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    Best Pony Competition!

    Twilight of course.
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    Hello fellow Twilight fan!
  3. Bridle Timeout

    Top 5 Personal Episodes

    1. Twilight's Kingdom - Okay, the Rainbow Power designs were a bit cheesy, but that was only about two minutes, and I loved nearly everything else about this episode: From Twilight's yearning to have more of a purpose than just "smiling and waving" to her showdown with Tirek. 2. Amending Fences - I identified very strongly with both Twilight and Moondancer in this episode, having lost touch with old friends. Twilight's apology is one of my favourite scenes in the series, and I really hope that Moondancer will be seen again at some point. 3. Magical Mystery Cure - Yeah, I know, controversial, but I love the songs and I love the opening of a new phase of life for Twilight. The top three are pretty solid, but my next two would probably change depending on when I'm asked this question. I could easily add several more entries for episodes that I feel are worthy of mention on a top episodes list, but I'll be good and keep it to five. 4. Crusaders of the Lost Mark - This was already a good episode about Diamond Tiara, but then "That Moment" happened and took me completely by surprise the first time I watched it. Before this episode, I wanted each of the CMC to have their own story about earning their cutie marks, but now I can't think of any better way. 5. Winter Wrap Up - The song is still one of my favourites out of the entire series, and this is just an all around fun episode to watch.
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    Intro thing

    Hi, I very occasionally comment on EqD articles, and I thought I would check the forums out.