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  1. Personally, from the comics that I've read, my favorite arc was the Nightmare Rarity arc
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    What's Your Least Favorite Comic Arc/Issue?

    Nothing gets much worse than the EQG Holiday Special. To me, it's the worst comic & is worse than any episode of the show
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    What's the first episode you watched?

    Season 1, Episode 9, Bridle Gossip is the first episode I saw. One night I was bored and randomly decided to type "mlp" on Youtube and watch the first episode that popped up to see what all the hype was about. I had heard about the fandom way back in early 2011, but I never thought much of giving it a chance until 2013.
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    IDW MLP Comic Release Date Tracking Thread

    Any word on what's going on with the Guardians of Harmony comic? It was supposed to release on December 1st on digital platforms, but I don't see it anywhere
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    2014 EQG Holiday Special

    The main issue is that some of the strips are very lazily (and sometimes comically lazily) drawn. Like these: It was based on a baseless rumor. Just because the pictures were taken from Sunset's phone doesn't automatically mean she was the one who posted them, especially considering there was more evidence suggesting she was not Anon-A-Miss than evidence that she was. Why would Sunset use an avatar that looks exactly like her, and use her own colors, if she intended to stay anonymous? Why would Sunset humiliate her friends like that in the first place? The Mane 6 (and subsequently the rest of the school) jump the gun big time by accusing and verbally abusing Sunset for being Anon-A-Miss despite evidence suggesting she was innocent. This is glossed over and shrugged off at the end of the comic. The Mane 6 never apologize. Sunset was bullied and she deserved a sincere apology. Their revenge wasn't justified in Babs Seed (considering they put Babs in serious danger), so I didn't like it then. But their excuse here makes no sense. AJ is hanging out with her friends, so Applebloom decides to falsely accuse Sunset Shimmer of exposing the Mane 6's secrets, destroying Sunset's reputation and friendships (basically, ruining her life) in the process, while planting evidence along the way? This goes way too far, and is extremely OOC for Applebloom. AJ hangs out with her friends all of the time, yet we've never heard of Applebloom having a problem with it before this comic. Suddenly she gets so upset with her sister that she's willing to run a scheme to humiliate her sister and all of her friends and break apart their friendships? Sweetie Belle also gets involved, and so does Scootaloo (presumably just because her friends are doing it). The CMC get away with it via an apology and without much of a speech or lesson learned. The Mane 6 get away with it without even an apology. It never focuses back on Sunset and what she went through, who was by far the biggest victim here. The idea of the comic is, judging by the last few comic strips, supposed to be "family is everything, especially during the holidays", but the comic spends 90% of its time painting a cruel story of cyberbullying without actually resolving the conflict at hand instead of giving any sort of resemblance of family holiday spirit. It feels as if this comic had the (what could loosely be called) holiday "theme" tacked on last minute. The comic rushed the ending, and simplified the issue of cyberbullying by shrugging it off at the end instead of addressing its effects.
  6. Here's a few things I'd like to see in Season 6 in terms of episodes: More slice of life episodes. While I enjoy the more adventure oriented episodes (I'm a big fan of things with significant scope like that), I long for a return to the show's simple roots which is what initially grabbed my attention when I first discovered the show. Every premiere and finale doesn't have to be some world changing event, in my view. More AppleDash. They have excellent charisma with each other. An expanded universe. With a good portion of the main cast having gone through their main character arcs, it makes sense to branch out a bit and explore Equestria. Let's see some interesting new characters that stick around for more than a single episode. Maybe return a few old faces as well. More Trixie. She was fantastic in the Season 6 finale. An episode exploring Rainbow Dash's life in the Wonderbolts. Do something to redeem the disaster that was "Newbie Dash"! We need a Celestia episode. We've hardly seen her the past couple seasons As @Megas75 said above, let's have a solo CMC episode, perhaps Scootaloo.
  7. What's become of me?

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    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    Winter Wrap Up - Tradition fights magic. Twilight's magic wins. Flawless victory
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    I've never cared or celebrated for Thanksgiving, but I always do enjoy something about the winter season, and by extension, Christmas season. I've fallen on hard times recently so I don't expect much in terms of gifts, but just the atmosphere of winter makes me feel different than normal. Sometimes that leads to depression, but sometimes it leads me to feeling calm and at ease. It's hard to explain, I suppose.
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    What are you listening to?

    What I really meant to say Is I'm sorry for the way I am
  11. Just watched it. I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw, to be honest. Some points: I love the opening scene with Derpy being a mailmare! Thank you for this, Hasbro & staff I'm officially now a Trixie fan. I really enjoyed her dialogue, characterization, and interaction with Starlight in Part 1 This episode seems to hopefully be setting up a large-scale ensemble of characters who don't always get the spotlight, or haven't been seen in awhile. It's exciting to see It was nice to see Discord, and Queen Chryssy and her Changelings again The only main complaint I have with Part 1 is the fact that Starlight chose Trixie over Twilight to go to town with her despite all that Twilight has done for her. It's feels a bit insulting to Twilight to be set to the side like that after all she did to help Starlight, but its possible this'll be brought up again in Part 2
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    The feels,
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    Username/Nickname Origin

    My username comes from a World of Warcraft character. For some reason I found him to be one of the more interesting Death Knights in the game, and the name had a nice ring to it, so I've stuck with it
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    What are you listening to?

