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    How Long did Celestia and NMM fight?

    The scene from the show does not suggest anything more than a single clash. However, many fans have usually had something much more elaborate in mind when imagining how it all went down, and plenty of fanfics have expanded the conflict. There is room to accept the scene above as true canon and yet still have the headcanon that it was a bigger conflict than that one fight. If you look at the flashback as the climax of a bigger story where Celestia and Equestria have been dealing with the mysterious appearance of Nightmare Moon for a while, then it becomes the unmasking scene at the end where Luna reveals that she’s been this new villain all along.
  2. Just got my "Queen Chrysalis vs. Spike the Dragon" set from the current "Guardians of Harmony" toy line and thought I'd share my impressions of it, and hopefully hear from others about the rest of the line as well. I have all three of the "Fan Series" releases (Discord, NMM and Celestia), but this is only the second of the action figures I've gotten from the main release, after getting Shining Armor last month. Chrysalis has some good and bad points to her, but overall she's really quite cool. She is very much an action figure, with removable armor boots and a bug-eyed helmet based on a design that first appeared in the comics (I'll have to try the helmet onto other ponies... It seems like it will be a fun accessory). She has two dagger/swords that echo the shape of her horn. Much like the spear that came with Shining Armor, these attach to her legs via a ridged "C"-shaped clip which really only seems to fit on her taped legs near the arm-pits/biceps rather than down at her hooves where you might rather place them. However the holes in her legs give at least some option for clipping them lower, even if they're not really designed to do that. (The plastic for these swords feels more forgiving than what was used for Shining's spear, leaving me less worried about breaking the clips.) Unfortunately, she comes with an "action feature", and like most action features it ends up being kind of lame and limits her in other ways. All head-and-neck articulation has been sacrificed to provide a spring-loaded "throwing" action whereby she is supposed to launch odd green Chakram/wheel things from her horn. They have an axel that rests in the crook of her horn and as near as I can tell, you're supposed to simply pull back her head and let go. Mine will weakly toss a ring about 4 or 5 inches and then have it roll across the table. It's something of a sad trade-off for not being able to turn or lower her head at all. Her tail also appears to be spring-loaded allowing for a little flicking action when pressed down, but the packaging makes no suggestion for what, if anything, it's supposed to actually do. The sculpt on her is pretty nice, as is the paint job on mine. Oddly, her hind legs are sculpted into a specific pose that makes one significantly longer than the other, leaving it to be stretched out behind her. This further limits what the articulation can do. With the exception of the head, she has the same articulation as Shining Armor (ball joints at shoulders, hinges at front knees, basic swivels where the legs connect to the hips, and her tail turns at the base) with added ball-jointed wings. Overall, she's very cool and by far the best Chrysalis toy out there. I just would have rather had a poseable head than a sad action feature. Some quick thoughts on Spike:. He is a solid chunk of plastic with no joints... Yet he is still awesome. I really like his pose, expression and design right down to the little armored tail hiding under his cape. He looks good in a full suit of armor! All in all, while there's room for improvement in this figure, if you want a Chrysalis she certainly doesn't disappoint!
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    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    Er... no. I honestly cannot see how you can come to that conclusion. A). Everything I listed shy of the Alicorn stuff was laid out in Twilight's first season... much of it in the very first episode of the show. We've now gone through 2 seasons since Starlight was introduced, with her starring in 4 episodes in her first season and 7 in her second, and still not a single hint as to how she became this powerful. It's not remotely unfair to compare that to the amount of explanation we had for Twilight midway through her initial season. Starlight is not a new character... she's entering her third season, and last season she had more focus than any other cast member. She's not been lacking opportunity. B). Everything I listed was flat out stated in the episodes. People are calling Starlight "Overpowered" because she's a unicorn who has arrived on the scene as powerful as Twilight with no hint of how she is that powerful. People in this very thread have told you that they'd be more accepting if there was just a reason given for her power. If she drained it out of another source like Tirek, then that's something. If she was granted a ton of power from an artifact, that's something. If she were secretly a grown Flurry Heart lost in time, that's something. If she were some kind of special race of being that was inherently that powerful, that would be something. But they made her a unicorn and gave her none of the explanations that they gave to Twilight to explain why she's so massively powerful. She just is. It's perfectly fine if that doesn't bother you, but it's not really a mystery why it does bother some people.
  4. Harwick

