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    I, for one, don't believe in borders at all. I consider them to be contrived concepts that exist only within the minds of people, and not "reality".
  2. Revanche

    Best Pony Competition!

    Princess Luna, of course. No, wait... ...Laser Beam Princess Luna!
  3. Revanche


    Highly relevant R.I.P. European Union.
  4. Revanche

    "Sethisto is Not Real" conspiracy theory thread

    Hah! Nice try! But this clearly isn't the real Seth, he didn't mention socks.
  5. Revanche

    What happened to Carrot Top?

    All of the "classic" background ponies have faded away, piece by piece, to be replaced with more "canon" versions. Derpy's current self doesn't really need a "sane mare" to serve as a foil in the way her old one did.
  6. Revanche

    Best Toy Ever

    Cutesaurus: "I can't figure out what my bones cutie mark is for!" *Meteor hits the earth, causing the extinction of all of the dinosaurs* *65 million years pass* *Cutesauruses fossilised remains are dug up by an archaeological team* At last.
  7. Revanche

    What happened to Carrot Top?

    Is Bon-BOn really the sane one nowadays? And is Octavia really any saner than Vinyl?
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    I'm back, and sassier than ever!
  9. Revanche

    I'm back, and sassier than ever!

    I don't even know what happened, to be honest, but you seem to feel bad about it, so I guess you're repentant.
  10. Revanche

    I'm back, and sassier than ever!

    *Pointedly ignores burning bridge* Hey, Aquilla! I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  11. Revanche

    ABagOVicodin's Introduction

    Hello, Vicodin. I hope you enjoy the forums as much as I've enjoyed your work.
  12. I guess I'm on these forums now. I can already feel my competitive spirit getting riled up, my heart ablaze with a torturous desire for the higher ranks.
  13. Revanche

    Hello, pony friends!

    Hello, Dawn. Hopefully all shall be well.
  14. I can't stand being a mere background pony. I won't settle for anything less than arch-villain, you hear me!? *shakes hoof at sky*

  15. Revanche

    S6 - Episode 16 - Discussion

    I liked this episode but it had pacing issues, and worse, first Spike and then the rest of the cast did a 180 turnaround at a point. Spike betrayed Thorax and immediately reversed this, and the ponies changed their minds about Thorax utterly and absolutely via a song, rather than good wiritng. Spike's song was nice, though.
  16. Well, we'd better get to work on our advanced super weapons so that when we mysteriously vanish into the mists if time they can become plot McGuffins in the tales of the future.
  17. Revanche

    Donald Trump Makes American Again

    A walrus is not more ridiculous than the wall he suggested.
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    So long as I resist with obvious spamming. Gotcha.
  19. Revanche


    *flails aimlessly* "How to forum?"
  20. Revanche

    Hey all! ^~^

    Sunset Shimmer? Up in my grill? It's more likely than I thought. Hello, there!