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  1. Let me help you out.




    Technically though, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Peace Walker are the only relevant titles to MGS5 since they're part of the Big Boss time-line. MGS1, 2, and 4 are all part of the "future" (in relative terms) timeline. The only value you might get out of experiencing those games is you'll know what will happen in the end.

    By extension this rule includes the original Metal Gear games, in whatever canonical value they have left. Especially since MGS4 kind of nuked half of everything.

    Ground Zeroes is also of course very related, because it's not only an engine demo for Phantom Pain but is also a story prequel to events. But since the story is so short then the only thing to take away is Miller plays a damn-fine fiddle and...

    Twilight Sparkle had a bomb in her womb and Mother Base got blowed up.

    And some other things.

    Thanks, but I'll play 'em meself. I've already do e the first, I just have to go buy the other three.