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  1. PaperJam

    Favorite one-shots/short fics

    I haven't read that many one shots, but Princess of Pool is one I really like.
  2. PaperJam

    Traditional Role-Play (Interest/recruitment)

    I've updated the original post to include a synopsis of the rpg as well as races and classes. A description of the classes and races will be added later. Feel free to ask any questions.
  3. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    You should check them out. Zestiria the X is really good, with only 8 episodes in. Tales of the Abyss had a good anime and Vesperia got a 30 minute prequel short. The rest of the OVA's are pretty meh. Want me to send you some links?
  4. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    Oh. Lol. noice. Seen any of the animes or ova's?
  5. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    Asbel? Nice. Even though there's hundreds of sword fighters, Asbel is still unique with his character and how he fights. Sorey is probably the most relatable for me. He worries a lot, but he still manages to be upbeat even though his world is horrible. Wish I had Destiny. The only game before Symphonia that I have is Eternia. This is my favorite song from Zestiria Anyone have a favorite opening theme? I can't pick just one, they're all so good.
  6. PaperJam

    Traditional Role-Play (Interest/recruitment)

    It probably won't be exactly like it, but you'll get a good feel for it. Thanks, I'll look into some systems. In the meantime, you can all use the format Badshot made as a starting place. Name: Race: Gender: Age: Personality: Description (can be picture): Backstory: I'll let you guys know when I have more details solidified.
  7. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    But, but, but... Can't really argue since I haven't played it. Anything specific you like about it? Oh, yes. The music is amazing. Zestiria and Vesperia have some great ones.
  8. PaperJam

    Traditional Role-Play (Interest/recruitment)

    Yeah, original characters and ponies and stuff. I haven't decided much else, I just wanted to see who would be interested.
  9. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    There are so many great characters. Rita and Estelle from Vesperia, Kor from Hearts, and Pascal from Graces f are my favorites. I haven't beat Vesperia yet, but I do love the battles. Graces f has a really unique battle system. It's reminiscent of Vesperia, yet still really different. I actually love to grind in it, that's how much I enjoy it. Plus, kinda like how you get skills through equipment in Vesperia, you get artes and stat bonuses from titles in Graces f. Zestiria's battle system is based off of Graces f, but it kinda fell short and the controls are clunky. Are there any stories you like? Symphonia has a really epic one, and I love the emphasis on Friendship that Graces f has.
  10. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    Noice. I have the 3ds port of Abyss and I do like it, but just like every game, the cpu's of your party suck and I'm stuck in one part where I'm very underleveled and I can't exactly grind easily. I'm thinkin of just reseting. Hearts R is pretty fun, though I wish we got Innocence R aswell since I heard that one is way better than hearts. I'd recommend Xillia for ps3, or Graces f if you want something closer to vesperia. Don't get Zestiria for ps3 or pc, it's a terrible port and the ps4 version is the only good one. Have any favorite characters or battle system?
  11. PaperJam

    Any Tales of Series fans?

    Any fans out there? I own every main game from Tales of Vesperia and after and a couple before. I can't choose one absolute favorite, but Tales of Graces f, Vesperia, and Xillia are my top 3. Tales of Link is pretty fun, but I don't play it much. I'm loving the Tales of Zestiria the X anime. What about you guys?
  12. Anyone interested in doing a traditional Role-play? Like D&D style, but with ponies? I'm not a big fan of numbers and stuff, so I'm thinking a more chill style where I do all the math so you guys can focus on the role-play. Brief Synopsis: 400 years after Luna's banishment, Equestria is invaded by monsters. Towns all across the land are raided by monsters and ponies are driven from their homes. The Equestrian ponies retreat to Cantorlot where Princess Celestia has the capital protected by a magical force field. Unable to leave the city, she seeks adventurers to aid her in driving back the monsters and returning the land to harmony. Be it ponies seeking action, treasure, glory, or plot, Celestia will take anypony she can get. Some ponies have decided to take advantage of Equestria's predicament. Bands of thieves attacking villages snd travelers. Other ponies travel as mercenaries seeking bits in exchange offering protection, clearing away monsters from nearby towns, or driving away thieves. The roleplay: I'll be using D&D 3.5 edition for the system, since I'm familiar with it. So there will be stats and numbers and dice like a traditional rpg. However, to make it more immersive, I will be rolling all the dice and looking at all the numbers so the players can focus more on the role-playing aspects. The players can look at their character sheets with all the stats if they want, but I'll be the one to manage them. Races: Earth Pony Pegasus Unicorn Bat Pony Griffon Dragon Classes: Rogue Paladin Sorcerer Bard Fencer Barbarian Ranger Magical Engineer
  13. PaperJam

    10 likes per day rule

    It's just a personal prefrence that your reputation shouldn't depend on the number of likes you get. Yeah, but I don't personally like the idea of likes being so special and few. If you like several posts, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to like all of them.
  14. PaperJam

    Yoo, it be ShimmerSparkles

    I'll have to check it out then. Haha, that's one way of putting it.
  15. PaperJam

    10 likes per day rule

    Hmm. Is there any other way to show people you saw and liked their post without droping a reply or a like?