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  1. BeeJay28

    TF2 Squad?

    I feel like Twilight when she goes like "YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES...!!!!!11eleven1!1". Buuuuuuut, I assume you're all located in 'Merica? So in other words, high ping for me. Anyway, might as well go for it: BeeJay28 (alot of information on my profile) I can talk (anything besides skype) I can get along ...ok(-ly) well. (Once you get me to know little bit) 1,8k hours on Hat Simulator 2: Rocket Offensive (TF2) I am German, but I can do English, too. I can play basically anything besides sniper. I prefer Heavy (trying to learn/maining), Medic, Demo, Soldier
  2. BeeJay28

    More Obscure TF2 Mechanics

    If you are playing Medic in a (somewhat-)coordinated team, tell them to wait in cover for crit heals to build up. If you are any other class, and you are on low hp, try not to take any damage if you don't need to (in a big fight sure, if you can avoid it without risking anything then try to stay defensively.) I play Medic alot and if people actually wait for their critheals, I am very thankful. And if you are playing demoman or Soldier when you wanna get healed, try to avoid damaging yourself whenever possible, unless it is unavoidable. You have to trade Critheals for Mobility and need to decide, which factor is more important in each situation (if you get damaged by the enemy anyway, it doesn't matter.)
  3. Where is the server located, you are planning to play on, because I live in Germany, so Ping issues are guaranteed if your server is located in LA or something
  4. BeeJay28

    TF2 Europe Newbie Mixes available?

    I couldn't find one
  5. Hey there, I have a small question, are there any TF2 Europe Newbie Mixes? Google couldn't help me really. I want to try out competitive TF2 but I don't wanna try it by TF2Center, since any players from lowest to highest Rank are mixed up. I have heard of these Mixes in North America, but couldn't find any data in EU. Do you have any information?
  6. BeeJay28

    Steam Escrow: A danger to trading

    I have heard of this. I do not tend to trade alot in general, however, I like to use bots and this would screw me up completely. I know it is a safetyfunction but the disadvantages definitly overweight the security aspect (imo). I hope it doesn't get released at all.
  7. Hi there, I posted very recently a post about any "german" (or nearby European) MLP Server and according to the replies I received, has the only one I know. So, next "problem" would be gathering some people to play with on it. Now, I don't wanna sound like "I have no friends, please accept my friendrequest and I will text you to death all day". In Germany there are hardly to no Bronies so I just don't have friends who are Bronies and play TF2. So I wanted to see if I can find some people who would like to play here. The only "conditions" I have is living in Europe so your ping doesn't get detroyed like mine does on American Servers, being able to speak English and maybe even being ready to use voicechat programs because playing with someone means for me to actually talk to somebody (I hope you do not mind, but I can get very talkative when I play games). And of course understanding how Team Fortress 2 works. I don't really care if you have 50h or 5000h, as long as you understand how the game works and I don't have to explain you what a rocket launcher does, for instance. And of course being nice wouldn't be bad. But I think I can expect that from people signed up on a site called "Friendship is Gaming".
  8. I just wanted to know if there read the title, you know what I'm about to say. Because Google didn't really find anything and I want to try out at least some MLP Servers without having ping issues (these can make me rage really really really...hard). So I would like to find a (popular) server around Germany. I usually play on Valve Servers located in Luxembourg. There I have the best ping I can achieve (35-40 Ping). If there is one and I am just too stupid to find them, I am sorry.