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  1. VermisLibra

    BronyGamersGuild LFM

    Still a thing?
  2. Just looking to get some friends to get hearts and other things in the game I can't do alone If you play this, add me! 57d8a6 Looking forward to playing with you all!
  3. VermisLibra

    Missing Wings And Maze-y Things

    Same thing happened to me. I am guessing your talking about the MLP Princess game where you gotta build up Ponyville and defeat Nightmare Moon? My Friend Code: 57d8a6 if you wanna add me. I came on here to actually see if anyone plays this game and get some friends.
  4. Thanks everypony. Really sad I wasn't bigger into it when it was more... alive. But, oh well, perhaps I can help bring forth alittle more life into it
  5. VermisLibra

    Hello, I'am Small Owl - a creator ;)

    Hey, I am new here. But, I went ahead, and subed to your Youtube! Watched Twilight likes her friends Interesting stuff. Look forward to watching the other ones too!
  6. VermisLibra

    Hello hello!!

    Hey Feather Skies! I am new to this community as well! Hope the smae, friends
  7. Hello, everypony! How are you all doing? Names Will, or you can call me Vermis if you prefer. I have been a Brony for, a long while now. End of Season 1, when a friend asked me to watch it with them. I get no end of Flak for it ither, being a 35 year old male. But eh, haters gonna hate. I have never really been part of the Fandom, however. Had a few creators on Youtube I used to follow, but all are dead now. Haven't made anything in years. Other then MLP card game tournaments at Gencon, and my local store for a time, I didn't interact much with other Bronies. However, recently, I had learned about Fallout: Equestria, thanks to an RP site I am part of. It sounded cool as hell, if a bit heartbreaking, but thanks to it, I rewatched all of MLP:FIM, the movie, and even went back to look at my old cards again, as well as looking into this FO:E. Vermis Liber (yes, the name was mispelled in my account creation :P) Is my first Pony Character I had ever actually played. For the Fallout:Equestria RP i was talking about. His adventurer is ongoing, but he has had some very close calls. So far, I love him to pieces. But anyhow, yah. Hope to get some more friends here. This seems active enough, and I don't know where else to look in all honesty. I am sad I am getting into this fandom on the outs, with the real show over and the new one looking.. different. Time will tell, I have hope, but FiM is the amazing. Hi again! And feel free to ask me anything!
  8. VermisLibra

    Alterante "Bats!" Idea

    I found this very interesting. While the song was catchy, I always found it odd that Twilight joined in. After all, she should know what Fluttershy was saying was true being as learned as she was. But I will say, I love Flutterbat, and Love that she got another look in a later episode.