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    It's the fact that Twilight's abilities were so carefully seeded into the show that makes Starlight seem overpowered out of nowhere. You gloss over the backstory and justification that Twilight's abilities are given, but pains were taken to integrate her magic to her character multiple times through the first season. The first things we learn about Twilight, from the initial pilot episode in the first five minutes of the show itself is that: She studies so much that she has no friends, she apparently lives in a tower full of books with her dragon assistant, she is mentored in magic by the princess-ruler of the land, and magically sends and receives messages from said ruler. Now, with just that introduction, it's not at all surprising that Twilight is good at magic... and we're barely into the show. By the end of the pilot episode, we've seen her be awarded the Element of Magic itself, and learn that her mentor is more than 1000 years old. All in her first appearance. When next her magic is an issue (During "Boast Busters") we are given dialog explaining the magical abilities of regular unicorns, and how they usually only have a little magic related to their special talents, while Twilight's special talent *is* magic itself, allowing her to have all kinds of magic and leading Spike to theorize to the audience that there isn't a unicorn in all of Equestria more magical than her. Trixie then shows up to make the claim that she's the most magical unicorn in Equestria, before Twilight shows off an insane magical ability that leaves the entire town and Trixie dumbfounded. By "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" we have yet more justification for Twilight's abilities given, as we're told how she idolized Celestia, desperately wanted into her School for Gifted Unicorns, and had a massive power surge when she was linked by destiny to the Elements of Harmony. We hear Celestia, more than 1000 years old, proclaim that she's never met a unicorn with Twilight's raw abilities before as she not only admits her into her magic school but takes her as her personal student. Again and again through that first season we are given to believe that Twilight is especially magical and shown many indications and reasons for it. Later seasons would talk up Alicorns and Alicorn magics to a large degree, likewise portraying them as something special above the power levels of normal ponies, culminating in a massive firefight with Tirek visually displaying the combined might of 4 Alicorns held by Twilight (who again is singled out as able to do so for being the Element of Magic) as being equal to the power stolen from most all of the other ponies of Equestria and Discord himself. That all combines to set a high expectation in the viewers. Then we get introduced to Starlight Glimmer, a unicorn who in a surprise twist is suddenly a match for Alicorn Twilight on a magic level and possibly exceeds her... but that isn't enough of a character trait of hers to bother giving it any explanation at all. We've had at least 10 episodes that majorly featured the character and the only thing we've learned about her past is that she expressly *didn't* go to magic school. After all of the careful groundwork to introduce audiences to Twilight's abilities, Starlight is like a record scratch across the narrative.
  5. Harwick

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    To address the original point, yes, I also think that Starlight is overpowered. She is stated to be insanely magical by the cast itself as a reason they need to keep her around following season 5. She can remove Cutie Marks and cast time spells far more powerful than Starswirl the Bearded's work. She can easily match the Alicorn Element of Magic herself, following a season where the combined magic of 4 Alicorns was suggested to be the equal of Tirek powered by nearly all of the magic of the rest of the ponies of Equestria (and Discord!) combined, where the audience is told that if Tirek were to possess Alicorn magic, he would be unstoppable... which certainly sent the impression that Alicorns were far more magical than other ponies. And this seems supremely overpowered because there is no given reason for it... she just is that powerful, out of nowhere. Twilight is given multiple reasons for her power level. She spent an entire childhood studying, so intensely that it is shown to be to the detriment of everything else. She was personally trained by a seemingly immortal founder of the most prestigious magic school in the land. The day she got her Cutie Mark she was flooded with magical energy linked to her becoming the destined bearer of the Element of Magic, leaving her with raw abilities that Celestia had never seen in a pony before. And then later she would ascend to Alicornhood, flooded by magical output from the Elements of Harmony. Starlight's past is missing anything similar. In fact, the only detail we know about it is seemingly contradictory to her being so powerful: when she was young, her best friend got his Cutie Mark in magic and went off to magic school, and she did not. In Season 6 the show backtracked a bit to show that she was pretty magical as a filly, but needed instruction in how to do things with it from Sunburst, so it's even more confusing why she wouldn't go to magic school. And it's odd that she blames Cutie Marks since that isn't what kept her out, seeing as how we know that Twilight applied to Celestia's school without one herself. Regardless, she went from that point to rivaling the obsessively-studying shut-in, prodigy, destiny-fueled, personal student of the immortal founder of the premiere magic school in the land... without any help that we know of or has even been hinted at. And she also found the time to form a cult and build and govern a town in the middle of nowhere as well. So yes, Starlight comes across as pretty massively overpowered to me.
  6. Harwick