    Listening to some Staind,
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    The classic, covered by Dreamchan & Princewhateverer
  16. True, but newcomers may not scroll over "community" as that can mean a lot of things, and the wall of options that appears when you scroll over "community" might cause someone to miss the forums. Perhaps it won't drive in a ton of new traffic or anything, but a designated spot on the tab for the forums would be nice to have, and might give the forums a bit more exposure.
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    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    There have been a few episodes of FiM that I feel were truly awful (as Megas said above, Newbie Dash and 28 Pranks immediately come to mind), but none are worse than Owl's Well That Ends Well, which I consider to be the second worst piece of FiM media (in my opinion, of course), only slightly better than the 2015 EQG Holiday Special comic. What makes it so bad? The Mane 6 are all out of character, and treat Spike's genuine concerns as a "fit of jealousy" rather than treat him like the friend they claim he is Owlicious is obnoxious and annoying for most of the episode Twilight is more OOC than anyone. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is her worst appearance in FiM. Remember that Twilight is essentially a mother figure to Spike. She raised him since before he was even born. She is more than just a friend to him. Twilight treating him as a replaceable sidekick and dismissing his sadness is wrong and wildly out of character for someone as caring as Twilight. Spike felt genuinely hurt by the way his "mother" treated him, and Twilight never fully apologized for her actions, even after Spike ran away from home and almost died. Spike should have never apologized because he had good reason to feel upset The Mane 6 try to claim that they're not trying to replace Spike, and that he's still special to them, yet they treat Owlicious like a superstar from the moment they meet him. They ignore Spike, and Rarity even gives Owlicious the same bow tie that she gave Spike. That tie was special to him, and to see it handed out to someone she just met made him feel replaceable, and for fully understandable reasons Twilight said that Owlicious was only there to "help during the night", yet most of the episode takes place during the day
  18. Yeah, there definitely needs to be a tab or otherwise something noticeable on the main EQD website to advertise these forums.
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    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    Currently, my favorite is Season 1. It's just so nostalgic to me, that it's hard to rank another season above it. Season 1 was simple and charming. It quickly hooked me into FiM and introduced us to some excellent characters that we've grown to like. I've heard lots of praise for Season 5, but I've yet to rewatch most of Season 5 episodes, so I'll have to watch more Season 5 before I can judge it fully.
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    Post yer desktops

  21. Hello darkness my old friend

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    Top 5 Personal Episodes

    1. Castle Sweet Castle - Feeling homesick (and subsequently out of place, lonely, and lost) in a home is deeply relatable to me. I've bounced from house to house throughout my life. Not often have I felt "at home" due to my living situation. A house does not make a home. It's the things surrounding your life that makes something a home. Sometimes, "home" isn't even a physical place. It could be a website, or a certain city, or wherever you feel comfortable staying. 2. Winter Wrap Up - A wonderfully crafted episode with one of the show's best songs. It's deeply nostalgic for me, and it was one of the episodes that finally hooked me into FiM. I tear up every time the "Winter Wrap Up" song comes on. Twilight not knowing where she fits in in the world is something I strongly relate with. 3. Hurricane Fluttershy - As someone who's suffered through social anxiety their entire life, Hurricane Fluttershy is an extremely relatable episode. Sometimes, the fear is so bad that it makes you want to break down in tears. Feeling useless and faulty can make it seem like the whole world is against you, and that you will never be able to contribute like others do. Seeing Fluttershy finally conquer her fear was truly inspiring. 4. Slice of Life - A lot of people dislike this episode for "pandering" to the fans, but I saw it more as a "Thank You" letter for everything the show and fandom have gone through over the years, and the growth they've experienced. The plot works, and the fandom callouts don't feel out of place. Plus, they finally fixed Derpy's voice. Like Magical Mystery Cure, Slice of Life makes me think of all the good moments and memories I've experienced in this fandom. 5. Magical Mystery Cure - For all its flaws, it's definitely the most exciting and controversial episode in all of MLP. It's pure entertainment, and emotionally powerful. The scene where Celestia sings to Twilight while they walk through a spacey tunnel showing clips chronicling Twilight's journey thus far was beautiful. It's like a straight shot of nostalgia. Honorable mention: Party of One - Paranoia & Isolation are the strong concepts in this episode. Pinkie hyper analyzes what others think of her, which is something I tend to do as well. Personally, seeing Pinkie Pie breakdown like that was heartbreaking, but understandable. Even the most joyous people sometimes cry, and they deserve to be understood and cared for.