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  1. One thing I was curious about was what Twilight would have done if she successfully stole the orb that transforms characters into fish/sea ponies to actually defeat the Storm King. I'm guessing it was more of an act of desperation, but I just couldn't see that being useful against him in any way unless they were going to transform him and then trap him in a pond or something.
  2. Kitt Stargazer

    If one pony could serve you, who would it be?

    eh? I'll pass on them serving me for anything.
  3. Kitt Stargazer

    How'd you bronys find the fandom?

    Other websites I frequented had MLP related content or topics created that introduced me to the show. With all the replies they were getting I took a second to give it a shot. I know one was gamefaq's TF2 board, the other being FFXI's allakhazam's website forums.
  4. Kitt Stargazer

    Which is the first episode you've watched?

    Believe it was Green is not you Color, or maybe the episode before it of Season 1. It was at the time Final Fantasy XI servers were down due to the power issues over in Japan and people on various boards were talking about MLP that I decided to give it a shot.
  5. Kitt Stargazer

    Good Spike episodes.

    The Times Are a Changeling is probably my favorite
  6. Kitt Stargazer

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    There's a few possibility for that. If a lot of time has pass her appearance could have changed. But I could also think that if she were to start stealing love from others she felt embarrassed and used a spell to change her appearance so that no one would find out it was here. There's more then enough leeway to make it to work I believe.
  7. Kitt Stargazer

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    I still have a personal theory on about her. If they use it or not it's up to them, but I feel there's more to her then just being a "Changeling". I want to feel she's the Princess seen in this story though, who was placed under a love curse by the Prince. IT Sweetie Bell mentions that the curse ended up with a Kingdom falling, a dragon and chaos reigning due to them being unable to preform their duties. Maybe if something happen to him, and left her in a state where she still desired his love, but unable to either give nor receive love from him, to the point of desperation of relying to steal love from others, leading her to eventually become the Chrysalis we all know and love. Also would explain why she couldn't give love after last seasons Finally as well, because she can only "give" love to him.
  8. Kitt Stargazer

    What's your faviroute pokemon?

    I don't have more then one favorite lol.. Char line Mew Eevee Houou Denryu ( I never remember his english name =X ) Houndour / Doom Latias / Latios Noibat / Noivern Buizel I can't settle for just one favorite lol.
  9. Kitt Stargazer

    What are you listening to?

    A Few Digimon Tamer's Tri songs... Mainly Blutterfly ( Tri version ), Brave Heart ( Tri Version ) and Keep On. Help a lot when I'm drawing when it comes to concentration.
  10. Kitt Stargazer

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    My first two OC's I created for myself. I'm also an artist and I enjoy personalizing my stuff with my own work.
  11. Kitt Stargazer

    Lets talk about Zecora

    I'm under the impression she explores the world to find new solutions to problems. If any of you have seen the movie "Medicine Man" staring Sean Connery, it's kind of like that concept. In the movie, Sean Connery traveled the world in hopes of finding a cure for cancer which eventually leads him into an Amazonian Rain forest. It makes a little sense too as she always seem to be experimenting with potions. It could be concluded to an extent that she is trying to produce new results with different mixtures and ingredients The problem with this theory though is that when she is concluded, she will more then likely either head back to where she is native of or move onto another location and continue.
  12. Kitt Stargazer

    What's the first episode you watched?

    It was either "Green is not your color" ( Season 1, Episode 20 ) or "Over the Barrel" ( Season 1, Episode 21 ) for me.
  13. Kitt Stargazer

    The Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament!

    I wouldn't mind participating. But I've nearly accumulated 6,000 hours in TF2 and have been an active Team Fortress player for nearly 20 years, starting when it was a freeware mod for Quake. I definitely don't qualify as a "newbie" and would probably just ruin the experience for newer players. So I'll say this instead, hope those of you who do attend have an incredible time!
  14. Kitt Stargazer

    S6 - episode 26 - Discussion (US airing October 22)

    Anyone out of curiosity ever wonder why Thorax doesn't speak at all after transformation? Like his old voice in a sense wouldn't work on his new appearance? Only real responses seem to be him nodding to both Twilight Sparkle and I believe Celestia.
  15. Kitt Stargazer

    Why are people so excited for Season 7?

    Why? Because I enjoyed Season 6? So why not be excited for Season 7?