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  1. I like the film. I don't love the film. It's got a fair amount of Star Wars charm, but I think it:

    1. Answers the wrong questions, which fans weren't asking after TFA. Rey's parentage is an exception to this. I think it was mostly handled well. Mostly.

    2. Drags on, covering too little ground for a 150 minute movie. The film has issues with pacing.

    3. Includes a couple of ridiculous plot armor sequences that are just not believable even within the Star Wars universe.


    I'm looking forward to what JJ Abrams has to offer when he returns for Episode IX. I actually really like what he did with TFA, and how he carried the franchise without George Lucas's oversight, so I'm trying to be optimistic. Perhaps if he had been given the reins for TLJ, I might have enjoyed it more. But I understand why he might not have wanted to do two non-spinoff Star Wars movies in a row.

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  2. 20 minutes ago, PathfinderCS said:

    Good day and hello to you one and all! I'm been an on & off visitor of EqD for quite a few years, but I rarely involved myself in the discussions area. Hopefully this will change as I really prefer the forum environment.


    Not sure how many may remember me, but I'm also a member & moderator from MLPForums, and I really would like to find a second place for brony-happenings. Hopefully this will be it. :)


    So hello! :)

    Hey there Pathfinder. :) Yes, I definitely recognize you and it's nice to see a familiar face like yours.

  3. Hmm, this list changes often but here's my current top 5 in no particular order:


    1. Twilight's Kingdom - Everything I enjoy about my favorite character, Twilight, is showcased. She goes as far as making the ultimate sacrifice besides laying down her own life, just to save her friends (including Discord).


    2. Hurricane Fluttershy - There was a time when I was about as unconfident as Fluttershy was here and her character here is so relatable to me. It takes a lot to make me cry, but this episode hit me right in the feels because I empathized with Fluttershy so much.


    3. Amending Fences - There was a time when I was basically some weird combination of Moondancer and Fluttershy. This episode really reminds me of that time in my life...


    3. Flight To The Finish - Another episode with undertones that I can really relate to. This is Scootaloo's best performance (after Sleepless In Ponyville), and I can connect so much with what she's going through from a self-esteem standpoint.


    4. A Canterlot Wedding - The 2nd best season finale, with one of the best storylines, my favorite villain (Chrysalis), my favorite MLP song (This Day Aria), and lots of Disney vibes throughout. Also, Twilight and Shining Armor's sibling bond is so heartwarming. :)


    5. Castle Mane-ia - This was my first episode. Even though quality-wise it has been topped by a bunch of episodes, it has a ton of sentimental value to me. I can't help being filled with nostalgia when I watch it.

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  4. Hello everypony! I'm Prospekt and I literally just found out that Equestria Daily has a forum so I couldn't resist joining :D You might know me from other pony fansites because I tend to use the same username there... I already recognize a few of the usernames here even though I've never even lurked before. :P


    Anyways, here's a little bit about myself: I'm an 18 year old brony from the United States who just started college about a week ago. I became a brony about 2 years ago but I really didn't interact with the community much until this year. My favorite pony is Twilight because our personalities are so similar. My favorite episode is A Canterlot Wedding. I love to read, write, spend time in the outdoors, watch a show about colorful talking ponies, and just be a nerd. :)