    EQG Minis

    These are so much better than the dolls. I have to assume that they're much harder to produce though, considering that they're so far behind when it comes to tying into the latest EQG films. I also have to wonder if the people making the toys pay enough attention to the films, what with the scarcity of Sunset Shimmer. it makes you want to ask if they're even aware that she's really the lead character of the franchise these days, because they seem to treat her like she's still a villain that little girls wouldn't buy. In any event, I'd love to see this line continue with more characters like the Sirens, as well as Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer and her she-demon form.
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    Hey hey!

    Hey there! I'm afraid I know little about Fallout, but I'm happy to see you here anyway!
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    Hi, everypony, I'm new here

    Howdy and welcome! I'm in much the same position in regards to my family and niece. She's probably the reason I ever found the show and fandom to begin with. I actually got hooked on the show while playing episodes in the background when I was working on art assignments, so I get the appeal of listening to fanfic readings.
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    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    The Apples and friends all collapsed after AJ refused to reduce quality, so everyone worked their absolute hardest to try and beat the machine's output with the quality control *turned off*... When it was producing inedible barrels of crap. Before that, when they were both making decent cider Twilight says they were outpacing the machine 5 barrels to every 3 it could make, and they were keeping that pace just fine. The point is the machine could never exceed that 3 barrel rate, while the extra farmhand option was scalable to whatever production level was needed.
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    Dumbest moment in Friendship Is Magic

    'Renting a machine that would require you having to quadruple your sales in order to just get back to where you started is not smart in any limited market, which Ponyville is. Add that they would be using 4x the resources and they're still losing money at quadruple the sales. So agreeing to the split is right out. Then you add that integrity thing back in... Making a quality product when things are going perfectly is easy. The true mark of a maker of a quality product is that they will not let a bad product go out the door. Inferior parts come in from your supplier? A quality maker shuts down production until they can correct the issue. People more concerned with profit than quality assurance use the parts they have since shutting things down is way too big of an expense. With everything on the line, the Apples refused to budge on the quality of thier cider. Flim and FLam filled theirs with dirt and rocks to win. So what do you want to bet on the over-all quality of their machine? Sure, it's working at the moment, but what about 2 weeks from now? The brothers actually are con men here... What they have created is an automated process that costs way more than it should, making it of little practical value, and so they are using strong-arm tactics to try to leverage this machine for profit. You can automate anything... That doesn't make it cost effective. You say that the Apples "had to invite the rest of the mane 6, and have everyone pushing themselves to their absolute limit, to even attempt to keep up the pace of the machine"... That's not true. With the help of the Mane Six (and with Twilight just counting and stacking barrels), the Apple family easily outpaced the machine at maximum production and quickly began to come from behind a huge deficit. All of which exposed the fatal flaw in the machine... With the quality control on, production was capped... it simply could not go any faster. With the quality control off, it produced garbage. Hiring a handful of extra farmhands would equal what the Cider Squeezy could do at likely a tiny fraction of what the machine cost. The machine was impressive, but impractical to the level of being pointless.
  11. Harwick

