start off, he called me "leftist" so I had to clarify a few points by saying: "Lets get one thing straight. We, as in the smart half of America, have enough brain cells left, to know that Trump was a disaster of a president, a mockery of the U.S, and a disappointment to the people, during the time we ALL needed him most. face it. Trump has done nothing but talk about what he's GOING to do if you re-elect him. In 2016, he won. good. what then? he keeps talking up all the things he still never did. What did we accomplish? millions wasted on a wall. racial segregation against the Hispanics and Muslims, just because trump is a confirmed white supremacist. The black community being treated to the extreme by the same police officers who cheered on the crackheads at the capitol! I mean, this isn't about political parties, this is about the safety of the nation! when the president of the United States is saying "I don't disapprove of what the domestic terrorists are doing", wake up! if he had been re-elected, that may've been the last four years of the NATION. i really don't want to argue about left vs right, because this is about humanity, not politics. In the first week, Biden signed more than 40 executive orders, to undo the impulsive and haphazard orders Trump put in place that basically ruined the U.S's economy and foreign relationships. wait till 2022, look back on what Biden will have done, and you can thank us later. there's a difference between being an idiot, and appointing the man who destroyed our economy, became the target of foreign leaders, had all his photos taken at taco bell, and waited months before deciding to tell the U.S about Covid. He also got rid of the leading experts, and appointed some "neurologist" as head of the diseases department. He hates any of his wives and kids who aren't male or rich, and by the looks of it, so far the only things he's ever been able to "pull out" of, were all of the climate and weapons agreements that are the only barrier between the U.S and WWIII. Clearly you've been snorting what ever media meth Fox can get up your massive shnoz. that's also probably the thing obscuring your view, making you blind to what's going on at the moment. than again, you may just be the slim % of Americans who isn't currently being oppressed, destroying a country, or healing the fallen and injured. this would mean your just some pompous supremacist too, who can't for the life of you care about your fellow Americans. and you call your "president" a patriot. get out.
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    Hello there. I hardly ever come on here, like, hardly ever. I mostly spend my time on MLP Forums, but I just thought why not stop by here and see if anyone will say hi or something.
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    I am so so so excited for the Hasbro Investor Event! Maybe we'll finally get some news on Gen 5!!!! February 25th is going to be a great day ^^
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    This community is great, thank you all so much for the warm welcomes you've given me!
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    Thanks for the follow!
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    Tfw I've been working on the same *practice* scene in my fic for a week
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    Thanks for the follow, my friend!
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