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  1. PinkiePie97's Art

    Drew Dr. Fox from Unikitty.
  2. PinkiePie97's Art

    I drew Unikitty's brother, Puppycorn. Also, I feel I should mention that I don't plan on stopping with the PPG art. I'm just feeling a bit burnt out on it right now. Unikitty happened to come along when it did and catch my eye. I may or may not draw more fan art for it.
  3. Unikitty! Fan Club

    I'm the happiest person I know.
  4. Digital and DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates

    If deciding is that hard for you, then just forget about the release date and decide at your own pace. It will still be available when you do make a decision.
    1. PinkiePie97


      What is this exactly?

    2. LPS Monsterpawz

      LPS Monsterpawz

      Just an event thingie on Google+ for Friday

    3. PinkiePie97


      I don't really use Google+. Thanks for telling be about it, though.

  5. Digital and DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates

    I don’t see how this creates a time limit.
  6. Digital and DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates

    Bonus features:
  7. The movie will be released on digital on December 19 and DVD/Blu-ray on January 9
  8. PinkiePie97's Art

    Decided to draw Unikitty. I'm a bit excited for the new show.
  9. While I'm not entirely sure how the submission process works, I do know it's not the academy's doing (unless it doesn't meet all the qualifications, but even then, The Emoji Movie isn't to blame). Studios submit their movies and they appear on the list in the article I linked. Either MLP didn't meet all the qualifications or Hasbro or Lionsgate (not sure which one has to submit it) just didn't submit it for some reason.
  10. Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I really liked the Unikitty sneak peek and I can’t wait for the official premiere.
  11. It wasn’t submitted.
  12. Hey Arnold! Fan Club

    And never mind. Though Nick is now promoting The Jungle Movie on the main channel.
  13. PinkiePie97's Art

    I drew Buttercup with the same kind of glasses Bubbles wore in Bubblevision. Initially, I was going to draw Bubbles wearing them (may still do that), then I thought about drawing Blossom wearing them because I thought they fit her personality more, then I settled on drawing Buttercup with them since I thought her reaction to having to wear them might be amusing.
  14. Recently, I found a free legal streaming service called Tubi TV. It has the 80s MLP series, My Little Pony Tales, and the G3 special, A Charming Birthday (none of which are on Netflix). I know they can be seen in the U.S., but I’m not sure about other countries. Some may be able to see them, some may not. But if you do live in a country where they’re available, here’s a legal way to watch them. Little Pony