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  1. Chicago Ted

    Who Wants This Beautiful Rarity?

    God damn it. Alright, guess I'll have to slash the price of it.
  2. Chicago Ted

    Who Wants This Beautiful Rarity?

    Yeah, you'd be in the wrong section for a plushie. This is TF2 trading.
  3. Chicago Ted

    Who Wants This Beautiful Rarity?

    No, I'm not talking about the pony. The "beautiful rarity" in question is a weapon. A unique weapon-- but not a Unique weapon, per se. A few days ago a friend of mine was trying to obtain an Unusual hat (no word on his success or failure as of yet), and he traded this weapon in exchange for all my keys, taunts, and my Headshot Kills strange part. However, according to, this weapon is worth four times what I lost, so if I liquidate it, I'll actually walk away with a profit. So I've been showing it around, but nobody's buying. Well, their loss, and potentially, your gain! By now you're asking, "Well, what's the damn weapon Ted!? Can't you tell us!?" Alright, alright, I suppose I kept you waiting long enough. The weapon in question is a Strange Specialized Killstreak Sudden Flurry Stickybomb Launcher. Whew, that's a mouthful, isn't it? The Sudden Flurry, if you're unfamiliar with it, is an Assassin-grade weapon. This particular one is in Factory New condition. There's also a Stat Clock attached to it, so it tracks kills made with that weapon. It is currently set to zero; I've not used it. The Specialized Killstreak sheen is Manndarin, for those who want to know. As far as I know, ladies and gentlemen, this weapon is one-of-a-kind. And how much is this orange-glowing, kill-tracking, factory-new, Assassin-grade weapon worth? My asking price is 20 keys. Look, folks, you don't see this sort of thing every day, so if you give it up now, who knows when you'll see it again? If you're interested, send me a trade offer. I'm mobile authenticated, and a very patient man if you're not.
  4. Chicago Ted

    Who Wants a Hat?

    Sorry guys, but the items in question are now traded away.
  5. Chicago Ted

    Who Wants a Hat?

    I see you wanted a hat, dear reader. Why else did you click on that link? Well, have I an offer for you. I have in my inventory four Mayflower Cosmetic Cases, and I am willing to give up one of them for the low, low price of 21 ref. What's that, you say? Too high a price? Well, suppose I throw in a Key to unlock it, then. Then all you need to do is unlock the crate with the key. What might you get? See the list here. Any of these can be Strange or even Unusual. You never know. Nor will I. But it's all yours if you uncrate it. Interested? Send me a trade offer. I'm mobile authenticated, and a very patient man if you're not. UPDATE: Case and key are gone. Disregard this post.
  6. Chicago Ted

    FanFiction Epics

    I've written an epic poëm, The Blue Rose. It's only ten chapters, but around 30,000 words all told.
  7. Chicago Ted

    A Few Stories

    The first place where I interacted with the brony community was on I still maintain an account there, and I have written and published ten stories so far. More are on the way. For now, though, I'd like to take a minute to showcase some stories that I believe are my very best: The Blue Rose - This is an epic poëm tracing a young colt's journey throughout Equestria and beyond, accompanied by a blue rose as his mentor. If you must read only one of these stories, make it this one. A Walk in the Woods - At first I wrote this for knight's birthday (he's the one who keeps Fimfiction afloat), but in retrospect I find a certain artistic quality appealing. Here, Fluttershy has lost a bet with Rainbow Dash and, consequently, must camp for the night in the Everfree Forest. Day Break - Part of a now-cancelled "Hiatusbuster" project (which I plan to revive at some point in the future). By law, Princesses Celestia and Luna must take a vacation every five-hundred years. This is how Celestia spends hers. I may make another post advertising future stories at a later date. Please, let me know what you think of these stories.
  8. Let's get this party started, shall we?