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    The Season 7 Spoiler Thread

    I wouldn't be against that, but I'm honestly not sure if I'm allowed to do that because I wasn't actually the one that initially started it. An admin made it, then an older thread I made got merged into it. I think I'd rather hear from a staff member. @Frécinette @Badshot
  2. PinkiePie97

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I recently watched Little Witch Academia and quite enjoyed it, so I decided to change my avatar to Akko.
  3. Title: Horse Play Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle casts Princess Celestia in her play, only to discover Celestia's talents lie elsewhere. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  4. Lauren Faust originally wanted Firefly instead of Rainbow Dash, but due to trademark reasons, she couldn't do that. I don't know if mentioning her is any different, but if it is, I don't see her making an appearance.
  5. PinkiePie97

    My opinion about the like system.

    I don't mind either way. I usually just use the regular like reaction anyway.
  6. PinkiePie97

    Bad Ad

    I think there might be a bad ad. I just got redirected to this: MacCleaner& I closed it as fast as I could, but I thought I should point this out. This was on Safari on Mac.
  7. PinkiePie97

    Bad Ad

    Are you sure there’s nothing they can do about this? I once tweeted Seth about a similar issue on the blog and he said he’d look into it.
  8. PinkiePie97

    Season 8, Episode 5: Grannies Gone Wild

    That was a mistake.
  9. Title: Fake It Til You Make IT Synopsis: When Fluttershy is the only pony available to look after the Manehattan boutique while Rarity is away, she takes on a series of characters to cope with the intimidating clientele and learns that she was already the best pony for the job just by being herself. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  10. Title: Fame and Misfortune Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle's publishing of the friendship journal has unintended consequences when ponies start to argue over who wrote the best lessons. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  11. PinkiePie97

    35th Anniversary Collector Ponies

    Looks like more have been released in France.
  12. PinkiePie97

    Fundamentals of Magic

    New episode:
  13. PinkiePie97

    Fundamentals of Magic

    Hasbro has uploaded a new Celestia short to their YouTube channel. EDIT: The video was taken down.
  14. PinkiePie97

    Season 8 Teaser #2

    Discovery Family has uploaded a second teaser for season 8.
  15. PinkiePie97

    Fundamentals of Magic

    Here’s a new episode:
  16. PinkiePie97

    Fundamentals of Magic

    New episode:
  17. PinkiePie97

    One of Moondancer's lines missing?

    I checked an upload from when the episode first aired and that line wasn’t there. If it was there when it first aired and edited out later, it would still be impossible for that upload to be without it. There is that Starlight quote Cinder Vel dug up, so you could be mixing it up with that.
  18. PinkiePie97

    My thread has been deleted

    Is this the thread you’re talking about?
  19. Title: Forgotten Friendship Synopsis: Sunset Shimmer is shocked to discover that she's been erased from her friends' memories and must search for the magic and the perpetrator who did such a dreadful deed. Airs: Today at 12 P.M. on Discovery Family
  20. PinkiePie97

    Fundamentals of Magic

    New episode:
  21. PinkiePie97

    April 2018 Episodes

    Discovery Family's April highlights have been released and they have the April episodes.
  22. PinkiePie97

    DJ Pon-3 Rave

    New music video on Hasbro’s YouTube.
  23. PinkiePie97

    Season 8 Trailer

    Hasbro has released a trailer for season 8.
  24. PinkiePie97

    Fundamentals of Magic

    Guess this is part of a new series of shorts. The one from September was taken down not long after it was posted, so it must’ve been posted by mistake. They also uploaded the first episode, which is the same short they uploaded in September.