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    Forumer Boss Battles

    Pencils... I throw erasers at the boss and hope it'll work somehow.
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    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    Sand Cadence and Flurry Heart, I doubt Starlight could take any of the above on in a straight-fight.
  3. Revanche

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    She doesn't seem overpowered. Examples?
  4. Revanche

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    To be fair, Twilight and co. destroyed Starlight's life and she decided to join the good guys, so you can't blame her for thinking that's normal. Plus, Chrysalis made pretty clear in that finale that she was doing it all just so she could get a power boost. Which is a shame, because it's a cliché motivation, but there you go. I agree, as cool as those timelines were, they didn't really contribute anything. It wouldn't have been too bad if Starlight, or at least a version of Starlight, had turned up in them to provide us with time for some character development, different ways of looking at her character or a backstory that was a little more thought out.
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    Forumer Boss Battles

    The boss has 3.5% of their health left. 3.5%. I'm not worth it here.
  6. Revanche

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    One can't really make a case for something in a TV show based on what we didn't see, and what might have been happening off-screen. It's not part of the show, and that's our way of viewing this. On the matter of Starlight, she is a good character, but was poorly used in Season 6. Episodes either forgot about her existence or the Remane 5's. And much of her growth, both before and after her reformation was implied, rather than shown. In the premiere she had good dialogue with the likes of Spike and Sunburst, seemed to pay an emotional price for her past, and appeared beside the Remane 5. If the rest of her Season 6 appearances had been like that, I would have loved it.
  7. Revanche

    Forumer Boss Battles

    I'm a write-off.
  8. Revanche

    Forumer Boss Battles

    Thanks for trying, everybody.
  9. Revanche

    What's the first episode you watched?

    I stumbled upon a bit of "Applebuck Season" while channel surfing and enjoyed myself enough to watch "Friendship is Magic" as my first, full episode. P.S. I like to think when you were watching "A Catnerlot Wedding" you were all like "I have no idea who Shining Armor and Cadence are, but I'm sure they're characters have been fleshed out in earlier episodes!"
  10. Revanche

    Forumer Boss Battles

    How does the frozen mechanic work? Has Jederick thawed me out for now, or next round? If it's within my power, i'd like to try not to die, anyway.
  11. Revanche

    Forumer Boss Battles

    I gallantly charge headfirst into battle, no care for my own safety as I approach our mighty foe that I might bravely attempt to... eat her popsicle.
  12. Nopony would take their place; Twilight and Cadence would continue being Princesses, and Equestria would go back to having two, as it did before Luna's return. New Princesses could come along eventually to take on the ruling burden, of course. Flurry Heart and Sunset Shimmer being the most likely candidates to join Twilight and Cadence. (And Shining Armor, I suppose).
  13. Revanche

    Forumer Boss Battles

    Intimidation level: god.
  14. I can't think of a single episode that I know the fandom dislikes that I do, relatively speaking. Am I a sheep?
  15. Revanche

    Male alicorns. Possible?

    There's been nothing to suggest that male alicorns can't exist, aside from a lack of them, which can be explained by real world toy sales. Who knows, maybe with the new, male-friendlier direction the franchise is taking we'll see one pop up eventually, or Shining Armor will get to be both a prince and a princess. Besides, their existence has already been implied:
  16. Revanche

