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  1. Give the user above you a new name.

    Puppycorn from Unikitty.
  2. MLP Association Game

  3. You Can only talk with pictures

  4. MLP Association Game

  5. Wat Do?!

    The same thing I do every day, Pinkie NOT MUCH OF ANYTHING! You start to suspect that there was something in those cheeze whirlers you had for breakfast. What tipped you off was the lack of grass growing out of the walls, where it normally is. Clearly this is an emergency. Wat do?
  6. Give the user above you a new name.

  7. Answer my question with a question

    It's obvious, is it not?
  8. Wat Do?!

    Cast Revive. The main problem is, you just aren't as clever and efficient as you think. In fact, you're substantially less clever than most of your coworkers. Wat do?
  9. Dress the guy/girl above you

    I dress you in a frock, followed by a smock!
  10. Give the user above you a new name.

    Prometheus Unsnacked
  11. A counting game...With a twist!

    FALSE! "Amusement" usually means the provision or enjoyment of entertainment. Oh, also 138.
  12. Caption This!

    "I found the issue. Somepony ran unshielded cable parallel to both a mains power feed and a fluorescent fixture. No wonder we detected so much foreign voltage at the jack. That explains our mysterious Rj-45 of Doom. Also I found a raisin and I ate the raisin that I found."
  13. MLP Association Game