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  1. Laen666

    Donald Trump Makes American Again

    from german television that makes fun about him and his fakts (left germany, right USA ) it saysin englisch beginning 00:24 it is from a german satire a form from comedy
  2. Laen666

    Donald Trump Makes American Again

    what you have against to say some words against dthis big fat idiot?
  3. Laen666

    To the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S

    We in Germany are near to it. My grandma has Said that in the DDR was more fruits to buy because the BRD has Not take it. For me i could remember me at the Days and like it was take it. Tschernobyl is Part of my live and in several years i try to Go to the zone
  4. Laen666

    Donald Trump Makes American Again

    Donald Trump makes America Great? Thats a good Joke. But he is a Great Idiot that use fears and nothing more. When i hear the next lies he say i could only Shake my head! What he say about London and full of crime? A Big lie. About Germany that goes under because the refugees? A Big lie. When he will be President USA goes under with a Idiot without what he knows. He is only through his Family a man with big money because he has broke several Firms and without his Family he would be a beggar. Every place in the world where he makes something the people hate him. We in Germany could only Shake our heads that many Amerika Likes him. He is Not better than Adolf Hitler and comes with same fears and speeches like the Nazis in the third Reich.
  5. Hi I'm would introduce me. I'm Jasmin, 36 years Old from Berlin in Germany. I Love MLP since i found it. I Love the fandom. I work with Vector and SFM to make ARt or Videos.
  6. Laen666

    Bat Ponies

    I Love Bat Ponies ! You want Bat Ponies? You get them ^^
  7. Laen666

    3D Pony ART

    We Should have a Art Thread for the Artist of 3D PICTURES that was make with Source Flimmaker, Poser, Gmod and all the other Renderin Softwares. i make the beginning with 1 of my pics. the other are in my own topic. Next one Please