    Headcanons & Fan Theories

    I personally need them to give some kind of explanation for her power levels. I mean, for Twilight we have that she was tapped to bear the Element of Magic, that she spent practically all of her childhood free time studying all the way up until the beginning of the show, and she was personally trained in magic by Princess Celestia. Not to mention the fact that she has since become an Alicorn, with the suggestion that "Alicorn magic" is something special and powerful. And yet the impression is that Starlight is on the same level. Twilight says that she has "more talent for magic than almost anypony". I have trouble buying it's from studying on her own. I mean, her backstory is that Sunburst went off to Celestia's school when he realized his talent for magic and she didn't... But why didn't she, if she was that good? The next Starlight episode may give some hints. Regardless, if it's still not explaned by the end of the season it'll likely frustrate me greatly.
  12. Fans have long been a bit annoyed that the Mane Six don't seem to get much respect despite saving their homeland many times over. So it got me to thinking, just how famous are they collectively and individually? Equestria seems to have limited mass media:. No television, no radio, but we have seen newspapers, magazines, photography and even films. Manehattan didn't seem to give a rat's ass about a Princess needing a taxi. The fashion world briefly fell in love with Fluttershy. Dash was recognized as a great flier in Rainbow Falls even before joining the Wonderbolts. Applejack has some rodeo circuit success under her hat. Rarity was the Cosmare cover girl. Pinkie connects with everyone and throws life-changing parties. Spike's the hero of the Crystal Empire. They're all immortalized in stained glass in Canterlot... But how well are they known in other cities? So what's the order of the Mane Cast in terms of fame, in your estimation? How do other ponies compare... Say DJ Pon-3, Octavia, other princesses, the two princes, pony pop stars, the other Wonderbolts, Trendermane...?
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    Derpy hugs are the best hugs.
  14. Trixie is wonderful... Exactly what she's supposed to be, an entertainingly antagonistic pony with a hint of buffoonery. She's the Daffy Duck of the pony set. I enjoy her tremendously. My problem with Starlight is that she's more of a role than a character to me. I find her shockingly vague for a character on this show.. Especially one who gets a lead role. All of the Mane Six had their dominant personality traits displayed within their first scenes of their first episode. Here we are 9 episode appearances or so into Starlight's time on the show and I couldn't tell you what her dominant personality traits are, especially after her reformation. I knew what excites each of the Mane Six (Learning/Magic/Books, Fashion/High Society, Apple Farming/Family, Flying/Wonderbolts, Animals, Parties/Meeting new ponies) almost from the first moment they're introduced, but I don't know what excites Starlight. (Magic, maybe? We know she's surprisingly powerful and she said she practiced for a long time, but is that her passion? She hasn't really expressed that it's more than a tool.) Now, Sunset Shimmer is likewise a character that is lacking some easily defined personality traits, but she's not a lead of the main show, and when she has played a co-lead in the Equestria Girls films she has been working with a compelling plot line that built in sympathy for a character trying to change but still suffering for her past. I don't really feel the sympathy for Starlight as she hasn't had to suffer at all in my eyes. I'm waiting to see where her story goes with the finale before I give up on her though. If there is a clever twist to her story than I can forgive the ways that her character has been lacking for me. If this is all there is to her, however, then I just don't see what she adds.
  15. I do wonder how much fame the whole "saving the world" thing actually brings with no television to plaster their faces in front of the populace for multiple news cycles. While I am imagine most ponies know about Nightmare Moon returning, I imagine the vast majority would say "Oh, I remember reading about that... Was that you?" if confronted with one of the Mane Five. Gladmane recognized AJ and Fluttershy (I can talk about that now, right?), but then he seemed to claim that he took a special interest in Friendship (which maybe he did so as to better be able to exploit it? It is interesting knowing he wasn't an overly big believer in the practice.) I think I would likely switch them back to having Dash above AJ... I get the Blue Angels analogy, but with the ponies they actually *are* the planes, so to speak, and not just the pilots. I think they would be much more recognizable, especially if they're the best in the world at flying... At least in Cloudsdale. And Fancypants and the upper crust of Canterlot seemed to know them by name from the Derby. Applejack is from a famous family in a way, but as we've seen it's a huge, sprawling one. Her personal fame is probably not very high. I'm curious if they'll ever reference Fluttershy's modeling days again. If nobody ever recognizes her, I'd say her fleeting flame never got very far despite being a brief sensation. But if they do bring it up again through another pony remembering that career then I might bounce her up from the bottom of the list. And I would put Spike above all but Twilight based on the fervor with which the Crystal Ponies treat him. By sheer number of Crystal Ponies, he probably has the biggest and most devoted fan club so far. He probably surpasses Twilight in that "excited devotion" category, but she's instantly recognizable by most of Equestria by this point simply by being an Alicorn.
  16. I am often left wondering how Equestrians think of Alicorn Princesses based on how Twilight is treated. I mean, for the better part of 1000 years there was only Celestia to most ponies. Then Cadance had to come along, and that must have been a major deal. Then Luna returned. Then a few years later Twilight was coronated. Then Flurry Heart was born. In real life, Apollo 11 was the first mission to let a man walk on the moon, yet by Apollo 13 television networks were already declining to cover live broadcasts from space because it was boring to viewers. Is seeing Twilight as the third new princess to come along in a decade or so making her kind of humdrum as well? i agree that their fame varies greatly depending on location. At the start of the show, Applejack seemed to perhaps be the most famous in Ponyville. Her family founded the town, and there were multiple Applejack appreciation celebrations held by the mayor. I might say that her fame has grown the least... Maybe hers and Pinkie's. All of them are famous in Ponyville now. I'd say that after Twilight, Rarity, Dash and Spike have measurable popularity. Spike might have the most popularity of any of them in the Crystal Empire, and zero influence most anywhere else. Rarity is indeed the pony everypony should know in Canterlot, and a well-known name in fashion at this point. Dash's celebrity is likely to grow the fastest now that she's an active Wonderbolt.
  17. Harwick

