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    I have problems with creation of topics.

    For future reference, if you're having an issue, this is the board to be posting about it in:
  2. Actually, it had nothing to do with Equestria Girls. It was a budget thing. Anyway, all I'm sure of is that the finale would've been 2 parts (and I think it would've worked better that way).
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    RIP June Foray

    Voice actress June Foray as died just a couple months shy of her 100th birthday. She was known for a number of roles. I think there are more, but the two I can think of off the top of my head are Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle and Granny from Looney Tunes. I'm sad to hear that she's gone.
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    Cancelled G3 Feature Film

    A while back, I saw a post from a G3 Tumblr I follow that there were plans for a G3 feature film. Somehow (don't ask how because I'm honestly not sure myself), news that the first teaser for the G4 film is being released this week got me thinking about it again. This is the post I saw it from: The picture is from a brochure that came with a G3 pony. I did a little Googling and information on it is (unsurprisingly) scarce because I couldn't find much about it. I was about to give up when I found another post from the same Tumblr that found some information on the MLP website via the Wayback Machine. Unless someone manages to find more info, this is probably the most info you're going to find on it: I do want to point out a couple things about the post that I'm unsure of. One thing I'm not sure of is that is prnewswire said that Fat Rock films would be a combination of live action and digital animation. While it's possible it meant that the G3 movie would've had live action mixed in, I wonder if it meant they would be making live action films in addition to animated ones. The author of the post also said that they heard Fat Rock collapsed shortly after A Charming Birthday was made, but I checked out their website on the Wayback Machine and it was still up in early 2004 (A Charming Birthday was released in 2003). Maybe it was actually shortly after it was released? In any case, Fat Rock clearly wasn't around for long. For most of 2004, their website had a message that said "under construction" that lasted until it's last capture in early 2005. While I don't think this would've been a big hit or anything, I do wonder what exactly would've come out of this. Thoughts?
  5. Zap2it is now showing the titles for episode 24 and the finale. Uncommon Bond Shadow Play, Parts 1 and 2
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    Hey Arnold! Fan Club

  7. PinkiePie97

    EQD Submission Question

    You could e-mail Seth and ask him to remove it.
  8. Discovery Family's August highlights have been released and they have the episodes airing in August.
  9. That would be cool, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.
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    Has Spike had any good episodes?

    Yep, and by the same OP, too. I posted in that thread, so I'll just say that what I said then still stands.
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    Episode previews.

    He was referring to clips, not promos.
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    SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club

    Season 11 actually already started on June 24 with Spot Returns/The Check-Up, but in any case, I'm looking forward to new episodes. Season 10 has been the best season in quite some time in my opinion and I hope season 11 is just as good.
  13. According to TV Guide, new episodes return to the U.S. on August 5.
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    The Powerpuff Girls Fan Club

    PPG in China by Yang-Mei
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    What other websites are you a member of?

    I'm on Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr, YouTube, Blogger,, Toonzone, MLP Forums, and The Powerpuff Girls Wiki.
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    Hey Arnold! Fan Club

    Sorry to double post, but I just noticed the article I linked says The Jungle Movie premieres November 23. I honestly never expected that to actually be the premiere date.
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    Hey Arnold! Fan Club

    BuzzFeed has a first look at The Jungle Movie (no clips, but there are a few new images and a video narrated by Craig). EDIT: The video is also on YouTube.
  18. Title: Movie Magic Synopsis: The Equestria Girls are very excited to have been specially invited by A.K. Yearling to go on the set of the upcoming Daring Do movie; when an important prop goes missing, putting the movie on hold, it's up to the Equestria Girls to track it down. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
  19. I liked Mirror Magic. It was nice seeing Sunset go back to Equestria (even if it wasn't for long) and I thought Starlight had some amusing moments. I thought Juniper's redemption was alright. I think it could've been handled better, but it didn't feel as rushed as Starlight's did to me.
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    Hey Arnold! Fan Club

    Craig Bartlett posted a frame from The Jungle Movie.
  21. PinkiePie97

    Could the movie do as well as a Disney movie?

    You need to be more specific since some Disney movies do better than others. If you're thinking of Frozen, I don't think it will do anywhere near that well.
  22. PinkiePie97

    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Movie Magic

    I liked Movie Magic. I liked the story and enjoyed the chase scenes. I also liked Juniper and enjoyed the other characters as well.
  23. I'm aware some people already saw the specials, but this is their first time airing on Discovery Family, so I thought I'd make the discussion thread. Title: Dance Magic Synopsis: Rarity convinces her friends to join a music video competition; when the girls learn that Crystal Prep Academy is also interested in participating, they worry whether they'll be able to pull together and make a winning music video. Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family
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    Fan Clubs Section

    There are non-pony fan clubs too, and it's not the first board to mix pony and non-pony stuff because the role play board (which is part of Changeling Hive) does allow both pony and non-pony RP, so I think it's fine where it is.