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  1. Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I believe marriage should only be a contract between two men to determine how their property is divvied up among their betrothed children without the latter's consent on the matter!
  2. I used have a yearly tradition of reading The Hobbit in the autumn, and follow up with the entire LotR trilogy into the winter holidays. For some reason I always associate those books with that part of the year. I've got a backlog of books to work through! Physical stuff to be consumed includes Ronald Numbers' exhaustive, early-90s monograph The Creationists, which I've been meaning to get around to for a while. Back in the day, I read professor Robert T. Pennock's treatise on Intelligent Design Creationism, which pre-dated and pre-saged the Kitzmiller trial that ultimately knocked the wind out of ID Creationism's sails a few years later. It'll be interesting to see what the precursor to Pennock's work documenting and describing Creationism was like in the years before even Talk.Origins was a thing. Also have to get around to cracking these dead-tree collections open: Art of Equestria and The Journal of the Two Sisters. I have two pending pre-orders! The first is Soonish by Zach Weinersmith (yeah, really!) of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal infame. Also waiting on The Storm Before the Storm by Mike Duncan, aka "The History of Rome Guy." Both of these should be landing in my snailmail by late October. Currently I'm not "really" reading anything. That is, I haven't picked out a single thing to sit down and go through cover-to-cover. I've breezed through a few themed Lego gallery books and some Make collections from previous Humble Book Bundles, and I've started on The Secret History of Marvel Comics but that is honestly a bit of a slog, at least for the beginning where I'm at. There's also a classic collection of spooky short stories on my nightstand that sees occasional attention. Slowly picking my way through a re-reading of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot. It's kind of my "got a minute to kill" reader right now, so I just pick it up and random times and dive into a section or two. Very infrequently I'll sit down and wade into The Elements of Harmony. It's fun to see what Hasbro was creating for fans back in the ancient days of 2013! Not doing anything on the graphic novel front at the moment. Open to recommendations! For periodicals, my fall issue of American Currents should be here, um... come fall, I guess! Also, I'm writing my own novel! I can't say much, don't want to spoil it. But it revolves around this intelligent and super athletic guy named AStonyAccount and his quest for macho, mag-fed vengeance against the unambiguously evil, ambiguously foreign bad men who put his wife in a refrigerator and kidnapped his daughter. So far it's kind of teetering under its own weight. I might have to split it up into 10 books. It's gonna be so great, though!
  3. I'd like to be a Lt. Commander Data!
  4. Is that the one with the inverse-square law and the saxophone?
  5. The Green-Eyed Lawnster.
  6. Hmmm, maybe Scuttle can tell me what all these here doohickeys are.
  7. Tod Irep.
  8. M2 Billiam.
  9. Merv Hippogriffin.
  10. Bortimer Jr.
  11. "Ah didn't foresee the conse-kwinses of starrin' in a one-woman production of Jim Henson's Lighthouse Island."
  12. Dark Smoke Puncher
  13. Look at it this way. Either the people who make the content you like use something like Patreon or tip jars or comissions, or they run the worst frickin' autoplay video ads that load up before the content and expand to cover half the screen. I know webcomic creators who have been able to virtually eliminate ads on their page thanks to Patreon. It keeps them producing the content you want to see without begging, without pledge drives, without having to stop work every time they need to get their car fixed, and without subjecting you to ads. It's entirely voluntary on your part so I don't even get what the offensive bit is supposed to be. Are you just upset that someone is able to make enough money to sustain their activities?