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  1. First thing's first: Now that that's out of the way... Anyone got a good link to the Season 8 opener? The link Equestria Daily provided looked incomplete (it just cut to Pinkie talking, with no fade-in whatsoever), and I don't want to watch any leaked videos, as I heard those were incomplete.
  2. From my experience, it's been the inverse. It's common on EQD and Reddit for me to praise it only to be shot down by the commenters.
  3. WanderPony

    Fuck the hackers

    S8 is in two weeks and I'm worried these hackers are going to prevent me from enjoying them as much as I should.
  4. WanderPony

    My film ideas

    Actually, what if I messaged them to you instead? In fact, if anyone is interested in hearing about my ideas, just reply to this thread and I'll send you a message with my ideas in it.
  5. WanderPony

    My film ideas

    So, are you saying they're safe to post here?
  6. WanderPony

    My film ideas

    I have multiple ideas for animated feature films (and yes, I picture them being 2D-animated), and I was thinking about posting them here for you guys to comment on. But is there any danger of them being stolen?
  7. WanderPony

    Fuck the hackers

    But DA is one of my favorite sites. I have a lot of stuff posted there, and a lot of friends. This is another thing I hate about the hackers. Now I'm being told to stop visiting my favorite sites!
  8. WanderPony

    Fuck the hackers

    Not sure if this topic is breaking any rules or not, but I'm sorry, I just HAVE to vent. Fuck those stupid impatient hackers who ruined the potential surprises of Season 8 and G5. Remember when we weren't sure whether or not FIM would continue into the twenties or not? And the very existence of G5 was in question? Well, those are no longer questions or surprises. And dodging spoilers isn't as easy as you think, considering S8 and G5 art keep popping up on DA, and spoilery tumblr posts keep popping up in my tumblr feed as well. Even Equestria Daily likes to post spoilery content. So, fuck those hackers to the grave for their illegal actions that ruined Hasbro's hard work at keeping us surprised. That is all.
  9. To put this in perspective, even Disney's not-so-good films like The Black Cauldron and Home on the Range have followings. Same with Don Bluth's not-so-good films like Rock-a-Doodle and The Pebble and the Penguin. According to the Equestria Daily commenters, the MLP movie is much MUCH worse than those films, and is on the same level of bad as Foodfight, Norm of the North, and The Emoji Movie. That's how horrible my taste is.
  10. Alright, here's an example of what I'm talking about. A while back, I submitted a pony soapbox on EQD saying that the pony movie would become a cult classic in the future. After all, there are plenty of films that were poorly-received by critics when they were first released, but gained a following later on, and I felt the pony movie had enough passion and creativity to gain one of these. Later, my soapbox was featured. Now, scroll down to the comments section. Notice something? That's right. The TOP COMMENTS are saying that the movie is too poorly-written and cliched to gain a following, and go on to bash it. I'll say it again: the TOP COMMENTS. Not a vocal minority, or they wouldn't have so many upvotes. See what I mean?
  11. When I first saw the MLP movie in theaters, I absolutely loved it. It's probably my favorite thing to come out of the franchise. I thought it was funny and cute and creative and action-packed. Parts of it reminded me of older animated films from Disney and whatnot. It felt really good seeing a 2D-animated film on the big screen after missing out on The Princess and the Frog, and it felt like Studio Ghibli compared to the other cruddy animated films that year. I liked it so much I went and saw it a couple more times. Unfortunately, it seems like only a small fraction of the fandom agree with me, as it seems like most of the bronies on Equestria Daily, deviantART, Derpibooru, YouTube, and even the MLP subreddit (generally considered the most positive brony community) thought it was a poorly-written mess. Most of other people's opinions on the movie vary from "mediocre" to "terrible". You won't believe how many times I've praised this movie only to be shot down by the other commenters. I swear, there's more people who like the Star Wars prequels than this movie! I have the movie on DVD, but I'm afraid to rewatch it for the above-mentioned reasons. Is my taste in movies REALLY that poor? Now you know where my reputation as a Negative Nancy who ignores the positive part of the fandom came from.
  12. WanderPony

    MLP in your dreams

    @Prospekt That's not ironic at all. Maybe Luna came into your dreams specifically to save you.
  13. WanderPony

