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  1. SoulHarmony

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    I enjoyed Season 5 however so far Season 6 has had excellent episodes so if it pulls off an excellent season finale I may have to change my mind
  2. SoulHarmony

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I had been watching the Josh Scorcher Reviews on youtube for a while and I was always entertained by them despite not ever seeing an episode so one day I decided to just sit down and actually watch what I could on Netflix and quickly found that I was enjoying the episodes as much as I did the reviews and now I am here :3
  3. SoulHarmony

    Who are the best ponies?

    I went with Fluttershy in first because she is awesome, Pinkie Pie because she is so funny and Princess Luna because gosh darn it she is most entertaining Princess of the 4
  4. SoulHarmony

    Blessings from Equestria to one and all

    I could be an alicorn if I wished hee hee Just kidding ^^ It's lovely to meet you too
  5. SoulHarmony

    Ranking the Mane Six by Wealth

    1. Rarity - She owns her own business including 3 stores and possibly more to come in the future - She is one of Equestria most successful designers and has to be giving a good wage to all the employees to look after her boutiques in Canterlot and Manehatten. 2. Applejack - The Apple Acres Farm is the biggest source of Apple based goods in Equestria, probably contributing 75% at least of the products across the land - She had enough money to have all of the timber and what not delivered in an hour so that her family could put up a brand new Barn during their family that is some serious money. 3. Pinkie Pie - Could very well be richer than we might realise Sure she lives at Sugarcube corner but if she is living rent free then she is saving a ton of money, she has alot of party products and emergency gifts on hand at all times, she maintains a cannon and she even afforded to have a secret cave built into someone else house to store all of her you know how much money something like that would cost? 4. Rainbow Dash - She has a job plus whatever she gets as a wonderbolt and her house is huge but of course we do not know if she brought the house or if it was given to her by her parents. 5. Fluttershy - Similar to Rainbow Dash but we know she only has one job and in some ways, it is a charity for creatures but she did manage to get herself a house although this might have been with help from her parents. 6. Twilight Sparkle - She has nothing, She has had everything so far gifted to her from not one but TWO amazing homes, all of her dresses are gifts from Rarity and now as Princess she gets things for free...However, this means she earns nothing so technically this makes her the least wealthy
  6. SoulHarmony

    Blessings from Equestria to one and all

    Thank you so much I am so happy you like my OC it means alot to me
  7. I would make an episode all about Celestia being allowed to have a day off from her royal duties so she decided to visit Manehatten under disguise to see what life is really like and how popular she truly is with her subjects I would love to have a scene where she visits a figurine store and they have stuff on the Mane 6, all the other ponies, even spike and of course a huge section on Luna but when she asks about figures of Celestia they bring out a version of the old pink looking model where she looks at the camera like "Really N*gga" that would be hilarious
  8. SoulHarmony

    Blessings from Equestria to one and all

    Sits in the corner with IBCE: I am exactly the same *Gets Phone out and plays on it*
  9. SoulHarmony

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    The Crystalling Part 1 and 2: Just Further proof a baby can destroy lives The Gift of Maud Pie: She gave up her Cannon for her sister On your marks: Poor Applebloom, but hey, she got a boyfriend Guantlet of Fire: OMG an episode with Spike that didn't suck No Second Prances: Lose Respect in 30 minutes by Twilight Sparkle Newbie Dash: Achievement Unlocked: "Life Dream" Accomplished - Rainbow Crash Unlocked A Hearth's Warming Tail: Just loved the Christmas Carol story, Pony style The Saddle Row Review: Best Episode of Season, Lots of Fun...SPOONS Applejacks "Day" off: This is what working too hard can do Flutter Brutter: This episode made me just Spice up your life: Oddly, Creative Pony tries making restaurant be similar Stranger than fan fiction: OMG they included a Daring Do Body Pillow The Cart before the Ponies: Hasbro "Hey, Who wants a Mario Kart Game?" 28 Pranks Later: Cookies, Cookies, Ughhh, Cookies, Ughhh, Give us Cookies!!! The Times They are a Changling: Why did Spike have to sing for exactly? Dungeons and Discord: This is so Lame...What Character am I?
  10. Hello everypony and Blessings from Equestria, My Name is Soul Harmony and I have recently joined this wonderful Forum in the hopes of meeting more wonderful people from the Brony community. I hope that I can get to know as many of you as possible and hopefully learn more about My Little Pony and Equestria Girls whilst give my own views and opinions on certain subjects that I can but mainly I am here to meet you all and possibly make new friends online.
  11. SoulHarmony

    Best Pony Competition!

    I disagree, I believe the writers have plenty of ideas for Fluttershy - she is just the most "realistic" of all the characters in the series. What I mean is that she is not a character who has a problem and in a single episode or a song the problem is magically sorted and they move on like "I'm Arachnophobic" *Sings song* "I love spiders" but with Fluttershy it has been a steady improvement to the point she has gone from the Pony afraid of her own shadow to building up her confidence to be more vocal with ponies other than her friends, competing at the Equestria Games (that was probably a bigger moment for Fluttershy development than people give it credit) to more recent episodes where she is developing a bit of sass especially with Discord. Literally if you watch Episode 1 and then episode 134 then you will see two completely different Fluttershy but between 2 and 133 you saw those little tiny baby steps that took her from there to right now and that is why I think Fluttershy is the best Pony I like Rarity too btw
  12. SoulHarmony

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I had been watching the Josh Scorcher Reviews for a while and I finally decided "Oh What the hell, I will watch a few episodes to see what it's like" and the next thing I know I was a brony
  13. SoulHarmony

    Best Pony Competition!

    Fluttershy is the best Pony to me She has so much depth and character
  14. SoulHarmony

    Top 5 Personal Episodes

    Ohhh Top 5 Personal Episodes Now this is a forum I can get my hooves into Ok let me see, in no particular order 1. Party of One - I am always getting paranoid every time I do not hear from a friend for more than a few days, I am always assuming they have decided they do not want me as a friend anymore and instead of telling me, they have opted to ignore and hope I will go away. Watching this episode kind of helped me to just be calm and wait a little longer because sometimes your friends need to do things in their lives. 2. One Bad Apple - I grew up being bullied, it happens to most of us especially if you were as small as I was but nothing hurt me more when my "friends" would bully me in front of the other bullies so that the bullies wouldn't be targeted...I didn't quite understand why they would do this until many moons later and I saw this episode and I suddenly realise it was a defense - If you can't beat them, Join them. 3. Filli Vanilli - Yes, this episode had personal impact on me as well, the whole idea of Fluttershy struggling with her own self-confidence despite the praise of so many around her but choosing to listen more to the rambling criticism of Pinkie Pie is something that I have always struggled with in my own life - No matter what I accomplish or do I still end up doubting or losing faith in what I can actually do and achieve. 4. Somepony to watch over me - Replace the sister part with Mother and this is how I felt growing up with my own mother alot of the time :/ Because of all the bullying that I previously mentioned my mum became very protective of her son which was nice but when I left school she still kept up the protective bubble worrying about everything (Literally, one time she asked me not to go out for Drinks in town because she read someone got stabbed in a town about 300 miles away the night before and was almost convinced that person was going to travel to our town to do the same ). Thankfully we did manage to burst that bubble later in life but watching this episode bring back memories of all the time she was overprotective. 5. Amending Fences - I am not perfect, sometimes I have made mistakes that hurt someone close to me that our friendship was damaged or even destroyed but I would always try to rekindle any friend I could but sometimes I know sometimes friendships that were once damaged need a lot of work to repair...this Episode made that clear to me.