    Headcanons & Fan Theories

    Oh, and here's a random one to go along with the one I mentioned above:. Sunburst is a young Starswirl the bearded, who ends up getting sent way back in time. Mostly just because we're already talking time-travel and he has a beard. Sure it's a crackpot theory... But why not have fun with it?
  18. Harwick

    Headcanons & Fan Theories

    WARNING; some spoilers for the season finale synopsis discussed here. I don't know that I believe it'll happen, but I'm honestly intrigued by the theory that Starlight is a time-displaced Flurry Heart: If it weren't for eye-color, I'd buy that they could be the same pony as a baby and then as an adult... Their coloration is reasonably close. Flurry Heart is a ridiculously powerful baby with a mystery about her beyond even the elder princesses' understanding. Starlight is a ridiculously powerful unicorn already linked with time travel. They both share a link through Sunburst, who was kind of oddly made very important to Flurry Heart. So how could a baby Alicorn princess end up an over-powered adult unicorn? Well, I haven't seen the proof of it personally, but I've seen various people claim that John DeLancey said he had recorded a 2-parter for this season, which could only be the season finale, if true. And we've seen that Discord has the power to hide away a pony's wings. I don't think Discord is going bad again... From the synopsis, it sounds like an unstoppable big bad is coming, and the major characters are going to fall to him/her/it this time. I think it's a reasonable guess story-wise that this baddie will be coming for Flurry Heart, and so I could see Discord making an effort to hide her away as a nondescript unicorn filly, and either by design or accident she gets lost in time. Like I said, I don't know that I believe this is where they're heading, but it could tie together a few mysteries, explain why Starlight is so over-powered, and be a pretty cool story to have spread out over 2 seasons.
  19. Harwick