    Sky stinger and Vapor trail

    Sky Stinger is just Rainbow Dash without redeeming qualities, or at least without any shown within the episodes brief time frame. Vapor leaving Sky is unlikely, as she is very much the pony that crafted him into the arrogant jerkwad he is today. She really should have popped that bubble at a earlier time, instead of prolonging and worsening the inevitable. I certainly can't blame him for reacting poorly to the revelation that he's built all of his dreams on somepony's deception, and that one of the core elements of how he defined himself is false.
  17. I agree almost completely. It's nice to see someone able to analyse these problems competently. The moment that I fell in love with MLP:FiM was in Season 1's Griffon the Brush-Off, beginning with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie choosing not to prank Fluttershy, because they knew she couldn't handle it. It was a brief scene, but demonstrated that the characters, and the show had more depth than most. So, when 28 Pranks Later began with Rainbow Dash not only pranking poor Fluttershy, but trying to outright scare her; leading to her breaking down in tears, as one would expect, it felt like a betrayal of that which had made me fall in love with the show in the first place. And that was only the first 30 seconds of the episode. Ultimately this episode seemed to halfheartedly teach Rainbow Dash a lesson that she's known since season 1. The other thing about Griffon the Brush-Off that had made me fall in love with MLP? I didn't foresee how the episode would turn out. Those pranks being Rainbow Dash's was a... a... revelation. With 28 Pranks Later, the plot was so transparent that it was simply a case of twiddling my thumbs and waiting for it to get on with things. Quite probably my least favorite episode of all time. To Where and Back Again was a very inefficient episode. It had its moments, but the entire first episode was spent on set-up. Nevermind that Chrysalis' plot had more holes than she did. Leaving Starlight around was an absurd, contrived choice of hers, as was Discord's choice not to immediately round up every Changeling that he knew about in Equestria and completely spoil Chrysalis' plans then simply force Chrysalis to return Fluttershy via war of attrition. The events of the episode are also rendered vastly irrelevant since the plan to take out Chryaslis' throne, in so far as that was a plan, is a complete failure. Thank goodness Thorax was there to, uh, do whatever it was he did and save the day. Or something. And redeeming the Changelings? There go some of the best villains in the show, and for a completely contrived reason. And if it was THAT easy, are we expected to belief that no Changelings would have done this before? At least they made a clear statement on Chrysalis' being a villain. Then, there's Thorax. He was great, but the Thorax we all know and love is likely gone for good. Note how he doesn't speak a word after his transformation? Odds are he'll become an inversion of himself; a confidant leader by necessity. If we're lucky, we'll get an episode in which he grows into his leadership role next season, ideally with his friendship with Spike being showcased, rather than his just being different. On the bright side, perhaps we'll get a chance to see some of Equestria's monarchs take a major role in teaching him the basics of being a ruler, goodness knows they need an episode. Zephyr Breeze was poorly handled but I think that he had potential. His behaviour wasn't given any sort of justification or explanation. Heck, even Starlight had a better excuse for what she did. Picture this; Fluttershy is asked why she puts up with her brother, and has a brief flashback to when she was younger. Zephyr Breeze is impressed with his sister's friend, Rainbow Dash's, incredibly cool moves and tries to imitate her, failing miserably. All of the other colts and fillies begin to mock him but Fluttershy can't bring herself to stand up for him, and he proceeds to display the beginnings of his later personality, indicating that he is adverse to trying, and puts on an arrogant air. Something like that would have gone a long way to making Zephyr at least mildly sympathetic or at the very least would have had us rooting for Fluttershy to fix something she regretted. Starlight. Ooh boy. I like the Starlight Glimmer of season 5. I like the Starlight Glimmer of season 6. But they are not the same pony, and while the former was handled incredibly well, and the latter's performance this season has been poor. Things started off well enough; her interactions with Sunburst helped to transition her character, and were well-written, as were her interactions with Spike, but by the time the premiere was wrapping up, there were already signs of what was to come; Twilight adopting the post-season 2 Celestia method of teaching, for instance. Then we had a mix of episodes crafted specifically for Starlight that generally neglected most of the mane 6, and every other episode of the season that practically forgot about her. From the premiere onward, it was like she was part of a completely different show! And when she did appear, she was prone to using magic without morals; which I could accept as a sign of Starlight not being that reformed, if she wasn't, you know, that reformed. What's worse, she used magic without a shred of sense. This is the pony that manipulated an entire town into giving up their cutie marks and serving her will, the pony that carefully plotted the perfect revenge upon Twilight Sparkle with a chessmaster's flair and the pony who displayed a surprising amount of rationality for a villain. Reduced to a bumbling filly. Even her hairstyle was meant to evoke a very different Starlight. Season 6 had its moments (read: The Saddle Row Review), but was definitely a step down from season 5. And season 4. And maybe even lil' ole' season 3.
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    I am making a new pony parody and I need your help!

    Could you elaborate on what this is? It sounds like an abridged series.
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    Something about Tracer(also EileMonty)

    Good animation. Good voice acting. The jokes were also there.
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    I Joined Because I Read

    Did you say... read?