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  1. Arix

    Video Game Music Thread

    Got a few more good ones here:
  2. Having to follow an NPC who moves faster than your walking speed but slower than your running speed.
  3. Arix

    Any Brony Let's Players Here?

    A friend and I have been considering getting into it, mostly focusing on older games. The problem is in finding a good capture card.
  4. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    I see nothing in the transcripts that outright refutes it as a possibility, no. And even if, even if there was, that's still ignoring that the Apples made no attempt at negotiation (and my whole point from the very beginning was AJ doing the dumb), and the other points mentioned earlier.
  5. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    Because that's very much a possibility. Not saying that was definitely exactly what was going on, just that it's a very real possibility. And that's still ignoring the also very real possibility that the original split would actually have worked out fine for everyone. I'm happy to keep going, it's just that it seems like we've both said as much as we can already, and I don't really want to take over the thread with an argument about this one episode. A basic summary of my point is that if the Apples had worked out a deal with the brothers, everyone - both the two parties in the business and the customer base - would have been better off for it.
  6. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    Yeah, I am. And I believe, from what we saw, that it's a perfectly fair and reasonable assumption. Okay, fair point. But that's only partly on the brothers. The Apples themselves were clearly not interested in making a counteroffer. As I said, you don't haggle or negotiate by making progressively lower offers until the other party accepts. Buuut at this point it looks like we're just going in circles. You've said nothing to convince me and I've clearly said nothing to convince you, and I don't think either of us are going to. What's say we shake hands and accept?
  7. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    As I said, if the help from the machine at least quadruples sales, something very possible from what we saw, they break even on profits and gain on customer relations. Any more than that and they benefit more. And if by some chance it turns out that it can't do that, well like I've said, the Apples have all the power to walk out. That's because the Apples outright refused. They didn't make a counteroffer. They just went "No deal". Haggling isn't about lowering your offer every time they refuse until you get to something they accept. It was on the Apples to make a counteroffer. Dude, no need to start taking offense and name-calling. I'm just stating my opinion in an opinion-based thread, backing it up with the facts as I see them, and you've said nothing to change my mind about it.
  8. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    "Foist a raw deal on their suppliers"? They made a fair proposition - again, possibly with the thought of it being haggled over. There was no foisting, and certainly no raw deals. And yes, they dropped quality for quantity - during a contest that was all about quantity. That was the only time they let the quality slip. The one and only time. Before the contest, the quality was top-notch and the quantity was higher. Even at the start of the contest, they were still producing quality cider at high quantities. Only later, when they needed to increase quantity (again, to win a quantity-based contest) did they sacrifice quality. Yes, this was their moment of stupidity that I've been talking about from the start. Doesn't mean AJ was right about nuthin'. "Business" what? This was not during the business at all, this was during a competition in which "most cider wins". Had the brothers not decided to serve up rocks straight after the competition, they would have perfectly high-quality cider to sell and the townspeople would have enjoyed it. This is clearly shown. This is obvious. Your whole point hinges on the idea that the competition = regular business, which it very clearly doesn't. If we take the competition as just that - a competition, not the process of a normal business day - then everything falls apart. In a regular business day, the machine produces high-quality cider in amounts that the Apples cannot match. The one and only time the quality fails is when it needed to be sacrificed for quantity during a competition - again, just a competition, not a regular business day. Separate the cider-producing contest from actual business and the brothers clearly win the day. "Oh well what's to stop them turning off the quality control in a regular business day then?" First of all, the lack of need to. They could easily produce enough to satisfy demand without sacrificing quality. Second of all, the fact that what they were offering was a partnership with the Apples - meaning the Apples would still be involved with the process. And, like I said earlier, the Apples had all the power. If the brothers wanted to do something the Apples didn't like, like sacrificing quality control, the Apples could say a fine good day and send them packing, returning to business as usual.
  9. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    Okay, sure. Let's go with that. So why is help from the rest of the mane 6 okay when help from the bros' machine isn't? How was AJ "right all along" given everything else considered? The only point for her is "The bros turned off quality control in a quantity based competition" - that don't mean she's right about jack. The bros making a bad call doesn't erase those that AJ made.