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    I'm not sure that I would consider Gabby a Mary Sue, personally. One, it seems that most other griffons find her annoying, which is part of why she was on this quest for a cutie mark anyway. Two, her being good at everything she tried was actually portrayed as a problem (and ultimately a failing when it came to what they were trying to accomplish.). And three, even to the CMC her hyper-enthusiasm was considered a bit much, whether they were waiting for her to calm down enough to actually talk to her or being crushed in a hug. Plus, in the end, she didn't really solve the CMC's issues (although she had tried and got caught for it), but they did end up helping her achieve her dream, so she didn't really usurp the existing heroes' roles. It's probably just splitting hairs and up to however one personally defines a Mary Sue though.
  20. Harwick

    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    I genuinely like almost all of the episodes, have little trouble finding ways to excuse their flaws and can find good things to enjoy in most any of them. The one episode that I didn't really enjoy at all was "What About Discord?" There's honestly nothing unforgivable about it, but the premise just irritated me from the start (I never really enjoy watching a mane six protagonist being portrayed as doing the "wrong" thing and needing to wait for them to realize it and get their comeuppance). Twilight was my favorite character, which didn't help, nor did the fact that the premise required everyone to act somewhat out of character in enjoying Discord's antics while being insensitive to Twilight. Also, it was a weak Discord episode, a character that I hate to see wasted. Ultimately though, its biggest flaw was inherent in the choice to have the audience and Twilight both left out of the in-jokes the rest of the cast made, which made them as funny to me as they were to Twilight. So an episode that inherently annoyed me was compounded by the fact that nothing entertaining was happening for long stretches of it as well. I did recently rewatch it and was able to shake my irritation of it by knowing how it all unfolds, but I still didn't find much of anything in there to enjoy. There's no individual part of it that I can't excuse, but adding up all of the things I didn't care for about it does it in for me.
  21. Harwick

    Will the next season be moved to Netflix?

    I had been wondering that myself... A new network is really the most likely reason to keep from announcing that a new season is in production. (Assuming one actually is...) Netflix does seem like the most likely choice for Hasbro... I think it would be appealing to both parties, more than any other choice. I've had the same fear about what releasing all of the episodes at once would do for the fandom. At the very least, I would hope that Netflix would release them in smaller batches multiple times a year (as they seem to be doing with the current season, releasing it in two halves.). Of course, the other fear with Netflix (or any new station) would be fewer episodes per season in total. They usually only do 13 or fewer episodes for their show's seasons.
  22. I don't know... I'm about 50-50 on whether they "finish" her story with the finale and she moves on or not. Either way, I still think that she'll be free to pop up again, but not be lingering in Ponyville any longer if she goes. On the "she's staying" side: They did bother to add her to that group shot in the opening credits (although simply reverting back to the old credit picture wouldn't be hard to do.) 'On the "she's moving on" side:. No indication of her being in the movie. It would be narratively easier to shuffle her off doing her own thing and not need to explain who she is or why she isn't in the film.
  23. Harwick

    Favorite Episode By Far?

    "By far" may be too tall an order. In general I like almost all of the episodes and have many favorites. Dividing them up by season, this season so far it's probably "Saddle Row Review". Last season either "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" or "Amending Fences". Season 4 probably "Pinkie Pride". Season 3 "Magic Duel". Season 2 "Lesson Zero" (although that was a really strong season, with the great evil Discord 2 part opener, the wedding finale, "Sweet and Elite", "Hurricane Fluttershy"...). Season 1 is the hardest to do, since it has the episodes where I fell in love with the characters. "Winter Wrap Up" always hits that perfect "season one" vibe for me though, but "Suited for Success" and "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" are right up there as well. So that's... What, 15 favorite episodes mentioned? I probably have more.
  24. Harwick

    The MLP Fandom

    I think it's all in the phrase "keeping them separate". If I recall correctly, Megan was simply speaking about the first EQG film and Season 4 of FIM, which she had overseen all of the scripts for. The movie happened to Pony Twilight, but it wasn't referenced in any of the scripts written for the following season of the show. But there has never been a promise to *keep* them separate, to my knowledge.