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  1. ✯Aquila✯

    Show me your OC!

    I have a few. This is probably my favorite so far. Aria Belladonna. A small mare from Marelin.
  2. ✯Aquila✯

    Aquila's Bad Art Collection

    http://sta.sh/0g3tn7mp7c3 A 20 minute doodle.
  3. ✯Aquila✯

    Aquila's Bad Art Collection

    Thanks, heh. ^~^
  4. ✯Aquila✯

    I'm back, and sassier than ever!

    Thanks! ^~^
  5. ✯Aquila✯

    Aquila's Bad Art Collection

    Thanks! ^~^ Though, to me it just looks like bad art. xp
  6. I guess for display purposes, I'll showcase some of my terrible art. Cringe alert; Bad art incoming! I apologize for any retinal damage sustained to the viewers. May I kindly offer anyone some soothing Eye-Bleach? Anywho, there is more in the works. I'll update this accordingly.
  7. ✯Aquila✯

    I'm back, and sassier than ever!

    Thanks! ^~^
  8. ✯Aquila✯

    I'm back, and sassier than ever!

    I got angry about perceived miss-treatment of a friend and clique-ish behavior... and I kind of made an ass of myself,
  9. ✯Aquila✯

    Ohai fourm people

    Ohai there! Welcome!
  10. ✯Aquila✯


    'Ello! Welcome to the place, where stuff happens! Spoiler: There's more stuff.
  11. ✯Aquila✯

    New pegasister here!

    'Ello, poppet! Welcome!
  12. ✯Aquila✯


    Wait just a cotton pickin' minute. I think i know this guy. xP Anyway, Welcome!
  13. ✯Aquila✯

    Trixie Trixie Trixie

    Oh no, not the gr8 and turrible trick-see! Dx
  14. ✯Aquila✯