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  1. Just now, Lord Nanfoodle said:

    Undo my hard work, will ya's Revanche? :applejargh:


    I shall look up Revanche's medical history to discover what their food allergies are, then cook up a massive sentient onigiri, using one of foods they're allergic to as the filling, that I shall catapult the onigiri onto them, crushing them.


    Why... Why would you do that!? WHY WOULD YOU WASTE PERFECTLY GOOD FOOD!? :anger:

  2. 49 minutes ago, Anti-Villain said:

    Well, other than Big Mac's transformation in DPDOMS?, the series sure seems to treat Sombra as a one (albeit with a wide-traveling smoke form instead of wings and flight).

    In the series, Sombra doesn't really get enough time to show off anything that would make him alicorn-like, or the inverse. I suppose he is pretty old, and powerful.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Princess Rainbow Magic Pants said:

    I think that the show staff realized that people disliked Princess Twilight

    We do? I thought we just missed non-Princess Twilight.

    Anway, it's not Freidnship=Magic, it's Freidnship is magic, so the case could be argued that, while all fFriendhsip is magic, not all magic is friendship. If you want to get pedantic.

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  4. 2 hours ago, KiiKrindar said:
    4 hours ago, Jederick said:

    Did I successfully sneaked? Like, am I out of sight?

    If that's the case, I silently get behind the boss and stab his kidney, in an attempt to make him bleed to death.




    ...What? Too aggressive? :why:

    Nah, if you went for the liver that would be bad, but one kidney can be spared.

    I hope. :gah:

    NO MERCY!:yay:

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