  10. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    From what we saw, quadrupling the sales would be easily done. Just look at how big the line still was when they ran out. And again, this is assuming they don't even try to haggle. The brothers could have set the split to 25/75 assuming the Apples would have done the smart business approach and haggled them down to what may have been more reasonable. Literally everything you both said here falls apart when you realise that by simply pressing a button, the quality goes back up to at least match, if not exceed, the hoof-made cider. Again, the contest was explicitly set to quantity - everything we saw of the machine before the contest shows that it works perfectly fine. Assuming it'll break down or stop producing quality cider later on is nothing but completely baseless speculation. Look at the Apples and the mane 6 collapse in exhaustion after the contest. They were clearly being pushed to their limits. And again, the machine proved itself beyond doubt before the competition, and during it before the quality control was turned off. Everything we saw of it before then clearly showed that it produced equal quality cider at a far faster rate than the Apples could. Yes, with the quality control on, production was capped - but it was still capped at a much higher number than the Apples could produce, while keeping up with their level of quality. Literally everyone would have turned out better off if the Apples had made a deal with the brothers - the Apples get the help they need and sell more product, the brothers are repaid for their hard work (they made a completely legitimate and working machine that does exactly as described - they are legitimate businessmen in this episode, which is why it frustrates me that they're painted as con artists), and the town gets the cider they so desperately want. But nope, Applejack is "right all along".
  11. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    Well, let's start out with the fact that she's apparently trying to run a business (because that's absolutely what Sweet Apple Acres is), and yet this shows her as rather incompetent in that regard. The brothers' offer of a 25/75 split is pretty fair - if their help quadruples their sales (which, from what we saw, is not at all an unreasonable expectation), they break even on profits, but have more return business because they have more satisfied customers. If it does any more than that, they actually make more than they used to in addition to the more satisfied customers. Not to mention that they didn't even try to haggle the deal, which the brothers could have been expecting when they set that bargain. I'll also take this time to say that, as I said in another thread, the brothers are not con men here. They are legitimate businessmen, they have a legitimate product that works and does exactly what they claim it does. This is a genuine business proposition, not a con in any way. And in it, the Apples have all the power. If the brothers walk, the Apples return to business as usual, no harm done. If the Apples walk, though, the brothers have no raw materials and thus no business. The machine, as we saw, produced much more cider than the Apples could alone - they had to invite the rest of the mane 6, and have everyone pushing themselves to their absolute limit, to even attempt to keep up the pace of the machine. Now that would be fine, if the "traditionally made" cider was of higher quality - but it wasn't. Look at Granny's reaction to trying some during the song - she clearly realises that the machine-made cider is a legitimate threat to their business. As for "sticking to their principles", that's not true at all. The rules of the competition were that the most cider wins, so the brothers did what it took to produce the most, and they won the competition, fair and square. Things only turned out alright for AJ because the brothers - in their moment of stupidity rivaling AJ's - decided to immediately serve up cider from the batch that had no quality control. They didn't have to serve up cider made during the competition then and there, and they could have easily served up the good quality cider from the start of it (and, as I just said, cider made with the quality control on was just as good if not better than the hoof-made cider). Let's also take a moment to talk Pinkie buying up so much. The Apples apparently value customer loyalty, and yet they seem to have no issue with having one pony buying up so much stock when they know that they're always short, and still have many, many customers to get through? So let's count the ways AJ was wrong here: 1. They consistently disappoint their customers by being short on product, but then they allow one customer to buy up bulk. 2. When someone comes along with a perfectly fair and lucrative business proposition to solve the above problem, she outright refuses it despite having all the power to haggle with. 3. She does this because "traditional is better". Granny's own reaction loudly proclaims otherwise. 4. So they hold a competition, setting the rules where quantity wins. She's already seen that the machine can outstrip the whole family at that. 5. So, to keep pace, she invites all of her friends to help. So...if you admit that you need help, why did you not just take the deal to begin with? 6. "Congratulations Flim Flam Brothers, you win the rights to sell cider in our town. Course, we still control all the raw materials, so good luck with that lololol". But no. Despite countless moments of stupidity from AJ and her family, she was "right along along" just because the brothers themselves made one stupid mistake.
  12. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    The issue I have with this episode is the change it puts on the moral. In the original, Scrooge sees the error of his ways and changes his behaviour for the betterment of himself and everyone around him. In this episode, she changes because if she doesn't, evil spirits will eat the world. Kinda sucks the meaning of the whole thing.
  13. Arix

    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    As I believe I've mentioned before... "I didn't learn anything! I was right all along!" NO YOU WEREN'T, APPLE HORSE. JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE WAS STUPID AND THINGS HAPPENED TO TURN OUT OKAY, THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU WERE RIGHT.
  14. Arix

    S6 - Episode 20 - Discussion

    So here's something that kind of annoys me. In their debut appearance, Flim and Flam were not con artists. They had a legitimate product that worked exactly as advertised. They were completely fair and legitimate businessmen. Seeing them in later appearances become straight up snake-oil salesmen kind of irks me a bit. That said, they're still a bunch of fun.
  15. Arix

    What Kind of Forums do you prefer?

    Definitely the smaller, friendlier ones. Here and the Tavern of Souls have been my favourite forums in a long time.