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  1. Title: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place Synopsis: When Rockhoof, heroic Pillar of the past, is having trouble fitting into the modern world, Twilight Sparkle and her friends strive to help him find a new purpose. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  2. The MLP movie will be available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime starting September 21.
  3. Title: The Washouts Synopsis: When Scootaloo becomes enamored with The Washouts, a touring group of stunt ponies, Rainbow Dash is concerned for her safety and worries that Scoot’s days as her number one fan are over. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  4. PinkiePie97

    PinkiePie97's Art

    Drew Blossom answering the Powerpuff Hotline.
  5. Title: On the Road to Friendship Synopsis: When Trixie is invited to bring her magic show to the far-off land of Saddle Arabia, she can think of nopony better to bring along than her great and powerful assistant, Starlight— but, not all friends are meant to travel together. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
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    Just read okay?

    I think they’re referring to the e-mails you can get about posts on the blog, not notifications from the forums.
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    Just read okay?

    There should be something in the e-mail that says unsubscribe. Click that.
  8. Title: The End in a Friend Synopsis: Rarity and Rainbow Dash begin to question why they are friends when they can't find anything they both like to do together. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  9. Title: Friendship University Synopsis: When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  10. Title: The Hearth’s Warming Club Synopsis: A prank gone wrong ruins Hearth's Warming Eve preparations. When Twilight Sparkle tries to figure out which of her students is behind it, the students bond over shared memories of home. Airs: Today at noon on Discovery Family
  11. Title: A Matter of Principals Synopsis: Discord gets frustrated when Twilight Sparkle leaves Starlight in charge of the School of Friendship, so he does his best to make her new role impossible. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  12. PinkiePie97

    PinkiePie97's Art

    Picture I drew of my PPG OC, Berry at a campfire.
  13. Title: Yakity-Sax Synopsis: Pinkie Pie has a new hobby that she absolutely loves - playing the Zenithrash; when her friends discourage her from playing due to her lack of skill, it causes a series of events leading to Pinkie Pie possibly leaving Ponyville forever. Airs: Today at 2 P.M. on Discovery Family
  14. PinkiePie97

    PinkiePie97's Art

    This year marks Toonzone's 20th birthday, so I decided to draw the site's old cat mascot. The cat can't be used officially because it's not the vibe the site's current owner is going for, but the original owner and current general manager still owns it and said I could use it. I've enjoyed being on the staff the past 7 1/2 months and a member on the forums since 2015. I've met some great people through the site and I look forward to seeing what the future of the site brings.