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  1. ABagOVicodin

    Babscon 2017

    90% chance that I'm going.
  2. ABagOVicodin

    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    Stab her in the god damn eyes.
  3. ABagOVicodin

    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    jesus christ make the greentext stop.
  4. Their arguments are usually dumb and arbitrary so I don't take them seriously. I usually talk civilly with someone until they say something genuinely stupid and then I just ignore anything they say from then on.
  5. ABagOVicodin

    ABagOVicodin's Introduction

    Thank you you two. Doing pretty well. Trying to survive!
  6. ABagOVicodin

    The Blackpink Appreciation Thread

    The hype was worth it. I love all these girls.
  7. ABagOVicodin

    The Blackpink Appreciation Thread

    Jisoo is my bias. boombayah is best song.
  8. ABagOVicodin

    "Sethisto is Not Real" conspiracy theory thread

    I can neither confirm nor deny that Sethisto, ABagOVicodin, Pen Stroke, and Calpain are all the same person. Fuck.
  9. ABagOVicodin

    ABagOVicodin's Introduction

    Thank you!
  10. ABagOVicodin

    ABagOVicodin's Introduction

    Seth I'll drop you quicker than Everfree Network.
  11. Hello everyone, my name is ABagOVicodin. I'm one of the Equestria Daily blog authors that has mainly done editorials and review videos. I've been on a hiatus currently due to going back to college, moving, and transitioning to a new job, which is why I've been AWOL for a while. I've done editorials such as "Themes of Season 5: Depression" and "Guardians of Harmony, Will It Last?" I also do YouTube reviewing sometimes and whatever catches my fancy. I started as a fanfiction writer and eventually found my way to EQD after starting the "editorial" division. My Twitter is here and you'll see me around from time to time, mostly lurking as I try to get ahead of my obligations. It's nice to meet you all and you can always add me on skype, which is on my profile. Or Discord, which requires you to PM me.