    MLP in your dreams

    There were a couple other pony dream threads, but they appear to be dead, so I'll start a new one, if no one minds. Here are four of mine that I had recently. The first one I had a few days before the movie was released, and I dreamt about seeing it. First thing to note is that this version of the film had a bunch of random curse words thrown in to help bump it up to a PG rating. It started out with Tempest, the Storm King, and Grubber walking through an icy cave. They looked up, and noticed a bunch of plants sprouting out of the cave's ceiling. They cut the ceiling open, and down fell Captain Celaeno, who I guess has plant-growing powers in this version of the film. They interrogated her a bunch, before ripping off her lower mandible. It wasn't gory or anything, it was more like her beak was made of styrofoam. Then they froze her in a block of ice while mentioning how they also froze "that stupid sea serpent". They then pushed over another icy block that had what I think was Queen Novo, but it looked more like a hybrid of her and Princess Skystar. We also saw the Storm King's lair, where he was holding a bunch of random ponies captive, including the fat pony from Canterlot Boutique. There was also a unicorn who kept ramming their horn into the fat pony's ass, and the latter was enjoying it. The big plot twist? It turned out Tempest wasn't a pony at all, or at least originally a pony. She was a DOG. Not a pony-world dog, like Winona. She was from the human world. Not the Equestria Girls world. OUR world. (Or at least, a world similar to our own, with normal-colored humans.) It showed a flashback scene of dog!Tempest with her family, then the family at the vet saying that they lost their dog on a hiking trip after she ran into a cave. It then showed a sequence of the dog falling through a black void as she transformed. The next pony dream occurred shortly after the leaks happened. I highly doubt I'll check out the leaked episodes until after they officially air, but in the dream I got curious and couldn't help myself. One episode showed Cadance pregnant. I don't know if this was a flashback to before Flurry was born, or if she was having a second foal, but Shining was getting really impatient to see his new child. So what did Cadance do? She magically cut herself in half around the midsection, allowing Shining to play with the unborn foal. The next episode I watched was (I think) a two-parter. In it, Spike was upset that the other ponies, and even Trixie and Starlight, were getting more attention than him. He went to talk about it with other characters, including characters from other works like Kristoff from Frozen and Rex from We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story. Spike then came up with a plan: he would stage a disaster with somepony else, and then save them. Then he would finally be seen as a hero. Spike and Pinkie Pie both went to an old abandoned barn to do this. Pinkie stood on a tightrope high up in the barn's rafters to act as the damsel in distress, while Spike acted as the villain, laughing evily as he lit the barn on fire, then immediately switched to the hero role to save Pinkie. However, as he climbed high up, he slipped. We got a big long dramatic slow-mo shot as he fell, breaking through boards on the way down, before being caught and saved by Maud. Spike woke up in the hospital. He was badly injured, and this was played for much more drama than you'd expect from a TV-Y-rated cartoon. Here's yet another MLP movie-related dream. So, it started out with me watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, before my dad (who I haven't seen in over a decade, by the way) came to drive me someplace. On the way there, he started singing "Time to be Awesome". I was surprised he knew the lyrics to that song, and began to sing along. Strangely enough, this version of the song contained the lyric "Free healthcare, but not in the communist way". Also, Hasbro released a series of shorts detailing what happened to the movie characters before and during the events of the film. One short involved Capper in this really mountainous area filled with crevices. He came across a big crack in the side of a rocky wall, and inside the crack were two glowing red eyes and a deep demonic voice saying something like "You stare at me, and I just stare back". In the short starring Captain Celaeno, she was shown with a completely different crew. I think most of them were recolors of that one fat pink female pirate. There was also a deleted scene where the ponies ended up in the Klugetown bar, and there were these long-nosed elephant/aardvark creatures that the characters explicitly referred to as Arabs. This last one had me reading through this artbook that was similar to The Art of Equestria and the movie artbook, except this was a sneak peek of G5. There was one section dedicated entirely to dinosaurs, complete with Rainbow Dash gloating she could fly faster than a Microraptor. (Ironic, since Microraptor was a glider in real life, not a flyer, so even Fluttershy could probably outfly one if she wanted.) Another section showed these magic bubbles that would give anything that popped them the ability to speak. In the dream, I felt this was redundant, as the ponies could talk already, but now that I'm awake, I wonder if that's how the ponies could talk in the first place. Also, the revealed voice cast consisted of Roseanne Barr, Bob Newhart, and Mel Blanc. So, anything you'd like to say about my dreams? And if not, do you have any pony-related dreams you'd like to share?
  14. Another thing to note: remember how a decade ago we thought that a show aimed at young girls couldn't possibly appeal to boys, let alone adult men?
  15. WanderPony

    My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    My official favorite thing to ever come out of the My Little Pony franchise. I loved just about everything about it. It felt like a relief after all the other crappy animated films we got this year.