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  1. DrakeyC

    Filly Fantasy VI

    Official release is out! See the Fimfiction group for a download link.
  2. DrakeyC

    Reveal Your Ships

    SunLight, Princess Twi version. It really just feels like Sunset and Twilight actually could develop into romantic interests if the show was in an age bracket seven years or so older, they have good chemistry as friends and I can see it becoming deeper. Her brief scene in the kitchen with Sunset, to me, anyway, seemed a much more sincere and mutual moment of bonding with Sunset than she's gotten with any of the Mane Six in the show. Sunset in return seems closer to Twilight than any of the Humane Five and obviously deeply respects and admires her, and before her reformation was probably jealous of her too. Sunset's personal doubts and conflicts would be soothed by a romantic relationship with Twilight, the pony who more than any other can give Sunset the acceptance and forgiveness she needs. They'd be good for each other. All together the two of them seem to have the kind of friendship that could easily deepen under the right circumstances.
  3. I by no means dislike the show (though I'm finding Season 6 kinda lackluster save for a couple of episodes so far), but I am finding myself more excited for the films these days than the new seasons. On the one hand, the movies have something the show really never has - an ongoing story. Every film continues story and character arcs that were set up in the last one. It creates a much stronger sense of continuity and makes me interested to see how the characters will continue to grow and the story continue to deepen. The show has always been slice of life style, and even with story arcs that span more than an episode, they usually only take up two or three episodes. The closest thing the show has had to a tightly plotted story arc is Season 4 with the Harmony Chest, but even then outside the premiere and finale that story arc only took up five episodes of twenty-two others (six if you count Castle-Mania since they go there to research the Chest). Related to that, the movies don't have something the show does - a status quo. Every new movie changes the cast line-up, expands on story elements tracing back to the first film, and grows the main three characters (Sunset and the two Twilights) more. I know when I go to watch Legends of Everfree that the characters will end it in a different place than when they began it. Contrast the show, where individual character development has been much more gradual over six seasons, and at any time a lone writer is liable to ignore consistent characterization for episodes like 28 Pranks Later or Spice Up Your Life. Or the flipside where potential story and character arcs are set up and go nowhere. And on the other hand, the movies have a much longer runtime, so they can develop their plot and stories more. I think a major reason Sunset Shimmer had a much more satisfying redemption arc is because she got a 73-minute movie to grow in, while Discord and Diamond Tiara were confined to less than a third of that time. The movies feel epic and big in ways only the premieres and finales of the show do. Every movie feels like a grand adventure in itself, while the show's adventures are confined to the same 22 minute timeslot as other episodes. It just feels like the show's stories are beginning to feel like they've all been played out: Rainbow and the Wonderbolts, the CMC (both cutie marks and Diamond Tiara), Rarity and her boutiques, Fluttershy being assertive, Twilight becoming a princess and a mentor that no longer needs Celestia to lean on for support. Meanwhile with the films it feels like we've barely scratched the surface of the stories waiting to be told in this other world, and I'm always left wanting to see more. Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?
  4. DrakeyC

    FanFiction Epics

    Sunset of Time by Albinocorn is probably one of the best adventure fics you're likely to find in the fandom. Albino in general has pretty much set the gold standard for Sunset fics IMHO, but that one I point to as his best work so far.
  5. DrakeyC

    Filly Fantasy VI

    I don't think that'll be necessary, Rydel.
  6. DrakeyC

    Filly Fantasy VI

    Filly Fantasy VI is a romhack of Final Fantasy VI. It began as a remake of Pony Fantasy VI, inspired due to my discontent with its story and casting, but at this point it really is its own project and is better thought of as an alternative to PF6 than a remake. It is currently in development by myself and RydelFox with an intended final release for later this year, and in the meantime a public beta is available. Filly Fantasy VI features a new cast, including Princess Cadance, Flash Sentry, and Maud as new playable characters. Shining Armor, Radiant Hope, Octavia, Fancy Pants, Kibitz, Zecora, Sunset Shimmer, Prince Blueblood, and a few spoileriffic familiar faces make up the supporting cast. They'll be facing off against Discord, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, the Tantabus, the Diamond Dogs, the Shadowbolts, Gilda, the Ursa Minor, the Mane-iac, and a few more spoileriffic faces from the distant past that have returned to cause chaos. The best way to describe the story is "an AU fic spawning off of Season 3 with a bit of alternate history." King Sombra has returned. He's seized control of the Crystal Empire, freed Discord from his petrification in exchange for servitude, and is on the warpath to conquer Equestria. Standing in his way are the Two Sisters, their rebel army the Mane Force, and a young unicorn named Twilight Sparkle who has a mysterious connection to the beings called "Espers," legendary magical ponies rumored to be the Crystal Ponies that vanished from Equestria after Sombra's defeat long ago. What does Twilight have to do with Espers, what does King Sombra know of them, and what is Discord plotting in the shadows? The answers will decide the fate of Equestria in a war that pits Canterlot and the Mane Force against the Crystal Empire and Sombra's army of magitek ponies. More information about the hack, including download links for the current beta version, can be found at our Fimfiction group. Trailers and gameplay exhibition videos can be viewed on my YouTube channel. Finally, DM-PON3000 has done a full Let's Play of the current beta that can be seen here. EqD has previously posted the beta releases, so stay tuned for the final release later this year.
  7. DrakeyC


    Howdy, everypony. DrakeyC, Drake Clawfang if you prefer, switched to the former a few years ago. You may know me from EqD as the writer of Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns, Cutie Mark Crusader Magicians, Yay!, and most recently the Final Fantasy VI romhack Filly Fantasy VI, which will be released in full later this year. I've also plenty more fics on my profile not on EqD that are still very good. Got into pony during the S3-S4 hiatus because a couple of friends spoke highly of it. I love the creativity, the humor, the world, and the sincerity. I'm an idealist who looks for the good in folks and tries to be a good person to all, and MLP really has that spirit of friendship and kindness that the world needs with so much hatred out there. A quick rundown of my favs. Best human - Sunset Shimmer. Best pony - Rainbow Dash (by default; should Sunset ever return to Equestria, she will steal the title) Best episodes by season - Friendship is Magic, Hurricane Fluttershy, Sleepless in Ponyville, Pinkie Pride, Amending Fences, Gauntlet of Fire Best movie - Rainbow Rocks Best pairing - SunLight