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  1. DawnInPonyville

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    The Cutie Mark removal power I will admit is very powerful, but I'm not sure about Starswirl's spell because we don't know if she studied some notes or pulled a Magical Mystery Cure or something. As for alicorn vs, unicorn, I never got the feeling that there was a major power increase from unicorn Twilight to alicorn Twilight.
  2. DawnInPonyville

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP. One criticism I have heard about Starlight Glimmer is that she is too powerful magic wise. However, when looking back at unicorn Twilight I just don't see it. Twilight was able to pick up an Ursa Minor with telekinesis, used the "Want-It-Need-It" spell as a form of mind control to make ponies fall in love with a doll, and accidentally turned a frog into an orange. I'm not seeing anything different from Starlight besides self-levitate. So how is Starlight OP?
  3. DawnInPonyville

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    Yes, because I basically see it as a restart button of my life. It would be something new and adventurous. Yes, there are dangers, but I would rather take a world with heroes and villains over the grayness of reality.
  4. DawnInPonyville

    Ranking the Mane Six by Wealth

    1) Twilight - The Princess of Friendship is most likely the richest of the group. Even though her castle was created by magic and not bought, it is still a sign of her status and must be worth millions of bits. Unknown if she has access to government funds or has a salary. 2) Rarity - Owns multiple stores that cater to both the casual fashion pony and the rich and famous. 3) Rainbow Dash - Owns a very luxurious house. Is weather manager of Ponyville and a Wonderbolt, which is an elite group of flyers. Both jobs probably pay well. 4) Applejack - Her family owns Sweet Apple Acres. In terms of property value, I think AJ is richer than Rainbow Dash. But operating a farm is not cheap, and a bad season could spell trouble. I believe AJ has very little left over when expenses are considered. 5) Fluttershy - The only reason I put her above Pinkie Pie is that she has her own house. 6) Pinkie Pie - Lives in Sugarcube Corner, her work. What are your thoughts?
  5. DawnInPonyville

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I was channel surfing and saw these really adorable ponies. I was reeled in by the adorabait.
  6. DawnInPonyville

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Wai Fu.
  7. DawnInPonyville

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    Twilight's Kingdom: Twilight plays her part by turning Super Saiyan.
  8. DawnInPonyville

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: Applejack didn't learn anything - was right all along.;
  9. DawnInPonyville

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - The question was never answered in the episode.
  10. I find it kind of unsettling to be honest. I know Faust did it to make the audience understand that Rarity is a beautiful character, but the fact that Spike visually looks like a kid makes it weird to me. I would prefer an episode where Rarity states that they can only be friends.
  11. What is the appropriate section to post headcanon ideas or questions?
  12. DawnInPonyville

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    I love Sunset Shimmer and am glad she was the main character of EG 2 and 3. The concept of a phoenix pony and how Sunset emerges from her defeat to become a better person really intrigues me. I see Equestria Girls as basically the Sunset Shimmer Show.
  13. DawnInPonyville

    MLP anime franchise idea

    It would be 26 episodes of Trixie screaming in front of the camera until her mane turns spiky and yellow.
  14. DawnInPonyville

    MLP anime franchise idea

    I don't know. I believe that the show in its current form could have extensive character development, exploration of Equestria, and add more worldbuilding. As for having tv specials and short films, that would depend less on style and more on popularity. The problem I had with PPGZ is that they changed the characters, like having Mojo Jojo be more of an idiot than he was in the cartoon.