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    I want to eradicate borders, not eliminate organisation in society. Mathematically speaking, no number of nations is better in order to prevent evil, as it won't affect the overall amount of evil ruling. It's no better or worse if the whole world is evil some of the time or if only part of the world is evil all of the time, inherently. One could always forsake such centralised government to avoid the risk of an evil rule. Mistakes today can still (and do) cause permanent devastation in today's nations, and a unified man would not have to live in the same manner everywhere.
  2. Revanche

    Post Funny Stuff!

    There's a bit of language.
  3. Revanche

    Answer The Question Above You

    Any one of those one hundred ads a page, clickbait sites. What are you credit card details? Have you ever been thoroughly tricked?
  4. Revanche

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    You people have no idea how competitive I am. I MUST win this.
  5. Revanche

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "My hair is not made of condiments!"
  6. Revanche

    Caption This!

    Fork gives the sign of the horns in order to appear even more metal.
  7. Revanche

    What do you do to calm down?

    Generally, I set myself a goal and, in achieving it, feel much better. Of course, if I can't achieve it I can become more frustrated, so it's far from perfect.
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    "Sethisto is Not Real" conspiracy theory thread

    In my search for the truth, I stumbled into Seth's "Encyclopedia Dramatica" page. I don't recommend going there, unless you really want to be offended.
  9. Revanche

    Favorite Television Genre

    I love fantasy in general, and enjoy some good drama and relish real humour. I like some darker works, though not necessarily horror, too.
  10. Revanche

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    I'm not as big an Original Trilogy fan as I probably should be, but it's got to be Star Wars. As much as I like Trek, Wars has given me a good number of games and consistently, at least good, movies to enjoy.
  11. Revanche

    Post yer desktops

    I rarely actually play these games, but at least I can frame Twi in them.
  12. Revanche

    Wat Do?!

    Say "Honey, where are my paaaaaaaaants?" to cover up my mistake. You've been banished to the moo-Wait, that's no moon. It's a space station! What do?
  13. Revanche

    Answer my question with a question

    What does your pet rock look like?
  14. Revanche

    The Banned Game

    Banned for being a dragonicst.
  15. Revanche

    Answer The Question Above You

    A secret organisation that controls the United States of America. Absolutely favorite piece of music?
  16. Revanche

    What do you like to do when you're home alone?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But, in seriousness, I mostly waste my time chasing after imaginary internet points, obsessively read or, when I've got the time, write.
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    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    1424 A year in which the Emperor's of both China and Japan died.
  18. Revanche

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    It used to bother me a little too, because of the age difference (although that's always been a little vague). But it doesn't look like it'll ever go anywhere, which is probably for the best, even if they have a thematic greed/generosity thing going on that's pretty neat. I think shipping Sweetie Belle and Spike is a good alternative for Sparity fans who're a little icked out by the age difference.
  19. Revanche

    Reveal Your Ships

    Vice-Principal Luna and Batpony. After all, if pony Luna marries Batman, human Luna must marry Batpony!
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    A wholly integrated and capable conglomerate would simply become another, larger nation.
  21. Revanche


    I don't even see fit to factor humanity into my equations, as I feel true objective thought would discount circumstantial matters, such as being inherently territorial. Of course, being territorial doesn't extend to nations, really.
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    People are different on the individual level, though. And that which is right and just, and thus should be the law surely cannot be said to be dependent upon location. It must be universal, or nonexistent.
  23. Revanche

    Brohoof to all! /)*(\

    You sound like a cool cat, and I gotta love your taste in music. The large number of users will be from pre-merge Friendship is Gaming and all the EQD regulars. I hope you have fun here!
  24. Revanche


    What defines a nation or a people? Why should the people from *draws weird shape on map* be considered different from the people of *draws another weird shape on map*?