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  1. Gaze

    Pokemon Thread

    Tapu's abilities: Tapu Lele: blocks priority moves and boost psychic moves Tapu Bulu: Regain a bit of hp each turn, boost grass moves, and halves damage from Earthquake, Magnitude, and Bulldoze. Tapu Fini: halves the damage from dragon moves and prevents any status effect, and confusion (may only work if you are touching the ground, idk). Tapu Bulu ftw. The page says everything:
  2. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    6.7/10 Sounds good, and It reminds me of something, but not quite sure what. uoy ɿɒɘʜ I
  3. Gaze

    If you had the chance to meet someone...

    Gabe Newell, too much to ask... Other than that, any of my favourite writters, like H.P. Lovecraft, Terry Pratchett, Jhonen Vasquez or Jack Kirby.
  4. Kevan Brighting, the narrator in The Stanley Parable, or Will Stamper, the narrator from Battleblock Theater/Pit People. That's the kind of narration that will make every single day of my life even more satisfactory and marvelous.
  5. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    7/10 Sounds pretty good, but I would prefer it without lyrics I'll stick with the season:
  6. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    7.8/10 ~~~
  7. I was mostly into my studies, playing videogames and watching anime as much I could. Nowdays, I'm still studying (but in college) and still playing video games, but a lot less. The most that I changed when becoming a brony, was that I fully entered into animation (pretty much everything related to it). If you mean the exact time when I discovered mlp, well, I was trying a lot of mmorpg, just bored going around the internet.
  8. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    6/10 mhe~ Happy october:
  9. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    7/10- mhe, it's catchy (kinda)
  10. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    6/10 sounds nice, but doesn't quite catch me
  11. Gaze

    Username/Nickname Origin

    My usernames are usually just the word Gaze, plus some other adjective if gaze was already taken (AnotherGaze, OuterGaze, etc). I like anything related to eyes or sight, but also, because I've been in various places around the internet, but I never been more than a simple observer, commenting here and there, making a thread occasionally. idk, I'm there, but a bit far away, just looking around.
  12. Gaze

    Rate the song above you

    9/10 I have the album in my cellphone...
  13. So, I've been reading the coments on Would you drop everything and be a pony?!, and a lot of people said no, and everyone had good reasons for it, but it let me wondering... Let's change the situation a bit: Celestia/Luna/Twilight/Discord/Whoever appears in front of you and tells you that they need you to go to equestria (for any convenient reason), no way to decline the offer, but, they can do anything that you ask for: let you go as a human, create a portal so you can come back, or even slows time while you're out. Anything in human and pony world. You don't have to stay there forever, but for a good amount of time (months, years, whatever makes you feel "it's a bit too much"). So? what would you say? (let's be reasonable...)
  14. Gaze

    Answer The Question Above You

    idk and idc. Should I prioritize making a pony avatar?