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  1. Prospekt

    Extreme fan reactions to SWTLJ

    Meant to say 150. Better fix that. Though honestly, with how many previews there are before movies, I probably did sit in the theater for about 3 hours.
  2. Prospekt

    Extreme fan reactions to SWTLJ

    I like the film. I don't love the film. It's got a fair amount of Star Wars charm, but I think it: 1. Answers the wrong questions, which fans weren't asking after TFA. Rey's parentage is an exception to this. I think it was mostly handled well. Mostly. 2. Drags on, covering too little ground for a 150 minute movie. The film has issues with pacing. 3. Includes a couple of ridiculous plot armor sequences that are just not believable even within the Star Wars universe. I'm looking forward to what JJ Abrams has to offer when he returns for Episode IX. I actually really like what he did with TFA, and how he carried the franchise without George Lucas's oversight, so I'm trying to be optimistic. Perhaps if he had been given the reins for TLJ, I might have enjoyed it more. But I understand why he might not have wanted to do two non-spinoff Star Wars movies in a row.
  3. Whatever happens... happens. I like some of the leaked information. But the G5 information troubles me a bit. I only hope that things continue to develop over the next few years. And I'm confident that some things will be different.
  4. Prospekt

    You Can only talk with pictures

  5. hello *waves hello* :HappyPinkie:

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      Dr Ned

      bout ready to lay down im a bit under the weather

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      Aw. Feel better. Get some rest!

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      Dr Ned

      yeah I will

      Gaia bless

  6. Well. :bloomgah: I certainly haven't been on here in a while. Like, for more than a year. D:

  7. Prospekt

    Hello Hello!

    Hey there. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Prospekt

    Hello all

    Hey I recognize you from MLP Forums. Welcome aboard!
  9. I'm probably gonna come across a spoiler or two because that's just life when I spend a lot of time browsing brony sites, but I intend to wait for each episode's American premiere.
  10. Prospekt

    Answer my question with a question

    What is there to dislike about it?
  11. Prospekt

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    I would definitely give it a try. As long as it doesn't completely replace FiM, I would be interested.
  12. Prospekt

    I have arrived!

    Hi Kyoshi! Nice to see yet another familiar face around here.
  13. I watched the first one before any of the others. I just didn't see the point of watching them out of order.
  14. Prospekt

    Joining the stampede!

    Hi Kiri! Welcome to the forums, fellow newbie. Nice to see another familiar face here.