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  1. Season 8 Trailer

    Hasbro has released a trailer for season 8.
  2. Title: Forgotten Friendship Synopsis: Sunset Shimmer is shocked to discover that she's been erased from her friends' memories and must search for the magic and the perpetrator who did such a dreadful deed. Airs: Today at 12 P.M. on Discovery Family
  3. Unikitty! Fan Club

    Pretty sure the first half isn’t even done yet.
  4. It was announced at the Toy Fair today that a one hour holiday special titled The Best Gift Ever is coming this holiday season.
  5. PinkiePie97's Art

    Today is the birthday of Puffy-PPG-Artist, an artist on DeviantArt I like. Since I’ve enjoyed her work, I decided to draw her something. I liked the design of her OC, Calla, and I saw in her description that she likes ice cream, so I drew her with an ice cream cone. I don’t know if she has a favorite flavor, so I just gave her plain vanilla.
  6. PinkiePie97's Art

    I noticed I have more pictures of Berry drawn by others than by myself, so I decided to draw her.
  7. Discovery Family has announced that season 8 premieres March 24 at 11:30 A.M.
  8. PinkiePie97's Art

    This is my part of an art trade with Morgafur on DeviantArt. I drew a puffed version of her character Sam. I should probably note that I don’t normally do art trades. Please don’t ask for one. Morgafur opened her’s and I decided to do it.
  9. "Friendship Always Wins" Music Video

    Yeah, they made it private.
  10. Hasbro has uploaded a new music video from season 8 titled Friendship Always Wins. EDIT: The video was made private.
  11. PinkiePie97's Art

    I decided to draw PPG OC that was known in the fandom years ago called HER. She was in a fanfic of the same name by the owner of, King Moonraiser. It was a popular PPG fansite that was partially dedicated to the Rowdyruff Boys, but also had other stuff, including a fan art gallery and fanfics. I never went to it back when it was around. I actually didn’t even get into PPG until about 5 years ago, and even if I had been to the site, I would’ve been too young to sign up. However, I have browsed it on the Wayback Machine. Some of the art is actually one of my inspirations for starting to make my own art. In the fanfic in question, HIM, with the help of Mojo Mojo, who in turned revived the RRB to help him (I should probably note that this was written before The Boys Are Back in Town), created HER to destroy the PPG. She was so powerful, that the girls couldn’t stop her on their own, so they teamed up with Mojo and the RRB (who HIM no longer needed).
  12. 2 44 Minute Specials Planned

    The first is titled Forgotten Friendship and premieres on February 17 at noon on Discovery Family.
  13. The release date isn’t until tomorrow, but my order of the MLP movie came in today.


  14. PinkiePie97's Art

    I drew a confident looking Blossom.