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    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    Team Rocket? I don't know what you;re talking about!
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    Favourite TV shows/movies

  3. Revanche

    TrekkieHooves has beamed down

    Nice to meet you, Trekkiehooves. You've talked about best Princess, best Mane 6 and best CMC, but who is best pony overall for you?
  4. Revanche

    Howdy Howdy Howdy!

    Welcome to the forums. Try not to get set on fire too much.
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    Pae in da house

    Welcome to the party, Paegyu!
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    'Sup. PowderHound! ... ... Um, what sort of powder would that be, excactly?
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    My Little Pony Comic Collections

    It was so long ago I can't remember. It doesn't matter anyway.
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    By who? The soldiers and the police? And this is US specific, I'm talking about, where the people know enough and have the values necessary for this kind of reaction.
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    Question about fighting for the right reason

    True traditionalists don't use pistols or swords, they use good 'ol trusty rock! I swear the affair's gone downhill ever since paper was introduced.
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    That subtle reference you might have missed...

    Coincidence or reference? I'm leaning slightly towards the latter, but it;s hard to say.
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    How To Walk Properly(Pictures included)

    As a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks, I must sternly object to this... regularity.
  13. Revanche

    What do you want to see happen in the movie?

    This has been such a thing in Friendship is Magic for so long now that I really want it to be concluded over there, rather than in the new series.
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    My Little Pony FiM Comic #12 IDW Contest Cover

    I'd say you;d set them up with a fair amount of future cash, but I can't imagine actually selling the comics.
  15. Revanche

    Malphy's Sweet Collection of Pastel Colored Horses

    I do really quite like your stylistic choices, Malphy. What sort of software adn techniques do you utilise when creating your art?
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    League of Legends

    But... You are cancer.
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    Your Theme Song

  18. Revanche

    My Little Pony Comic Collections

    The Humble Bundle 2 comic... *sigh* Something must have gone wrong when I "ordered" (is that the right term? ordered?) that.
  19. If we're just going to ship ourselves with ponies, I guess I'll just go ahead and ship myself with everpony.
  20. Revanche

    About analyzing

    There's nothing wrong with viewing this show in any manner, it's your viewing, enjoy it how you will. As for analysts, they don't really force their opinions down people's throats, you don't have to watch, read or listen to their content, after all. Some can be enjoyable to watch in thier own right, and might even show you a new facet of the show to love. It's really up to you.
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    Who are the best ponies?

    Heh. Well, at least she wasn't replaced by Chrysalis this time (and had time on the poll at all).
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    They don't. They really, really don't. If the conditions exist to grow, they will, even if the results are disastrous and ultimately have a negative effect. You spoke of a , not a unified world-nation. It was that which I spoke of when I said that it would "simply be a larger nation", as it would be, so long as other nations existed. If there is only one "side", there are no "sides", if they're exist more sides that teh chosen one, even if it was composed of distinct former entities and is vast, those "sides" remain. Other countries likely wouldn't go to war with the U.S. government if it went evil. Furthermore, they don't have the kind of power of which you speak, after all, the people who actually enforce their will, cops, soldiers, etc., would likely be opposed to evil actions on an ideological basis (although I don't doubt their capacity for such actions). Maybe I should just post my political views in order to get it out of the way.
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    Our Lord and Savior, Stomedy

    Goodness damnit Malphy, did you stop taking tranquilliser again!?
  24. Revanche

    Pae in da house

    Do you know Bagu?