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  1. The release date isn’t until tomorrow, but my order of the MLP movie came in today.


  2. Today marks 40 years since Nick first launched as Pinwheel. Before anyone says anything about them not doing anything for their 40th Birthday, they consider their launch to be in 1979. (Note: I'm not sure if this intro was used during the QUBE days.)


  3. Apparently, someone was ejected from the MLP movie premiere for trying to record it. Can you not do that?

    1. PawzLenaLula


      Rule #1 for movies, PIRACY DOESN'T PAY!

    2. WaterPulse


      Honestly, what did that guy expect was going to happen?

  4. Based on the date on a calendar that appeared in the background in the future, today is the day the present events in the SpongeBob episode SB-129 take place. The episode was just a day off on what day of the week it is.

  5. In February 2009, during an airing of Rugrats, Nicktoons had a weird glitch. For a few minutes, they were playing an NHL game. Then it cut to an episode of CatDog, with the logo Nicktoons used in 2003. I don't even get how they even had an NHL game to play in the first place. This was before they aired any sports shows. The guy's commentary is pretty amusing, though!


    1. Canyon Light

      Canyon Light

      Reminds me of the long ago time when Courage the Cowardly Dog episode of the horsemen of apocalypse I think were beheading the characters and then it cut to a plastic duck commercial in the middle of the episode. Was quite disturbing experience at the time.

  6. I wonder what all these migrating users would've done if these forums didn't open when they did.

    1. Nuke87654


      Not stick at Poniverse for me regardless. EQD forums opened at the right time practically.

    2. PinkiePie97


      Yeah, I was thinking that earlier. That's what brought me to wonder that. These forums just opened a little over a month ago.

    3. "User"


      Lets just say it's good to have more than one large pony message board.

  7. I noticed quite a few new members joined in the past 24 hours. I think this is the most since the forums opened. Welcome everyone!

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    2. Violet_S


      Yeah that's pretty much what's happening over there. I didn't leave the other forums tho, I just decided to create an account here since some of the people I knew there moved to this forums

    3. PinkiePie97


      I'm on there too, but somehow, I was out of the loop on the whole situation until a little while ago.

    4. Lunar Holiday

      Lunar Holiday

      Hey, thanks, guys!

      My usual welcoming was... difficult to pull off so many times!

  8. Aha! I finally figured out how to post a status update. Apparently I had to enable them, which I didn't think I had to do since it was enabled by default on other forums I'm on.