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  1. Sutekh94

    Them's Fightin' Herds!

    I figured there would be a TFH thread floating around here. I also feel like I should mention this:
  2. Sutekh94

    How often do you watch the show live?

    I usually try to catch new episodes on TV.
  3. Sutekh94

    Cancelled games you wished happened

    Being a big BIONICLE fan, I can't help but wonder about Legends of Mata Nui. To start off, I think I remember hearing something about it or seeing a trailer of it way back around the time it was in development; it was then slated for a fall 2001 release. Then I totally forgot all about it, not knowing that it wound up being cancelled. It wasn't until much later on that I found out more about the game and remembered that it did exist. From YouTube videos and random screenshots I found, it looked pretty darn interesting (for 2001 standards). Later still, I found a post on the BZPower forums about the reasons why it got cancelled, though I've heard a lot of reasons why the game got called off. Lots of glitches, lack of funding, not being up to LEGO's quality standards, and even 9/11 have come up as possible reasons why the game got cancelled. As a side note, there does seem to be copies of a beta/developmental version of the game floating around (in very limited quantity), which is where a lot of the screenshots and YouTube videos of the game come from. There's also been some efforts to get the game released properly, but no such luck.
  4. Sutekh94

    The Birdman has landed in the nest !!!

    'Bout time you showed up here!
  5. The Rarity fan in me says that there can NEVER be enough Rarity in one season. That being said, looks like she's going to be absent/not really featured for at least the next couple of episodes, and the last couple of episodes either barely featured her or she didn't appear at all. First half of this season definitely featured a good showcase for her, so I think it's fair to say that the second half will feature some other mane 6 characters.
  6. Sutekh94

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    For me, it's very close between S4 and S5, though I think S5 just edges out S4. S6 is shaping up to be pretty strong as well, though I'm gonna give S5 my vote until after the end of this season.
  7. Sutekh94

    Why did you join the fandom?

    Two words: Rainbow Dash. Back in the early summer of 2011, during the break between S1 and S2, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and take the plunge into the world of pony. Long before that, I started seeing pony avatars and pony-related stuff pop up on a Sonic the Hedgehog-related forum I used to be on. I'll admit, I was kinda skeptical at first, but after a while, I just had to know what the deal was. I hopped on YouTube, looked up the show, and clicked on a full upload of "Sonic Rainboom". That episode - and how good Rainbow Dash was in that episode - got me hooked instantly. I swear I wound up watching half of S1 in that one day.
  8. Sutekh94

    Retro games

    For a while, yeah. The WonderSwan fell flat on its face trying to compete with the GBA and its superior hardware.
  9. Sutekh94


    Still a classic to this day.
  10. Sutekh94

    Share Your Screenshots

    Whilst looking for a picture to use in another thread, I came across this:
  11. Sutekh94

    Post yer desktops

    I like to keep my desktop VERY clean. This is only one of a crapton of wallpapers I have currently, set on a five-minute rotation.
  12. Sutekh94

    Retro games

    I have one of those! Mainly got it for Sonic Pocket Adventure. Such a cool little handheld, especially that thumbpad. While I'm here... Anybody else on this forum have a WonderSwan (or at the very least, heard of it)?
  13. Sutekh94

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    Maybe not as a villain in the first EqG, but, ever since Rainbow Rocks came and went, her character has really grown on me. Friendship Games only strengthened that.
  14. The first one. Wanted to see it at my local theater since they were showing it, but got tied up in other things and wound up catching a version somebody recorded off the silver screen and posted on YouTube. I... didn't know what to think of it. It was strange seeing my favorite four-legged pony characters in human form. I remember after watching it for the first time not being really disappointed in it, since I tried to go in with low expectations. In retrospect, though, I'd say it's the worst of the EqG movies so far.
  15. Sutekh94

    Share Your Screenshots

    The amount of PAYDAY 2 glitches I've seen over the years is amazing... These are some of my favorites.