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  1. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    I mean, if you didn't KNOW she was talking about pies, wouldn't you have just assumed she was talking about ponies with names like Apple Crumble and Peaches O'Plenty?
  2. Throw something at the user above you.

    *throws himself upon the Mercy of the court*
  3. Caption This!

    Visit beautiful Monte Carlo! Sponsored by the Monaco Tourism and Gambling Ministry.
  4. You Can only talk with pictures

  5. Caption This!

    Invisible Flute.
  6. Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    Aunt Facts: Most aunts you see, whether wandering around on the sidewalk or working busily in the home, are female! Aunts are social creatures and live communally in a "nest" assembled from natural materials, and placed carefully with the aunt's teeth! Some aunts secrete a kind of glue to help their nest materials stick together. Other aunts chew and cut to make natural structures into the right shape for their nests. Most aunts don't have children of their own. Only one aunt per nest, the Queen Aunt, is fertile and reproductively active. All other aunts make sure the Queen Aunt is cared for and take care of her thousands of offspring. Aunts are interesting creatures and an important part of Nature's plan! Think about that the next time you feel like squishing one with your thumb.
  7. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    Clearly, Pinkie Pie wants Dash to have plenty of metabolism fuel for those strenuous drills and practice sessions!
  8. You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Friendhorse's Open Blog

    Regarding tribal identifiers, I own exactly one piece of wearable merch. A T-shirt I won in a contest, and the design is general enough that it's not obviously pony. And to be honest, I mostly wanted the shirt because I was between jobs and holes were appearing in my other shirts. I was never really one for dressing to be part of a group. I could have gone full Goth in high school because I was definitely into that stuff, but even at that age it felt too much like a Halloween costume to me. I guess wearing certain clothes to identify the people you associate with never appealed to me. Then again I didn't associate with a lot of people either, and if we had a "clique" then it would have been Those Nerds That Regurgitate Saturday Night Live At Lunch Hour Every Monday. We were an eclectic mix of NJROTC, drama geeks, band geeks, Star Trek geeks, whatever the hell I was, and whatever the hell else we felt like at the time. I don't have Star Wars wallets or Star Trek cufflinks. Probably the biggest and mostly openly "fandom" items I have of anything are metal band T-shirts, and I would buy those at concerts "to support the artists." Other than clothing, I suppose the only other tribal identifier about me is hair down to my lower back. But nowadays that's so non-specific it wouldn't do much to differentiate me from anybody that isn't active duty. Do I still buy pony merch? Heck yeah! Most of it's media to consume, though: DVDs, books, comics. I finally splurged on a set of Guardians of Harmony Fan Favorite statue-figures a while back. Would I get another pony shirt? Probably, but with a similar aesthetic to the one linked already. Because I'd feel self-conscious about wearing show-accurate rainbow ponies? If I'm honest, yeah I would be. But also because I'm not really into clothing as a statement of something about myself. Like the Goth thing, it seems like a costume more than clothes. I could expand the Confederate Flag thing a bit but between the two you've mostly got it. Having read some slave narratives of the era, I wish I could set things on fire with my mind whenever I see those ignorant chumps with the CBF plastered over their trucks. In reality all the Confederacy stood for was a tremendously petty pseudo-aristocracy, legalized murder, torture, and such a strong rejection of our founding ideals* that they were willing to kill friends, neighbors, and family to get out from under them. All of it for the sake of slavery, the profits thereof, and nothing else. What it means to most rural hicks today is "I'm part of this group and we don't like other people tellin' us what to do! YEEHAW REBEL YELL Y'ALL!" I blame most of this on our national cowardice when it comes to addressing this dark period of American history, where we mostly portrayed the leaders of the Slaver Rebellion as honorable men fighting a futile, but noble, battle for a misguided cause. It would be healthier to our society to deal with it for what it was, along with a few other horrific practices and depravities Americans have engaged in at various points in history. *Not founding facts, but what we were supposed to strive towards as a country. Not only was the originally established United States supremely racist and slave-bound, it also even divided white people by land ownership into voting and non-voting populations, to say nothing of sexism. Still, the phrase "All mean are created equal" was something the founders wanted us to work towards even knowing full well that they themselves fell well short of it.
  10. Season 7, Episode 23: Secrets and Pies

    This episode was fantastic! When the premise is obvious like this, the journey through to the already-known conflict is what can make or break an episode. This one delivered on all levels: physical comedy, pacing, swift dialog gags, faic, consistent characterization, those little touches in the vocal delivery, callbacks to previous episodes! EVEN THE TITLE! As Pinkie Pie's snares grew ever more elaborate, Dash's opportunities for plausible deniability shrank. But who better to pull a fast one on Pinkie than the fastest pony in Equestria? And the increasing complexity of Pinkie's schemes was neatly foiled by Dash's comparative nonchalance. It really demonstrates Pinkie's general approach to problems: throw ever more energy and enthusiasm at it until something gives. Here, this manifested as a sequence that approached the mania of Ed Edd 'n Eddy at their peak! You can tell that everybody from the writers, storyboarders, animators, and VAs were going to the limits of Pony production here, keeping things relentless and fluid. Also, resolution via hugs! Also, say hello to my new out-of-context wallpaper!
  11. If you know what I mean !

    When you try to warn the stewardess that there's something on the wing.
  12. MLP Association Game

  13. Eternal story.

    ; unfortunately that didn't stop the rabid wolverine behind him from ...