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    Bring Back Minty to MLP

    Well, she sounds a bit too much like Twilight (same voice actor, natch), but I'm sure Seth would love a pony that shares his love of socks!
  2. It happened during the season five finale reformation song.
  3. I wonder where they're hiding the body. In reality, I guess the whole KP drama has been resolved? That's good, right guys? P.S. I'm not entirely certain that this should even be here, but it seems like something worth bringing up on the forum, and I'm not sure where else on the forum it would go. Meh, what's the worst that could happen...
  4. Revanche

    Answer The Question Above You

    Oh, yeah! My memory is really... uh.... I forget. Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  5. Repercussions could well be incoming... Besides, she had to take part in that reformation song.
  6. Revanche

    Welp, they've finally offed 'er, I guess.

    Scandalous! Terrible! Unbelievable! ... You wouldn't happen to have the, uh... "proof", would you?
  7. That castle is weird anyway. Maybe it'll turn out to the season finale antagonist and get blown up... I can dream.
  8. Revanche

    Answer The Question Above You

    Yes Do you brush your hair?
  9. Revanche

    Post yer desktops

    Given it's stars, I don't think it needs to make much sense.
  10. *Celestia also screwed about with her bf on the other side of dimension hopping mirrors.
  11. Yeah, they didn't even acknowledged that she wasn't around half the time, and at the very least you'd think she'd learn something from all the other ponies who've learned so much about friendship. She probably knows less about it than the CMC, despite being the Princess of Friendship's student.
  12. That... actually makes a lot of sense. You should write for this show.
  13. Revanche

    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    I just found out that there were more than 42 emotes.
  14. Revanche

    Post yer desktops

    It took me a while to even see the icons.
  15. One of my favorite quotes of all time is "I have no godly idea what I'm doing."

    And I have no godly idea why.

    1. Stormugandr


      One of my favourites is 

      "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."

      -Gen. John Sedgwick, moments before getting shot in the head by a Confederate sniper.

    2. Revanche


      I have spent too much of my life here:

      Last words can be very amusing, if dark.

    3. Dublyn Tea

      Dublyn Tea

      I say "idiots" and "morons" more than I'd like to admit. Usually directed toward co-workers. Thankfully however I work alone so no one is ever around to hear me.

  16. For the record, this is still totally possible. Headcanons are magic.
  17. Revanche

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    NEGATIVE. The Pony after me has read over a dozen fanfics.
  18. Revanche

    A wild Ice bear appears!

    Revanche appreciates the propitiate use of the third person.
  19. If set a year prior, there aren't many characters it can feature that we know (and if we don't know them then why not just make the stars of their own show?). It could still tie into the plot of course, but there's not much plot to tie into at that point in time. I suppose one or two of the Mane6 of older characters we know could work to achieve some sort of goal, encountering the younger Mane6 members individually along the way, although I'm not sure how far this idea could be stretched, and can't really see it working for a full season. I suppose Shining Armor and Cadence would make a lot of sense as main cast members, they're established, have room for development, and give us an excuse to have Twilight Sparkle appear. And, hey, the only big villain notably active at the time would be Chrysalis, so that ol' rivalry could be a focus, with Chrysalis as the main villain. As for other characters... I guess Cadence's bridesmaid Lyra, and the other Unicorn Gang who used to hang with Twilight would make a lot of sense. (And of course, that means more Moondancer.) And let's throw Maud Pie in there too, because she's awesome.
  20. Naturally born alicorns from an alicorn civilisation that came to Equestria to serve as rulers at the behest of Starswirl the bearded, quite possibly being "adopted" into one or more royal families to make things official. They proceeded to deal with Tirek, Discord and Sombra before Luna was overcome and transformed by her negativity/the Nightmare Force into Nightmare Moon. Celestia also screwed about with dimension hopping mirrors, and fought the Chrysalis and her Changelings at some vaguely defined point. Then the events of "Friendship is Magic" happen.
  21. Revanche

    Lack on interest on the rest of season 6

    I think the problem is that many of the episodes just feel like "filler" before the next moment of actual significance. Lessons aren't being learned, or old lessons are being relearned and characters aren't developing. Episodes can still be funny, and enjoyable, but it's hard to be hyped for episodes that could well not exist without having any real impact on the show. The main characters have mostly completed their character arcs, save for Spike, and that's only because of how poorly he's fared in the past, and there's no clear solution. One of the best things about MLP:FiM is that it doesn't stagnate, and keeps things fresh; one can definitely tell a season one episode apart from a season four episode, for instance, but it's struggling to do that here. I honestly wouldn't mind the return of some sort of Friendship Lesson at the end of episodes, if only because it might give these episodes some focus and a need to actually see some sort of growth by the end of the episode. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this season, however, is the addition of new character flaws for cast members that seem to exist just so they can be resolved by the end of the episode, most prominently seen in Applejack's Day Off and Newbie Dash.
  22. Revanche

    Should EqD be reporting so much on the recent episode leak?

    I'd give an opinion, but I've managed to avoid this leak thus far, myself.
  23. Revanche

    A wild Ice bear appears!

    Welcome! Telling us that you're into We Bare Bears should make it quite easy to pandar to you, though I hope you don't find my grizzly puns to be polarising.