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  1. jeric how are you?

  2. I've always favored the approach that while there are bad reactions and analysis of content, and that there are objective elements in all art forms so that an aesthetic grade can be loosely derived, there is no single source that or group that has a monopoly on truth when it comes to art. Taking a look at Roland Barthes, a famous literary critic that de-emphasized the elitism inherent in authorial intent, I want to point you to his quote on that: That is a wonderfully profound philosophy that places must of the power of interpretation on the consumer/audience of art, but even though it supports the non-creator, it can still be applied to cases when individual tastes and analysis are subordinated to a group message. So, to answer your question, no the fandom are not gods of judgement here, nor are the show creators. Interpretation and general quality can be measured on an individual level depending on the value model the individual uses. For me, Season Six was fine, though not as good as the two seasons that preceded it. A few episodes this season were God Tier, and quite a few where enjoyable in their own right. That is a conclusion some may agree with, and some may disagree with. Both can be correct.
  3. Jeric

    Season 6 - Ranked

    Pretty legit generation. The interesting thing is that outside of the last two episodes, the bottom half were alright, but what I typically call 'middling' episodes. Not offensive but not spectacular. Enjoyable at one level or another. The Saddle Row Review A Hearth's Warming Tail To Where And Back Again Parts 1 & 2 Gauntlet of Fire The Fault In Our Cutie Marks Top Bolt The Times They Are A Changeling Every Little Thing She Does The Gift of Maud Pie No Second Prances Dungeons & Discords Buckball Season Viva Las Pegasus Spice Up Your Life PPOV Where The Apple Lies Applejack's Day Off The Crystalling Parts 1 & 2 Flutter Brutter Stranger Than Fanfiction On Your Marks The Cart Before The Ponies Newbie Dash 28 Pranks Later
  4. Jeric

    Why are people so excited for Season 7?

    Stop me if you have heard this sentence after a Chicago Cubs fan suffers through a losing season. "Next year is the year the Cubs are going to win it all!" It would likely depend on what aspects of the show people enjoy in general, mixed with the promise of what entices them. For me, there are still unanswered questions in the lore, and character/species backstories that I would like to see revealed. Season six did try new approaches to the narrative (new for this show anyway). I point to the season six finale as a reason for my anticipation of what will come next. I look at the positives of the last season and hope to see more of that and something new. "Season seven is the season the writers are going to win it all."
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  6. I guess this means your starting a new career here and starting over again? Will you come to miss the friends you left behind on "that other forum"?

  7. Jeric

    Why is Hasbro keeping Season 7 a secret?

    I believe we will likely get the press release announcement right before the US airing of the finale. I'm not sure if the delay in announcement is related to the film, but you can speculate that there may be specific episodes that they want to use either hinting at elements in the film. There could also be production resource sharing that needed to be sorted out (has there been any confirmation if DHX upgrading animation platforms?). I do know that investors will be worried if there is an overlong gap of anything Pony on TV. This was acknowledged in past investor meetings, so I think we are looking at another spring launch. Either way it's just all guessing for right now, the good news is the show is continuing.
  8. Ayy, tanks for the follow. o3o

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    *sips espresso Welcome man!
  10. You, sir, are a legend to me.

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    Welcome Nuke! Nice to see a familiar face.
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    I'm new to this

    Welcome. Yes IPB can be a bit tricky to get used to (all forum software can be), but after a little while it becomes second nature. Good luck on the degree aspirations! That's one thing I've never had any talent for.