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  1. I'm just wondering if this topic will be allowed here. I'm not sure how else to write this. Anyway, many times I've expressed that I've liked completely hated seasons besides the liked ones and it resulted in me staying away from the show for indefinite periods of time. This happened many times until in 2016-17 when I finally had enough because I couldn't take the toxicity and death threats that everyone was throwing around because of the seasons that aired then, whether it was at one another and I was just a spectator, or directly at me whenever I said something as small as I like Season N. I think I want to go back to where I left off (just around season 6 I think) , but I'm afraid of what will happen if I say things like "I'm finished/watching Season 6 and I like it" or "I'm rewatching the show and the other seasons and I like them." Are you going to hate me or threaten me or ban me or chase me away forever simply for saying I like the aforementioned things?
  2. And why not? Well what do you expect me to do when everyone in my life has disowned me for watching those seasons, let alone the show? Isolate myself from all contact so I'm the only one who loves the aforementioned? Because I've stopped trying to get back on good terms with my former club who loved the show and many other people. I truly am all alone.
  3. EQD for one. And all the other MLP forums. And Deviantart, Youtube, FB, and Twitter. In short, THE ENTIRE INTERNET. And real life? Person-to-person? Face-to-face? EVEN WORSE. Everywhere I went, people and other fans wanted me dead simply because I said something so small. Can you all please tell me why I deserved to be threatened to be murdered for stating my liking for said seasons? Can you please tell me what is wrong with me for being so different from everyone?
  4. @Otaku-sempai@Viridyan (adding this to be clear) Also forgot to mention I've received my own share of death threats when I simply and calmly stated "I like Seasons 6 and 7." The same thing happened later on with 8 and 9. So many people and fans threatening to literally murder me all because I only said I liked them. When I repeated my opinion to affirm it, they finally snapped and said they will certainly carry out the threat when the general and popular consensus for the aforementioned seasons states for an irrefutable fact that they're horrible. Will you and everyone else do the same by wanting to literally murder me when I say I like them? (I'm sorry for writing something so controversial, but I'm still traumatized by all those years enduring their abuse and I cry myself to sleep sometimes because of that. I'm still frightened of fans and people like them. I'm deathly afraid that this will happen again no matter how many fresh starts I make.)
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    I wonder if I'll ever be welcome here, so hi. (I'm so nervous.)
  6. That's just it. I don't consider any one season at all weaker than the others. Never had and never will.
  7. Even Seasons 6 and 7? Because I felt like the toxicity towards the writers and between the fandom was at its peak. I'm still welcome to watch those 2 seasons and the later ones like 8 and 9?
  8. So now we live in an age of streaming and downloading straight from the oh so glorious internet. But one too many times I've narrowly avoided being told to dispose of old CDs for music and movies and games. And somehow I still manage to keep them all. Maybe I won't use them anymore, or at least hardly, but I say this is more than just for sentimental reasons. I seriously want to keep them for history's sake. I really want an archeologist to remember what we used and how it gave so much joy to me. But I suppose most of you have already thrown away your CDs?
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    So am I really unwelcome here?
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    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I watched OTGW. Nightmarish, but incredible.