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  1. mellodillo


    I'm genuinely curious about how they'll explain the sun and moon continuing their cycles was definitely too big of a concept in G4 to just sweep under the rug with no explanation. I'm personally convinced that maybe there's still an Alicorn princess behind the scenes who somehow retained her magic despite the friendship debacle, and she's responsible for maintaining the day/night cycle.
  2. mellodillo


    I'm so stoked for the movie! I do agree that it would be interesting if things picked up where we left off and all the species from G4 were still around, but on the other hand it makes sense that we're starting from scratch — after all, there's probably a good chunk of people who will watch the movie/new series having never seen FiM. Probably easier to start off with ponies and build our way back up...that being said it would be awesome to see Sunny and co. befriend some hippogriffs and yaks down the road!
  3. Oh wow, nice!!! Can't say I've ever had a class like that, that sounds really cool though!
  4. Not a diehard Tolkien fan, but I'm fairly familiar with LOTR! I actually did take a class on Tolkien's work with some friends as an elective in college though (I needed a filler class to have enough credits to graduate LOL)
  5. Hello there! I'm mellodillo, but you can call me Mello or Mel! I got into MLP about a year ago and have been hooked on drawing, reading about, and watching all things MLP ever since! I tend to post my art to Twitter and Tumblr under this username, but I also run an ask blog for my OCs over at! It's nice to finally jump into the forums here, and I hope I can meet some new pals around these parts!